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It’s Wordy -Wordless Wednesday! Maybe I should rename it oxymoron day:-) I know you are going to giggle when you see these simple snaps of our sweet Izzy. Not to worry though, as soon as he comes inside I wrap him in a towel and melt all of the snow off of him. Then he snuggles in his blanket. [read more…]

Wordless Wednesday Uh Oh

uh oh 1 KCB

Thursday favorite things blog hop tomorrow! linking to- Please DO NOT leave blog links in the comments, thank you ♥ I do my best to reply to all comments via email, please be patient with me ♥ I’m sharing and linking at theses parties and hops CLICK HERE Stay connected to Katherines Corner become a [read more…]

Tid Bit Tuesday Its All Random


Tid Bit Tuesday time to share, today it’s just a few random things. I still say groovy. I like to think I am half Phoebe half Monica, my hubby says I lean more towards Monica ( I hope you all got the Friends television show reference) I have been told my whole life that I [read more…]

Thursday Favorite Things blog hop 16

It’s Thursday and that means its time for the Favorite Things Hop! No co host this week- I lost my cohost at the last minute and it was to late to spring it on anyone so I’m on my own today, Please let me know if you would like to co-host. I love to have [read more…]

Lets Take A Tour


Hello I’m Katherine ( Katie) and I’ll be your tour guide today. Welcome to Katherine’s Corner where  I try to always keep things interesting by sharing a variety of topics with you. Please leave your luggage behind and  stay inside the red velvet ropes, and of course no flash photography…..giggle. At the top of my [read more…]

Joyful Places Every Day

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Every day I visit fantastic blogs here on the world wide web. Every day I see beautiful images and read inspiring words. Every day I share in bloggers joys and sorrows . Every day I see creativity at its best. Every day I say I am thankful there are more joyful blogs than sorrow filled [read more…]

Sweet Easter Memories 2011

easter blog first

One of the best things about being a Grandmother of five beautiful  grandchildren is the freedom to indulge. Treats, hugs, smooches, giggle, and lots of fun.  Because at Grandma’s house we break the rules.  Candy is often eaten before dinner, bath time is more about bubbles and swimming than getting clean, staying up past bedtime [read more…]

Rainy Day Wedding

odd shoes

An invitation to a wedding reception this past weekend came as a nice break from our regular weekend routine. Sparky ( my husband Bob) and I dressed up in our  “Sunday Go To Meet’n” clothes and drove a couple of miles down the road to the celebration. It was raining, which is good luck for [read more…]

Random Questions Just For Fun

beach view dining

A fun post today with some random questions and truthful answers. I  always enjoy this sort of thing. Mostly because I get excited to read your answers in the comments. Okay here we gooooooo 1. How do you spend your alone time? Actually I have a lot of alone time. I read, love to watch [read more…]

High School Memories

Katherine Corrigan Graduation pic

I thought this would be fun. I’ve listed just a few things about me from high school. I loved going to school, it was my sanctuary. I was a sponge, I still am. I loved learning! I’m hoping you will list a few things you remember from high school too. Okay here goes…. I didn’t [read more…]

A Few Random Thoughts

Random thoughts bounced through my mind this morning as I sipped my hot cup of tea. Both good and bad they made their way in and hung out for a while.  I’m posting them today, feel free to add your responses and your own random thoughts. It’s Martin Luther King Day, we celebrate an amazing [read more…]

Spooky Halloween Superstitions

pumpkin porch

Halloween is on Sunday and a lot of you are preparing for trick or treaters and spooky Halloween parties. Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays. But, I do decorate a little bit and we always have treats for the tick or treaters. Of course I make up goodie bags for our grandchildren [read more…]