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I enjoy reading. Not just your blogs, but books too. I enjoyed hosting the book club here at Katherines Corner and was sorry to see it go. I encourage you to make comments on the books we read with the book club ( see the list below) and let me know if you would like to recommend a book for me to read. :-)

Sorry if you were looking for the book club…but you can still read comments ( or add comments)

What our wonderful book club members are saying!

Nina -I’m in! Always reading at least one book around here, so adding another one to my nightstand will be great ;o) I’ll go vote and we’ll promote this in the Ruby community and on my m*l*t blog as well. Love you! N

Katherine-love you too, welcome to the first official Katherines Corner Book Club, Hugs

Jacqueline -I love book clubs so I am very happy to be a member of this one!! I will be spreading the word on my blog love tab!! Thanks for stopping by The Organic Blonde!

Katherine-Hello sweet Jacqueline, so happy to have you here. Hugs!

melody – Hoping to find time during the summer for a good read!

Katherine-This will be fun!

Gail -So glad you are doing this, Katherine!

Amanda -WooHoo! I’m excited and can’t wait to get started on this book. Not sure when I’ll find time to read, but I’m making this a priority Thanks for encouraging us to find time to enjoy the art of reading!!

Katherine-Hi Amanda so happy you checked back. I never have a way to reach you through your comments. I love that you are making this a priority. I’ll be picking the book up this weekend. Hugs!

Carol -Love it! Love books! Love you! This is exciting

Katherine-What a wonderful comment I feel it. Hugs!

Cyndy P-I am in now. Looking forward to reading with everyone!!!Happy Reading,

Katherine-Welcome Cyndy!!!

Arlene -What a great idea!!!! Looking forward to joining in and hoping I can keep up with another book club! Oh, and I will add your blog to my blog roll (I’m still trying to figure out how to DO that, so be patient!

Cindi @ Rustique Art -Sweet! I’m an official member  Thank you Katherine for this fun venue!

momto8blog -what a fabulous idea!!!

bridgetstraub.com -Wow, it looks as though your book club has gotten a great response. I can’t imagine having time read a book right now because I’m too bust promoting Searching for My Wand, preparing to release my next book and writing a new one! someday though. If you are ever in need of a new title, Searching has all 5 star reviews. I’m just saying…lol

Yona -What a cool idea – you have a lot of people interested – that’s great! I wish I could join, but I am swamped with so many commitments that I wouldn’t be much use every month, BUT if a book that I already have on my to-read list pops up – I will force myself to join because I think this is a fun idea and would be nice to read with others.

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Comments from the Book  Bloom by Kelle Hampton

  1. Lucy on  said:Edit

    Bloom, I am loving this memoir. I cried through the prologue and couldn’t wait to begin reading the rest of the book. I have read Chapter 1 “Waiting” and I am hooked! I love the way Kelle is telling her story, with such honesty and her writing has me feeling her feelings. In addition, it flows. It has a nice pace!! The photos are a great touch too. Onto Chapter 2 “Home”
    Anyone else reading? Are you liking it?

  2. I love it too. I just saw the book mentioned in people magazine today. I’m so happy your are enjoying this one. I am already hoked!xo

  3. Lucy on  said:Edit

    Wow, I finished this book in no time at all. It was terrific, so touching! I felt she did a great job of focusing on her feelings and not getting all caught up in pushing an agenda, meaning you don’t have to have a child or a child with a handicap or disease to understand her or read it. She did a great job lightening the mood when needed and addressing the ‘I am going to be ignorant’ forever question. I would recommend this book to anyone, it is great life story. You just never know what is going to be thrown your way and how you are going to deal with it? If anything I thought this was a great story of women friendship :)

  4. This book is so beautiful, thank goodness tears don’t hurt the pages because I have shed a few. Do you have a safety net of friends like Kelle? I always longed for a group of friends like that. People to rallly around you when life throws you a curve ball. Instead I am blessed to be the safety net for others. They know I will catch them when they fall. Sorry I digress..this book is so beautifully written, the photographs add so much to the story too. It is almost like being there.

  5. “Mothers have multiple hearts-one that beats inside them, rhythmically pumping blood up and down, in and out-and one for every child she welcomes” Every Mother (and I think Fathers too) knows those words.Our hearts are filled with love, over flowing, it is hard to believe you can love anyone as much as you love your children.

