Jul 08 2014

Summer 2014 Giveaway

Summer 2014 Giveaway-

Its time for the July giveaway! This month there will be three winners! One for each prize! With some help from Postboredom Art , Rejuvenator Products and some sweet bloggy friends I am happy to announce the Summer 2014 Giveaway !

Enter to win Paypal cash and prizes and there are three Winners too!

summer 2014 giveaway


 Big Thank you to my Sponosrs and sweet bloggy friends for helping me to bring this great giveaway to you ♥ listed in no specific order

Sew Crafty Angel

Vintage Mamas Cottage

Crafts ala Mode


A New York Foodie

2 Crochet Hooks


Gods Growing Garden

Heartbeats and Soul Stains

Oh My Heartsie Girl

Celebration Ideas

Simple Nature Decor

Entering is easy, log into the entry form using your email address or facebook and click on the first entry on the rafflecopter form. Then read the terms and conditions and click yes. Follow Katherines Corner and My Sponsors and Partners then enter as many bonus entries as you would like. Open to all over 18. Giveaway starts today and ends July 30th

Copy the button below and paste it to your blog for extra entries, Or copy the code from my sidebar ( remember to let me know where to find it).

summer 2014 giveaway

Good luck in the giveaway. ♥

Remember I love to enter giveaways too. Please list your giveaways on my giveaway page you will find more great giveaways to enter too ♥


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Samantha Tedesco

    I’m excited for cash :D

  2. Jenn (@kaseycocoa)

    Right now I’m most excited for the cash but I would be happy with anything

  3. Jenn (@kaseycocoa)

    Wow, I didn’t think a different shower head could help the way my hair feels! Also, it seems the link is broken for postboredomart.com

    1. Katherines Corner

      looks like they had a little hiccup on their site. Please try again. :-)

  4. MaryB

    I would love to win the paypal cash especially but all three prizes are great.

  5. jeanette sheets

    i really could use the cash ,soim most excited over that ,but would be grateful to win whatever else is available

  6. Kelly Kimmell

    I’d be most excited about the cash, money is pretty tight right now.

  7. biancarogoveanu

    I am most excited about the paypal cash !

  8. smithdw2026

    I am most excited about winning the Paypal Cash

  9. Mary Preston

    The PayPal would be handy thank you.

  10. Janine Huldie

    Wonderful giveaway, Katie and thank you for bringing it to us!! ;) xoxo!!

  11. Stephanie M

    I’m excited about the cash but also the shower head

  12. teddie

    Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower Head looks amazing.

  13. barniebad

    I visited PostBoredom and really like Urban Art Original Beach Art, Watercolor Print, Home Decor, Interior Design, Wall Art – Urban Art Print.

  14. Patrick Siu

    i want the paypal

  15. helenfern

    Entered!! For the paypal – or whatever – this is fun! Thanks!

  16. Julia

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! <3

  17. Sammy

    I like PostBoredom’s art. The title of all the pieces are in the description. Nux is my favorite.

  18. michellewillms2013

    I would love to win any of these gifts and would jump for joy if I won!!

  19. michellewillms2013

    I visited Rejuvenator and learned that this shower head also cleans the pores of the body.

  20. michellewillms2013

    I absolutely loved the Postboredom Art website. The art was gorgeous and was surprisingly affordable.

  21. Marti Tabora

    I am most excited about the Rejuvinator shower head because I really need a new one and this one looks fantastic. Thank you.

  22. Marti Tabora

    I learned that the Rejuvenator shower head works through the combination of the Venturi Effect and Microbubble Technology. And that the Venturi effect is the fluid pressure that results when an incompressible fluid flows through a constricted section of pipe.

  23. auntiepatch69

    I’m always buying something through PayPal. I’d love the PayPal prize!

  24. auntiepatch69

    I had no idea that a shower head could clean the surface of you skin AND clean out your pores! Amazing!

  25. auntiepatch69

    I like the Traditional Art Prints. So simple and beautiful.

  26. lgm52

    Most excited about paypal cash!

  27. lgm52

    No special hookups or equipment are needed for the shower head

  28. lgm52

    I like that the art is so colorful

  29. Peter Jones

    Definitely the cash is my Pal

  30. Sandra Garth

    Your giveaways are great, best of luck to the entrants!

  31. Pam H.

    I’m most excited about winning the PayPal cash.

  32. di@Cottage-Wishes

    Oh my goodness what a great giveaway!

  33. di@Cottage-Wishes

    Whoo I love the boots and flowers on the chair print on Traditional Art Prints; And that shower head oh bubbles come my way! Di@Cottage-Wishes

  34. Marti Tabora

    At PostBoredom, I really like the Urban Art Original Beach Art, Watercolor Print, Home Decor, Interior Design, Wall Art – Urban Art Print–Forever. I think it’s really beautiful.

  35. Kim

    $175 paypal…it would go to good use on a wedding!!

  36. CraftyMom

    I’m excited for the cash!!! ‘hope to win:)

  37. Gord

    Most excited to win cash and pay down some debts.

