Room Design Giveaway and Interview with Deborah DiMare Rosenberg

Deborah DiMare Rosenberg

Room Design Giveaway and Interview with Deborah DiMare Rosenberg Room Design Giveaway and Interview with Deborah DiMare Rosenberg -Many of you may already be familiar with the lovely and talented  interior decorator and founder of DiMare Designs, Deborah  DiMare (Rosenberg) from the TLC television show “In A Fix”  and other popular home makeover programs. Deborah believes the [read more…]

Pink Velvet Pumpkins

pink velvet pumpkins

Pink Velvet Pumpkins- Did you know pink is an Autumn color too? Look at these lovely pink velvet pumpkins from Lovefeast. October is breast cancer awareness month and these pretty” think pink” velvet pumpkins are more than just decor. For every Think Pink pumpkin sold they donate $3 to breast cancer awareness.  I am joining Beverly for her Pink [read more…]

Patio Furniture Makeover

patio furniture makeover

Patio Furniture Makeover- I have been meaning to share this patio furniture makeover for quite some time now. I just want to brag about my sweet hubby. He wire brushed all of the rust off of our twelve year old patio furniture and painstakingly repainted and sealed every chair ( all seven of them) and the [read more…]

Parisian Vanity Makeover

parisian vanity makeover 1

Parisian Vanity Makeover- Our oldest granddaughter (15 in August) is in love with all things Parisian. I lived in France when I was a little girl and I remember a lot of my time there. I can understand completely why she is so ooh la la over the Parisian style. I hope one day she [read more…]

Four Seasons Frame Craft

four seasons frame craft

Four Seasons Frame Craft- I always enjoy decorating for the holidays and I regularly change my decor for the seasons too. With this easy craft and printables you can change your seasonal frame decor simply and beautifully. Whether you decorate all over the house or just a little. It is a sweet touch of decor for the change [read more…]

Easy Flower Arranging

hydrangeas in urn

Easy Flower Arranging – I love fresh flowers in the house, especially in the dining room and master bedroom. When my hubby and I were dating he would bring me fresh flowers every week. ♥ I loved seeing his grin as he presented my new bundle of blooms. But, fresh flowers this time of the [read more…]

Primp Your Pumpkin Home Decor

elegant fall home decor

Primp Your Pumpkin Home Decor   Everyone is thinking about the change of seasons these days and that includes me. The first day of Autumn is on Sunday, according to the calender. I am soo ready! When I saw a fun party for holiday home decor and craftiness at my lovely friend Shannon’s blog, Fox [read more…]

Onions On The Windowsill


Onions On The Windowsill You may have noticed the onions drying on the windowsill in my Unplugged post. I love the way the sunlight and shadows look in the morning. It’s a beautiful still life image. I find art in many places. Who would have thought a bowl filled with onions would be so pretty. [read more…]

Snowballs Viburnum

pom pom bush katherines corner

Snowballs Viburnum Happy oxymoron day! ( wordy wordless Wednesday) We’ve had some rain recently and our pom pom bush , also known as, snowball bush (Snowballs Viburnum Bush) is loving it! I clipped some blooms to bring inside. I always enjoy having cut flowers on the table. These snowballs on the table are the perfect [read more…]