  6. It is almost like reading her private journal/diary. She shares so much with us. every feeling, thought, heartfelt sentiment and wonderful celebration. Don’t you love how she celebrates everything. It’s wonderful.
    Reading it is almost like being one her friends. One of those intricate pieces, perfectly woven into her ever present safety net.
    Something that stayed with me from this book is ” God Spinners” the term her Father uses to describe those who come into every situation and “spin it for God”. She gives an example of wanting to buy a home and the homes purchase falls through and one of the God spinners Says” God has a better house waiting for you”. It’s sweet and comforting. God Spinners, it’s a lovely term, don’t you think?
    I really enjoyed this book club read and although I only see one book club member leaving comments about this book( thank you Lucy) I hope you have all enjoyed reading it.

Comments from the book
Maine by K Courtney Sullivan






  1. Gail on said: Edit

    MAINE Reading Maine on my Kindle and I’m 29% into it. I must say, it is an easy read, and I found myself identifying with some of the characters. I hope the others have delved into the book as well so we can talk about it soon!

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    • Katherine on said: Edit

      I’m just getting started with it, so far you are right Gail an easy read. I think we should Identify the chapter we comment on. Then if someone reads the comment they will know not to read a comment from a chapter they haven’t reached yet. I love the quote in the beginning of the book!

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  2. Brandi on said: Edit

    MAINE I haven’t gotten too far into it yet, but I find it VERY easy to understand too. I think this was a good pick!

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    • Katherine on said: Edit

      thank you. I’m enjoying it wouldn’t it be great to have a place on the beach!

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  3. Brandi on said: Edit

    MAINE I love how my first impression of Kathleen has changed!

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  4. Katherine on said: Edit

    How is everyone enjoying the book?
    How far along are you? Have I given enough time? I plan the new book vote for August 15th
    Any thoughts on Alice, Maggie, Kathleen, Anne Marie?

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    • I’m halfway through it. I’m disappointed in the book even though the first chapter was pretty good. I thought the lady who picked her up at the airport was an interesting character. I am having trouble relating to the main character. I feel her convictions are not very strong.

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  6. MAINE
    I finished this one and I have to say, I didn’t love it. I didn’t not like it, I just thought it was so-so. A very easy read. I found Alice to be identical to someone I know in real life, so delving into that character was interesting. Anne Marie I felt so sorry for – you had to wonder if she ever found contentment. Kathleen really grew on me as a character, and she developed a lot by the end of the novel. I do think that the author really created a true-sounding family dynamic. Yes, dysfunctional – but it all rang true to their history.

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    • Katherine on said: Edit

      I’m done too. I thought is was an easy read. I enjoyed it. I kept picturing it as a lifetime movie ( or hallmark). I’m not sure how much to say about it because I’m not certain if everyone has finished it yet. Stephanie. I think your summary of the book is wonderful. How interesting that you know someone who is like Alice.

      No matter where you are, chances are pretty good that you know a family like the Kellehers, or you have at least heard stories. I enjoyed reading about the three generations of the Kellehers as they prepared for their pilgrimage to the cottage on the beach. Can you imagine winning property on the beach.. oh my….. be still my heart. To see what I mean you may want to visit my cottages page.
      Although I enjoyed reading the preparations and back stories of each of the characters. I really came to attention when they all arrived in Maine. This book may start off a bit slowly for some. But, I enjoyed how it ramped up towards that last few chapters.
      I won’t go on until I see some more comments. I don’t want to say to much. Hugs!

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      • Brandi on said: Edit

        I am almost done with it. I am like you though, I see a Hallmark movie or something on LMN.

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  7. Lesa on said: Edit

    Finished last night and I loved this book! And after I moaned about Robopocaplyse not winning– hahaha. This isn’t the sort of book I typically choose– but I’m easily enthralled with any story and the characters/story just fascinated me.

    I liked getting to know all four women– even Alice the battleaxe. I loved the flashbacks to the 1940s– and the author did an amazing job with doling out the history of each woman to keep the story flowing up to the big reveal of the source of Alice’s guilt. Some books drag and drag to the reveal but this one never did for me.

    The secondary characters were very well done and added depth to story. Didn’t you just love Daniel– What a good man! Arlo too. But Gabe– What a jerk!

