Roasted Chicken Pears Potatoes

roasted chicken pears potatoes

Roasted Chicken Pears Potatoes This Roasted Chicken Pears Potatoes recipe is perfect for a nice Sunday dinner. Adding fruit like pears or apples to chicken helps to keep it juicy and adds a bit of sweetness too.  I prefer to make this recipe with thighs or breasts. But, I use what I have. Today I made it [read more…]

Basil Tomato Honey Ham Cheese Omelet

Basil Tomato Honey Ham and Cheese Omelet- katherines corner

Basil Tomato Honey Ham and Cheese Omelet I am pleased to be part of the Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger program. The challenge put forth by the fine people of Hormel is to create a recipe using Hormel products in different and delicious ways. This Basil Tomato Honey Ham and Cheese Omelet was created using [read more…]

Herb With Bacon Mushrooms

herb with bacon mushrooms

Herb with Bacon Mushrooms- We love mushrooms and I make them often and in a variety of ways. Sauteed mushrooms are terrific spooned over meat and chicken recipes. I also like to serve a butter herb mushroom with a nice piece of fish and a bit of rice. They are also a yummy side dish for any [read more…]

Santa Claus Bread

santa claus bread

Santa Claus Bread This is such a great recipe and a fun “play with your food “recipe too. Santa Claus Bread! You can make it with refrigerator bread dough from the market, with your favorite bread dough or using the bread recipe provided. You will love serving this Santa Claus Bread to your family and [read more…]

Gingerbread Cookies, Gingerbread House Tour 2014

gingerbread cookies, gingerbread house tour

Gingerbread Cookies, Gingerbread House Tour 2014- This time of year means spicy and delicious gingerbread will be baking. Gingerbread was originally introduced by an Armenian monk who lived in France for several years. He taught the process of gingerbread baking to French Christians. During the 13th century, gingerbread was brought to Sweden where Swedish nuns [read more…]

Mini Cranberry Loaves

mini cranberry loaves

Mini Cranberry Loaves Fresh cranberries always make me think of the holidays, did you ever string a garland of cranberries  for your Christmas tree? I am sharing my newest recipe for  mini cranberry loaves today. This recipe, like all of my recipes, was so much fun to create. I  was asked by the fine people at [read more…]

Thanksgiving For Two

thanksgiving bouquet

Thanksgiving for Two- Thanksgiving for two, well two and a half if you include Izzy ( wink). Thanksgiving is officially our daughter’s holiday. She hosts it at her house. She has a large family and it is even larger when you add her extended family. My limited diet makes it difficult to eat at big [read more…]

Lets Talk Turkey

lets talk turkey

Lets Talk Turkey- Most of us are preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. So today “Lets Talk Turkey”. For some it may be the first year you are undertaking the big family holiday meal. For others this may be something you are already familiar with. Either way I hope you will find this useful.  Selecting the turkey [read more…]

Oatmeal Maple Cookie Bars

oatmeal maple cookie bars

Oatmeal Maple Cookie Bars- Did you know that there is a national Oatmeal Cookie Day? It was April 30th! I am happy to share that my hubby’s favorite cookie had it’s very own day, giggle. But, for him any day is oatmeal cookie day . I recently created this new recipe for Oatmeal Maple Cookie Bars.  Hubby says it [read more…]

Christmas Cookie Swap Linky Party

christmas cookie swap linky party hostesses

Christmas Cookie Swap Linky Party- I’ve been mentioning it quite a bit over the past few weeks and its finally here! The Christmas Cookie Swap Linky Party is ready for your cookie recipes. Lets get your holiday season off to a delicious start with some great cookie recipes for all of your holiday gatherings. The Christmas [read more…]

Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes

halloween chocolate cupcakes

Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes Happy Halloween! Tonight there will be a parade of sweet and scary little ones dressed in their favorite costumes, all asking for treats. For all of the  trick or treaters who stay home I have some Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes that will make you smile as wide as Jack o Lantern. Please some back to [read more…]

Brown Chicken Noodle Soup

brown chicken noodle soup

Brown Chicken Noodle Soup- I was thumbing through a recent edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine and I saw a chicken noodle soup recipe very similar to my brown chicken noodle soup. You know what they say, if you are thinking about it right now, someone else somewhere is thinking it too. Surely that is [read more…]

Stuffed Mini Bells Appetizer

stuffed mini bells appetizer

Stuffed Mini Bells Appetizer- The holidays are on their way and some of you may already be planning your holiday dinners and parties. We are still picking bell peppers from our garden.  I thought I would make some yummy stuffed mini bell appetizers. These are easy and delish and a great starter for holiday parties too! [read more…]

Apple Flip Cake

apple flip cake

Apple Flip Cake- We always think about pumpkins this time of year. But it is also apple season.  We eat a lot of apples in our home all year long. But, this time of year I find myself creating recipes with apples more often too. Before I share the apple flip cake recipe I want [read more…]

Garlic Ginger Mushroom Chicken Noodle Bowl

Garlic Ginger Mushroom Chicken Noodle Bowl

Garlic Ginger Mushroom Chicken Noodle Bowl- We actually had a little dip in the temperature recently and I have been making soups and other yummy tummy warming things too. I made this Garlic Ginger Mushroom Chicken Noodle Bowl using leftover chicken. Boy that is quite the name I’ve given this recipe. Hmm I wonder whats in it, [read more…]

Homemade Ginger Ale

homemade ginger ale

  Homemade Ginger Ale- One of the things I had to give up after my diagnosis was the occasional glass of Shasta lemon lime soda, Since citrus fruits  are some of my migraine triggers I had pretty much given up on a nice cold fizzy sugar free drink. I drink mostly tea and water anyway.  But, [read more…]