Pink Velvet Pumpkins

pink velvet pumpkins

Pink Velvet Pumpkins- Did you know pink is an Autumn color too? Look at these lovely pink velvet pumpkins from Lovefeast. October is breast cancer awareness month and these pretty” think pink” velvet pumpkins are more than just decor. For every Think Pink pumpkin sold they donate $3 to breast cancer awareness.  I am joining Beverly for her Pink [read more…]

Lunch Box Love Note Printables

apple lunch box note printable

Lunch Box Love Note Printables I was inspired by Faith Filled Food for Moms to create some lunch box love note printables. You can see her lunch box printables on yesterdays Make It Monday. I often put little love notes in my hubby’s lunch box.  I put together a few lunch box love note printables [read more…]

Tale Of Two Mothers

once upon a time nina post

Tale Of Two Mothers- It’s Mothers day on the 11th and I am fortunate to be enjoying the company of my sweet Mum for going on three weeks now. I have been loving every minute of it. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing angel of a woman as my mother. My darling friend Nina, [read more…]

Dear Blog

yellow tulip

Dear Blog- Dear blog, when I was a newbie in the big blog world  I donned my floaties and timidly dipped my toe into the bloggy pool. You sat back and watched not knowing if I would sink or swim. You did not complain that my first posts were about being right smack dab in [read more…]

A Fluffy Flavorful Pancake Tale

heart pancakes

A Fluffy Flavorful Pancake Tale- What a fun title for a blog post , right? “A Tale of Fluffy and Flavorful Pancakes and a Tovolo.”Is the whole post title.  We can thank my sweet bloggy friend Suzanne from Simply Suzannes for the title and the post today. Have you been to Suzanne’s blog? She shares [read more…]

Lessons Learned on a Journey


Lessons Learned on a Journey With Pam! I am so happy to have the lovely Pam from Over50Feeling40 as my guest today. Many of you are already familiar with her blog either through the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ( she is one of my sweet co-hostesses) or by already discovering her blog. She is [read more…]

Valentine Paper Garland

valentine crafts

Valentine Paper Garland- Hello sweet bloggy friends. Today I have invited a very special guest to Katherines Corner to share a bit of Valentine craftiness. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jennifer from The Life Of Jennifer Dawn. She is a happily married woman of faith. A former school teacher with a lovely [read more…]

2014 A New Year and Time Management

time management

2014 A New Year and Time Management   I love a good plan!  Ask my hubby he will testify Let me tell you I have one already set up to welcome in 2014. Every year I mention that I am not a resolution person. But a plan maker. Well ,that I am.  As we make [read more…]

Holiday Buzy-Ness

gift katherines corner

Holiday Buzy-ness I find myself happily awash with the Christmas spirit and all that comes with it. Decorating, shopping, list making (oh yes, you know I am a list maker) planning, wrapping, baking and all around holiday buzy-ness ( busy as a bee). Add to this the blessing of having one of my shops, Be [read more…]

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 117

thursday favorite things blog hop

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop! That’s right sweet bloggy friends its time to share your amazing blogs. This week I am very happy to announce a BIG change here at the hop. I now have five permanent co hostesses! I am so very happy to celebrate my lovely current co host Angel and our new [read more…]

Shop Spotlights

pretty packages

Shop Spotlights The shop spotlight series is now at an end. It has been a pleasure sharing all of the wonderful talented artists and their shops with you. Please keep small businesses in mind when you do your shopping. Please join me in congratulating Erin P the winner of the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop [read more…]

Shop Small

shop sign katherines corner

Shop Small Every week here at Katherines Corner I shine the spotlight on  talented independent artists and their shops. Today I remind you of the importance of shopping small. Yes, the big businesses do have theire place. I just ask you to stop and remember the little shop down the road, the Independent artists I [read more…]

Shop Spotlight Gourdonville

enchanting world of gourds

Shop Spotlight Gourdonville It is time to shine the light on another creative and talented artist. This week it is Angie from Gourdonville. Like the shop name you will find whimsical gourd creations in her shop. It’s like  finding an enchanted world of gourds!  Many of you may know Angie from her blog Gods Growing [read more…]

Shop Spotlight The French Kiosk

pink tulips

Shop Spotlight The French Kiosk   Bonjour bloggy friends,Today’s’ spotlight is shining brightly on Catherine from the French Kisosk. She is a skillful and artful photographer who sells her Fine Art Photography and Vintage French Treasures in her etsy shop aptly named Welcome to Katherines Corner Catherine, ( great name by the way) your shop [read more…]

Shop Spotlight Shop Witty

independent artists

Today I am continuing my Independent Artists series by shining the light on Lynet and Gary of Shop Witty. A creative husband and wife team who are working together at home making lovely handmade paper goods. Through Lynet’s resourcefulness they have created a great organizational system for their products and supplies. Lynet said, ” we have [read more…]

Shop Spotlight Simply Creative Suzanne Carillo

suzannes pug 2

Shop Spotlight Simply Creative Suzanne Carillo Today I am shining the light on the talented Suzanne Carillo. She is a self taught artist, designer and illustrator who finds her creative spark often inspired by her muse, a pug named Zoe. You will see Zoe featured in most of her pug designs. When Zoe isn’t inspiring [read more…]