    I thought this would be a good movie too– and I also thought these people need to pay a visit to Dr. Phil!!

    Very interesting to see how Alice’s bottling up her guilty conscience affected three generations. Her impromtu meaness was just astounding– imagine telling your granddaughter in front of her date on prom night that she looks fat!!

    Not sure if you are ready to discuss the ending or not so will save that for later.

    Reply ↓
    • MAINE- Your review made me smile. And I think the flashbacks were terrific too. She really managed to get each character’s “voice”.

      Reply ↓
      • Katherine on said: Edit

        MAINE-I do agree with you Stephanie. I’m still a little hesitant to comment about the ending though since everyone hasn’t posted their thoughts yet. I’m looking forward to reading the new book Thin, Rich, Pretty. Hugs!

Comments from the book club selection On Lavender Lane by JoAnn Ross









  1. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita on said: Edit

    On Lavender Lane- I just finished On Lavender Lane, and can’t wait to see what everyone thought of it!

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    • On Lavender Lane-I’m on chapter two. I’m having trouble getting interested in the book. I voted for it so I will read it. I’ve read three other books since I started this one. I like the characters and the writing style. I think the husband in the first chapter turned me off the book.

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  2. Lucy on said: Edit

    On Lavender Lane-I am in the process of reading On Lavender Lane. I have read Chapters 1-15 and I am struggling. At this point there has been only one mention of the young wife leaving her abusive husband and she is pregnant. I understand the main characters are Maddy and Lucas but the sad part for me is the two main characters feel so cliche and I was way more interested in a character that has been mentioned only once. Anyway, I don’t understand why an author mentions a character and then doesn’t go back to that character at all.
    I was just checking in to see if anyone else was struggling? I hope it picks up, I know it is still a little early in the book, so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    Reply ↓
    • On Lavender Lane-Yes, I’m only on chapter two and to tell you the truth I don’t like the book. Probably for the reasons you so well enunciated.

      Reply ↓
    • On Lavender Lane-I agree with you. Too bad it’s not very cohesive.

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  3. GraceinAZ on said: Edit

    On Lavender Lane-I am about 3/4 of the way through “on Lavender Lane” and just love it…I am a sucker for a good romance! Even though the reader can figure out where the story is going with the two main characters, I am enjoying the ride!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

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  4. On Lavender Lane-I liked the book too, and I don’t want to give away the ending for anyone, but I agree with Lucy about the young mother who is introduced in the beginning. She does go back to her, but it just feels like it was sort of wrapped up in the end without any real development. When I saw it was a series, I read the other 2 books first, and as much as I did like this one, I liked the other 2 better. I may not necessarily have felt that way had I read this one first, but looking back I felt the first two were better. I did want to go visit fictional Shelter Bay though!

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  5. Katherine on said: Edit

    On Lavender Lane– Okay, I must admit, I too am dragging a bit on this one. Although I could visualize driving up the lane to the farm surrounded by the fragrance of fresh lavender.

    The first couple of chapters had me bouncing around a bit. But I pushed through and it actually turns into a pleasant ( although predictable ) read. I am nearly finished. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts n the book so far.

    I did not realize this was a book in a series when it was presented to me.
    Remember the book with the most votes is the one we agree to read,:-)

    Reply ↓
  6. Lucy on said: Edit

    On Lavender Lane-I am so glad you guys suggested I continue reading, even though it was predictable. You know, I like those Lifetime Movies and they are the same way, giggle!!
    I ended up really enjoying On Lavender Lane once I got further into it. It was a pleasant, romantic,simple,easy read. Once again, glad you guys suggested I stick it out!!

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  7. Lucy on said: Edit

    On Lavender Lane-Oh, I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone but I was wondering if anyone likes to talk a little more about details, like why the book might have been decent but not great. For instance, without giving away any details did anyone get tired of the constant mention of Lucas being a Navy Seal? I felt at times it just didn’t fit, it felt like the author was trying to hard to paint a picture of Lucas being, I don’t know manly? Or unbeatable because of being a SEAL, And yet, I wasn’t sure how it mattered that he was Seal at particular moments. It felt pushed. Like Chapter 45, page 300, When Maddy and Lucas are meeting with the Wood Artisan guy. “Again, a woman after my own heart. If Chaffe here hadn’t already staked his claim, I might try my luck.”
    “I didn’t say anything about any claim.” Lucas interjected, holding up both hands in a plea of innocence. “Honest”
    “That’s true enough” the wood artisan agreed. “He didn’t use those exact words But a smart man, and I like to think I am, knows enough to stay out of the way of a SEAL on a mission.”
    “Former SEAL” Lucas muttered.