  38. Natalie Brown

    Hello! I’m most excited about the Paypal Money because it would go a long way in getting things I need and want for my new apartment! So much fun! Although, the art ecard is super cool too because I could get a piece of art to decorate with. Thank-you for the chance in this generous giveaway!!

  39. Natalie Brown

    I visited Rejuvenator and learned that this shower head is designed to feel like the water is massaging you and uses microbubble technology which improves blood circulation. Sounds like pure healthful heaven to me!

  40. Natalie Brown

    I visited Postboredom Art and learned that it’s an Etsy shop contain mostly abstract art but also other types. My favorite is a blue floral with butterflies print. So pretty!

  41. Cristy Ridey

    I would love the PayPal cash. But I would be grateful for any of the prizes!

  42. Cristy Ridey

    Postboredom Art website – I like all the artwork – it is so colorful!

  43. Cristy Ridey

    Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower Head looks wonderful. So invigorating – spa at home. I love that it cleans so deeply.

  44. weliveinspired

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! I am most excited about the pay pal cash, as I am still setting up house in my first home and every bit helps!

  45. kim thorne

    thanks for the great giveaway

  46. kim thorne

    the paypal cash definitely i could really use it. so many things i could get on ebay.

  47. kim thorne

    i visited rejuvenator and learned that this new shower not only cleans the skin it cleans the pores and leaves you feeling refreshed like at a resort.

  48. Mark Witherington

    I am excited about winning the cash its a great prize and would come in handy for those ebay purchases

  49. Mark Witherington

    SPA TOUCH ACTION WITH MICROBUBBLE TECHNOLOGY looks great cleans rejuvinates and exfoliates

  50. kim thorne

    i visited postboredom art and i liked the vibrant colors of the artwork.

  51. Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

    Hi, Katherine! Happy Thursday! I just linked up with you @ your Favorite things hop, Thank You. :) Now I have clicked over to enter your Giveaway, although it seems the odds have been against me! LOL .. Either way, money is always good, but I am loving big time on that Shower head!! I hope you are having a beautiful week! xoxo

  52. Priscilla S.

    I’m most excited about winning the Paypal cash.

  53. Ruth Griffeth

    Well the Paypal cash is wonderful, but honestly I have Fibromyalgia so the shower head sounds to die for!

  54. Ruth Griffeth

    Microbubble tech cleans your skin right down to the pours….which sounds just heavenly

  55. Linda Marie Finn

    Urban Modern Artistic Reproduc would be cute in my girls room.

  56. Jody Arbogast

    I would love to win $175 Paypal Egift card. I would pay my internet and cable bill.

  57. Gord

    I learned that their shower heads use Microbubble Technology.

  58. Elisabeth

    I’m so excited about the cash!!!

  59. Jo May

    I’m excited about the shower head.

  60. Solange

    I’d be most excited about the cash


    i learned about the Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower Head; it looks amazing.

  62. Robyn Bellefleur

    The Paypal cash!

  63. Colleen Boudreau (collifornia)

    I learned that the Rejuvenator uses 30-40% less water than traditional shower heads.

  64. Colleen Boudreau (collifornia)

    I like the Urban Woman Modern Artistic Reproduction Digital Print from PostBoredom.

  65. saratrojaniello

    I’m excited for the PP cash… I’m material! :P

  66. saratrojaniello

    I’ve read all user experience… It’s seriusly interesting!

  67. saratrojaniello

    I’m watching their site and shop… they have a lot of original items!

  68. Lizzie Lau (Boogers Are Yucky)

    The cash. I just crazy glued my sonicare toothbrush to try to make it last a few more months, I’d replace it with the prize money.

  69. Doreen McGettigan

    What a great giveaway!

  70. K. Finn

    I like the Urban Woman Modern Artistic print.

  71. Gail Williams

    I love all the items but most excited about the paypal cash. I really want to buy a large pressure canner this year.

  72. james rowlands

    The paypal CASH WOULD BE GREAT WITH MY daughters Birthday coming UP

  73. sarah hayes (mommas)

    i am happy to win anything, i dont win that much :)

  74. Ellen Stafford

    I would love to win the Paypal cash. Could really do with it at the moment x

  75. happi shopr

    I am most excited about the $175 paypal cash. I could really use it right now.

  76. happi shopr

    The Rejuvenator shower head works through the combination of the Venturi Effect and Microbubble Technology™.

  77. happi shopr

    I like the Urban Modern Artistic Original Digital Print, Home Decor, Interior Design, Wall Art, Cross – Urban Art Print. I would be lovely in our den.

  78. Angela Cash

    I am excited about winning the PayPal cash! That would definitely be handy for back to school shopping.

  79. Amanda Sakovitz

    I’m most excited about the paypal cash!

  80. Amanda Sakovitz

    I learned Rejuvenator bubbles also clean your pores

  81. Thomas Murphy

    I am most excited about winning the $175 paypal.

  82. Thomas Murphy

    I learned the Rejuvenator uses 30-40% less water than traditional shower heads.

  83. Thomas Murphy

    I like the Retro Cowboy Men Gothic Style Modern Art Original Print at PostBoredom

  84. Annette

    I’m most excited about winning the shower head, because one of my showers is in need of one.

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