National Girl Scout Cookie Day

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February 8th has been declared national Girl Scout Cookie Day by the Girl Scouts of America. How terrific is that! A day dedicated to Girl Scout cookie eating! I was a part of the Girl Scouts for many years. I started as a Brownie and continued until I was a Brownie Leader. I was a [read more…]


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Tid Bit Tuesday-  Water, good ole’ H2O. I drink it, I drink a lot of it. A minimum of 64 ounces every day. I fill up a jug every morning, it makes it easier to gauge how much I have had during the day. I take a  bottle of water with me every time I [read more…]

Brand Loyalty

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It”s Tid Bit Tuesday today. Time for over sharing. I’m keeping short today, no deep personal things to share today but… I am sharing that I am brand loyal. At least when it comes to bathroom grooming products. I am a Dove fan, have been for years. So I grabbed all of the dove products [read more…]

Dream On

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Dream On It’s Tid Bit Tuesday and it’s Thanksgiving week too. So just a couple of bloggy notes before I jump into today’s tid bit. The Book Club-I am saddened to say the book club has ended due to lack of participation. We had a good run and I am so sorry to see it [read more…]

My Inner Voice

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My Inner Voice It’s Tid Bit Tuesday. I hope you have been enjoying this ongoing theme in my posts. We all know the importance of listening to our inner voice. Sometimes, it whispers sometimes it shouts. Lately my inner voice has been shouting “stop multitasking and concentrate on what you love doing!” Now I realize [read more…]

Gobble Gobble Giveaway

gobble gobble giveaway-Katherines Corner

It’s Time for the new giveaway!!! Some of you know it was my birthday yesterday ( Nov 1) so I’m giving YOU gifts! What? Giggle that’s right and I’m calling it The Gobble Gobble Giveaway  because it celebrates one of my favorite holidays. Prizes-Autumn Colors Necklace, Metal Leaf Napkin Holder with Napkins, Autumn Craft Ribbon [read more…]

Cottage Shed

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Cottage shed It occurred to me the other day that I didn’t share something very important….What we did this summer! I say “we” loosely. My sweet hubby and our nephew  finished our anniversary gift in August. They worked almost every weekend this summer to get this beauty completed. Do any of you remember the garden shed [read more…]

Our Granddaughter, Stop Bullying Words Do Hurt

savannah anti bullying image 1

It’s Wordy, Wordless Wednesday….Today’s photos are more serious than usual and are not my photography.They are the work of the talented photographer Lisa Tucker. Those of you who visit regularly know that I have written about my experience with bullying and our granddaughters experience with bullying ( although I kept her experiences private). Lisa Tucker of Lisa [read more…]

Tea Time

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It’s Tid Bit Tuesday and today’s share is probably already known by some of you. I drink tea. I think it’s in my blood. Being from England, we start drinking tea when we are quite young ( usually with lots of milk). I now drink decaffeinated tea ( Doctors orders). But it is tea just without [read more…]

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Linky Party 52

thursday blog hop

It’s time for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Linky party! Thank you to all who make this blog hop so much fun! This week my co host is Cynthia from Antiquity Travelers Please share the hop with your readers and please let me know if you would like to co-host. I love to have [read more…]

Tid Bit Tuesday My Blogger Interview


 It’s  Tid Bit Tuesday time to share a more intimate look at my life.This week the lovely Char from The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom posted an interview with yours truly. It is an honor to be featured on her blog and I am grateful for her generosity.. You can read the interview by [read more…]

Tid Bit Tuesday An Angels Message

angel wings

I started a weekly post called Tid Bit Tuesday a while ago. I share a more intimate look at my life. If you would like to read previous Tid Bit Tuesday Posts you can click on the tab at the top of my blog. I was a little apprehensive at first about how much to [read more…]

Beautiful Basil


I hope all of my US friends enjoyed a fun and safe fourth of July celebration.I look forward to reading your posts. Our Basil is growing beautifully and I have been enjoying its wonderful fragrance and fabulous taste. I add basil to sauces, use it for pesto, chop it and sprinkle it in salads and [read more…]

Time For A Picnic

picnic for the planet

It’s Earth Day on Sunday and The Nature Conservatory is encouraging us all to have a picnic. The world’s largest and most delicious Earth Day celebration ever. How fun! Everyone loves a picnic right? Remember to keep it green. Use your own plates and silverware. Also, if you pack it in ( to your picnic [read more…]