    I just thought there was a lot of those SEAL conversations.

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  8. Katherine on said: Edit

    On Lavender Lane-Lucy, I agree with you, so much so that I actually muttered while reading it, yes he was a navy seal. I felt like we did get hit over the head with that one, LOL.

    I’m happy you pushed through and finished the book. I know what you mean about the lifetime movies too. I enjoy a lot ( not all) of them as well, and felt this book certainly was a candidate to be among them. perhaps one day we’ll see it on the television schedule.

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  9. Katherine on said: Edit

    On Lavender Lane-On lavender lane gets your attention in the very beginning with a very embarrassing moment for celebrity chef Madeline Durand. We journey with her to a safe place on lavender lane where sadness begins to mend steadily, as we share the rekindling of a lost love. It is an uplifting novel, that all though predictable is a fun read.
    Good food and conversation especially from the comfort of your grandmother’s kitchen can heal many things.
    What are your thoughts? Anything in particular that made you like or dislike this book? Did you have a favorite part? Mine was at the moment she drives up the road -the description of the lavender fields on the road “to grandma’s house” wrapped me completely in a trance as I envisioned myself driving along a road such as Lavender Lane.

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  10. Lucy on said: Edit

    You know what I found endearing in Lavender Lane? The cooking and I am not much of a cook but the book made me want to eat fresh and cook with fresh ingredients. Oh, and the idea of comfort food made with fresh ingredients sounded great, it made me want to try. In addition, the small town, stress free living sounded great. I wanted to visit the Oregon coast!

    I really wish the author would have developed some of the sidekick characters more. I think she needed to choose or figure out a way to interweave them better, especially, Phoebe. That character never really fit or was fully developed, in my opinion and sadly I was interested in Phoebe in the beginning and then nothing, just a blurb here and there and a very quick wrap up.

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Comments from the Summer reading list Book Club Selection

Katherines Corner on said:

One Thousand Gifts-Ann has a beautiful and poetic form of writing. I found it at times appealing but became a bit overwhelmed by it and some may find it challenging. But no matter how you feel about her form of writing the spirit of this book is one easily felt. This book is truly a biography of Ms. Voskamp journey of faith. She begins the book with her personal suffering and ingratitude a result of her great sorrow. She reminds us of things we should already hold true, that “the gifts” are around us always, in everyday things, places, people and thoughts. It is through God’s love that we are reminded that gratefulness comes from faith and observances. Although the level of Ms. Voskamp’s Christianity is truly enlightened, I do believe every one of us has to embrace our faith in different ways and I encourage you to embrace the gifts, but in your own way.

Comments from the book club selection The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks








GraceinAZ on said: Edit

The Best of Me – I have finished the book, and I must say, Nicholas Sparks never fails to warm my heart and then break it. I loved the story, as always, and the characters are believable. This was a little bit scarier, but I love a good mystery thriller! A great selection!

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  • Katherine on said: Edit

    He never fails to satisfy us with his beautiful stories. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Hugs

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Arlene Pelz aka Tiggheart on said: Edit

The Best Of Me-I’m at 68% of the book. Amanda just left Dawson… she saw him give her a final farewell in the rear view mirror.
So far, the book has kept my attention and is a fun and easy read. Enjoying it!

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  • Katherine on said: Edit

    It really does keep you reading, so far so good. Hugs!

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  • I really loved this book. I’m glad you are enjoying it.
    The Best Of Me It brought back a lot of memories.

    Reply ↓
    1. Brandi on said: Edit

      wow! I am so behind! LOVE the book so far though!! I am only half way through! The hasn’t been a great reading month for me! Busy Busy!!!!

      Reply ↓
      • Katherine on said: Edit

        No obligation book club, means no stress…relax and leave a comment when you are ready.

        Reply ↓
    2. Katherine on said: Edit

      The Best Of Me- Is everyone enjoying the book? Is anyone finished yet?

      Reply ↓
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    4. Katherine on said: Edit

      Are we ready to post our comments about The Best of Me?

      Reply ↓
    5. Katherine on said: Edit

      The Best Of Me-I liked the book! But, even though I am a fan of Nicholas Sparks, I do wish he didn’t always like to kill off the characters in so many of his stories. Amanda and Dawson were easy to imagine as they rekindled their love. The tragic dysfunctional family and flashbacks were insightfully written. How did you feel about the letters left behind by Tuck? How did you feel about the ending? I look forward to your comments. Hugs!

      Reply ↓

      I decided not to read the comments above because I am only on the first chapter. I’m enjoying the book. I hope to start the next book when you do.

    6. Doylene on said: Edit

      The Best Of Me-I enjoyed every minute of the book The Best Of Me. It brought back a lot of memories of my teen years. Makes me glad I married my husband even though my parents were against it. I felt sorry for Dawson but also felt he brought most of his problems on himself. He let other dictate to him who he was. That is never a good idea. I had an abusive Dad. My Grandma told me I could believe who the Bible said I was or who my dad said I was. I chose to believe the Bible. I also had the incident when I was 15 when I was in the kitchen washing dishes and my dad took his belt and was about to beat me and I picked up a huge knife and told him the same thing Dawson told his dad. I was sad when the book was over. I liked the ending. The new book is a little hard for me to get into. I read the first chapter on line then downloaded it on my Nextbook.

      Reply ↓

      I liked THE BEST OF ME too! It didn’t poke along like some of his other books did. It was refreshing that Amanda chose to be faithful to her husband even though I did like Dawson. I thought the best character though was Tuck!

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Comments on the Book The Inn At Rose Harbor By Debbie Macomber


Submitted on 2012/10/25 at 08:29 | In reply to Melissa B.

I hope you will share your comments on the Inn At Rose Harbor too xo


howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/ x


Submitted on 2012/10/19 at 10:19

I finished The Inn At Rose Harbor, and it was a great read. I definitely feel the author left the door open for a sequel.


Submitted on 2012/10/18 at 08:11

[…] now, The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber.  I am loving it and I am reading it as part of Katherine’s Corners Book Club! If, you click the link you can join and get information about the […]


Melissa B

readingnks.blogspot.com/ x

I just joined your Book Club! =)

Debbie Macomber is my favorite Romance author, and I recently finished reading

“The Inn at Rose Harbor”, and I loved it!
Comments from the book club selection The Leftovers by  Tom Perrotta









  1. Lesa on  said:Edit

    The Leftovers Part One:
    So millions of people disappear into thin air and nothing bad happens for the next three years. No apocalypse/armageddon. Just lots of freaking out. Weirdly intriguing book– I’m liking it so far. Good intro chapters– Interesting to see how the characters have coped in different ways.

    Cults are so fascinating and repelling. the white clothes, smoking and silent but aggressive cult seems particularly nutty. Those people would drive me batty, for sure. And Holy Wayne from the Healing Hug cult is such a sleaze.

    I really liked the randomness of the missing people being from all tenets of faith/nonfaith. Adds to the mystery. And the various missing celebs was oddly amusing. JLo, Adam Sandler, Shaq, Putin, the Pope, the Verizon guy, tyrants and Food Network chefs? Strange grouping of folks but guess they will eat well where ever they are….

    Reply ↓
    • I know what you mean it jumps ahead three years I was surprised by that too. No build up to future just blam, three years ahead. So far I do like the references to current events and recognizable television shows, movies and celebrities. It made me giggle a bit, but I know it wasn’t meant to be funny. This book really has me intrigued so far.

      Reply ↓
  2. Lesa on  said:Edit

    The Leftovers Part 2 Mapleton is fun!

    I really wanted to find out more about Tom and the girl pg with Holy Wayne’s baby but this part was all Mapleton. And Mapleton isn’t really very fun but the characters are trying so hard to have fun and achieve some sense of normalcy. But it is all so forced and pathetic– especially the teens with the sex game.

    It does seems like some healing is going on especially for Nora.. I really like her– very classy under pressure.I liked Kylie too even though she was the other woman– she was just young and dumb and seemed sincerely contrite. Doug. Yuck– good riddance he disappeared, I say.

    What do y’all think of the Guilty Remnant cult? Their invading people’s space gets on my nerves and their aggressiveness reminds me of the Westboro cult. Wonder if the author intended that or just coincidental thinking on my part?

    Still liking this book– hope someone else is reading it besides me. ;o)

    Reply ↓
    • Okay lets talk about the guilty remnant cult, no possessions, white outfits, traveling in pairs and they smoke! Very curious. I agree with you about mapleton. It is one never ending tale of misery, Of course it makes sense that they are miserable. But this section was a bit dull. I’m hoping to see more comments on the book too.

  3. Lesa on  said:Edit

    Part 3 and Part 4: the coping continues
    Part 5 Whew! The coping never ended but finally the book did!

    Did y’all find the characters believable? It is hard for me to see a woman like Laurie really leaving her family for a cult. And to abandon her daughter at such a pivotal time? I felt so sorry for Meg. I really thought Laurie would go back to her family– she hem-hawed about the divorce papers and seemed to be seeing the cult with clearer eyes– then bam! she finds out members are required to murder each other so she becomes completely brainwashed? I don’t buy it. It would have made more sense if she left the cult right then. What do y’all think?

    Finally, Nora explained about how guilty she feels for wishing her family away but I didn’t like her as I much as I did at the beginning. She just got tiresome.

    I found the sexual references particularly icky for some reason. they weren’t even explicit– just icky.

    Odd book. Overall, I liked not loved it. It was weirdly compelling but not a fun read. I would have like it lots better if it had been a science or metaphysical thrillers– I kept wanting more information about the disappearance and some action.

The following are the comments left from the book club selection Thin Rich Pretty By  Beth Harbison







  1. THIN RICH PRETTY (ch. 1-9)
    I read chapters 1-9 today and am enjoying it. I don’t understand though why the authors switch back and forth from past to present all the time instead of just progressing chronologically. Just finished another book that did the same thing.

    I think all these girls are pretty pathetic so far. Holly was very stupid not to wear a life jacket in the boat she though had a leak, especially since she couldn’t swim.

    I feel sad for Lexi–her stepmother is a piece of work.

    Nicola was stupid letting those girls do her makeup and going without even looking at herself in the mirror first. Not very believable. She should have known what they were up to.

    Anyone else start this one yet? What are your thoughts?

    Reply ↓
    • Katherine on said: Edit

      Thin Rich Pretty-Looks like you’re the first. I have to admit I have put off starting it.. shhh don’t tell. Things at home have been a bit chaotic and finding quiet time is tough. But this weekend I expect to have comments for this new book. Hugs!

      Reply ↓
      • Thin Rich Pretty- I finished it today and enjoyed it. Light, fun book which is a change for me from my usual mystery-suspense type I’ve been reading lately. My review will be up tomorrow but will stop by to join in the discussion here. I think my favorite character is Lexi.

        Reply ↓
      • I now have my three year old granddaughter with me five days a week so I have very little time for reading. She will let me read on my book pad but not on the computer and the book club book is on the computer. When I get on the computer she climbs in my lap wanting Fisher Price games. I’m really enjoying her. She’s so sweet.

        Reply ↓
  2. Thin Rich Pretty-I bought the book and then the worst thing ever happened! I dropped my Nook on the hard floor and busted the screen. Now I am waiting for them to send me my replacement. So I havent even started it yet!

    Reply ↓
    • Katherine on said: Edit

      Thin Rich Pretty- Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. Hang in there sweetie. Hugs!!

      Reply ↓
  3. Katherine on said: Edit

    Thin Rich Pretty– I’m enjoying the book. I am not a fan of flashbacks, in book or movies but I don;t mind this too much really. I do have one thing to say though….per-engagement..ugh poor girl.

    Reply ↓
  4. Lucy on said: Edit

    Thin Rich Pretty-I just finished Thin Rich Pretty. Unfortunately, I can’t say I loved the book. I am not a huge fan of books that switch from past to present. In addition, I felt the setup was weak and I never got a chance to know the characters. Unfortunately, I felt the book was a bunch of cliches. Everything was so predictable. Now, that being said, it is a light book and I did enjoy some of the dated descriptions. It took me back to my childhood.

    Reply ↓
    • Katherine on said: Edit

      Thin Rich Pretty-– Aww Lucy I’m sorry you didn’t care for the book. Perhaps the next one will be more to your liking. I know what you mean though. Hugs

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  6. Brandi on said: Edit

    Thin Rich Pretty--I finally got my Nook in the mail! Woohoo! I have to say that I am really enjoying this book. I didn’t think I would like all the flashbacks, but it was so true on how teenagers treat each other. The author hit the nail on that one. I was lucky enough to have friends who didn’t bash each other over looks or money, but I know that there are some cruel kids out there. I worry for my babies when they get older. Can’t wait to finish it!

    Reply ↓
    • Katherine on said: Edit

      Thin Rich Pretty--Brandi I was so sorry to hear about that whole nook thing. I’m happy you did get a chance to read the book though. She really does touch nerves with her teenage flashbacks. I was a victim of some horrible ( brutal) bullying when I was young. Now, I like you, worry about the little ones ( our grandchildren) our oldest granddaughter has been a victim of some terrible bullying. I have been hesitant to write a post about it though because it may make her feel bad. She reads my blog sometimes. Now back to the book…..I think it’s a fine read.

    • Brandi on said: Edit

      Loving this book! I am almost done and I am a little sad that its over.

    • Thin Rich Pretty-. Another book enjoyed with our wonderful book club. Although I didn’t really like the back and forth jumps between past and present in the beginning I think it was important in establishing the storyline. I did think the book was a bit predictable but still a fun read. Raise your hand if you knew right away that the minute Lexi met Greg there would be love. I got a kick out of the nose job Nicola had and then the nose break ( bend) that put it back to normal ( sort of). When Holly went on a diet to win love I actually got bugged at her, LOL!
      I thought the book was both entertaining and uplifting at times, but I also felt like I knew what was going to happen a lot of the time. It was a fun book though light and enjoyable. I look forward to reading your comments.
      Hugs, Katherine

      Reply ↓
      Brandi on said: Edit

      I thought it was cute and I enjoyed reading it every night before I went to bed. I knew that Lexi and Greg were going to be together as well
      Can’t wait for the next book!

      Reply ↓
      Katherine on said: Edit

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, next up -The Best Of Me by Nicholas Sparks:-) Hugs

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  1. Hey Katharine, you are amazing! Talk about someone who really has it all “going on”:) I just joined your book club and can’t wait to get started. Thank you for hosting!!! Happy Wednesday!

  2. What a delightful idea and list, Katherine! I recently read and reviewed Selections from One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp (which is the gift edition of the book containing photos and selected excerpts from One Thousand Gifts, which is at the top of your reading list). The book was amazing, and I can’t wait to pick up and dig into the actual book itself this summer!

    I love the other selections on your list as well!

    Create With Joy

  3. SallyAnn says:

    Hi Katherine,
    Just joined your book club because I love reading books. Hope to join in real soon. Just finished reading a book that is not on your list “The Girl of the Limberlost” . Ever read it? I loved it. Can’t wait to dive into one from your list.
    Have a great day.

  4. Hi Katherine…do you mind sending me the html for the button? Thanks. Looking forward to reading with everyone.

  5. Karen Harris says:

    I am trying to join your book club list but your link wont let me as I don’t have a blog and therefore no web address. Please advise.

  6. I just joined your Book Club! =)
    Debbie Macomber is my favorite Romance author, and I recently finished reading
    “The Inn at Rose Harbor”, and I loved it!

    Im planning on joining in on the next book that you read! Thanks!

  7. I see Nicholas Sparks on the list, I have yet to read one of those books, but I do love The Notebook (movie) so I bet they’re great!

  8. I finished The Inn At Rose Harbor, and it was a great read. I definitely feel the author left the door open for a sequel.

  9. First time here and I would like to join the book club.

  10. Beverly, I agree with you. I feel that there were some great storylines that opened up in this book.

    I cant wait till the 2nd book in this series is released!

  11. The Inn at Rose Harbor is another Debbie Macomber triumph. Would you buy a bed and breakfast to start your new path?

  12. I have some tear stains on some of the pages. Do you?

  13. Hi Katherine,
    New Book Club member!

  14. Sorry to day I haven’t started the book yet, It’s on the way from ebay and I’m looking forward to reading it. Hope it arrives the first of the week.


  1. […] now, The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber.  I am loving it and I am reading it as part of Katherine’s Corners Book Club! If, you click the link you can join and get information about the […]

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