Create a Perfect Picnic

create a perfect picnic

Create a Perfect Picnic Is it just me, or does it seem as though Memorial Day weekend sneaked up on us? Memorial Day weekend is considered the “unofficial “ start of summer and one of my favorite summer activities is to have a picnic by the water. Preferably somewhere my sweet hubby can fish and [read more…]

Cooking Ingredient Substitutions

cooking- ingredient- substitutions- katherines_corner

Cooking Ingredient Substitutions We have all been there, you are half way into your recipe and you realize you don’t have one of the ingredients. The herb jar is empty, or if you or someone you cook for has dietary restriction. Food allergies can have you scrambling for a substitute ingredient too. Or if you [read more…]

Basil Tomato Honey Ham Cheese Omelet

Basil Tomato Honey Ham and Cheese Omelet- katherines corner

Basil Tomato Honey Ham and Cheese Omelet I am pleased to be part of the Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger program. The challenge put forth by the fine people of Hormel is to create a recipe using Hormel products in different and delicious ways. This Basil Tomato Honey Ham and Cheese Omelet was created using [read more…]

Mini Cranberry Loaves

mini cranberry loaves

Mini Cranberry Loaves Fresh cranberries always make me think of the holidays, did you ever string a garland of cranberries  for your Christmas tree? I am sharing my newest recipe for  mini cranberry loaves today. This recipe, like all of my recipes, was so much fun to create. I  was asked by the fine people at [read more…]

Lets Talk Turkey

lets talk turkey

Lets Talk Turkey- Most of us are preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. So today “Lets Talk Turkey”. For some it may be the first year you are undertaking the big family holiday meal. For others this may be something you are already familiar with. Either way I hope you will find this useful.  Selecting the turkey [read more…]

Homemade Seasoning Recipes

migraine safe seasoning recipes katherines corner

Homemade Seasoning Recipes- My recent diagnosis has prompted some big changes in the way I eat and prepare meals. One of my favorite go to salt free spice mixes is no longer allowed because it has citrus and onion. After much trial and a little bit of error, I have come up with this Salt Free “Everything [read more…]

Perfect Pasta

perfect pasta

Perfect Pasta- Pasta is a staple in our home and my menopause middle is proof of that,giggle. Today I am sharing some of my “perfect pasta” methods. If you have any pasta making tips please share them with me in the comment section. I hope these little tips will help you to have perfect pasta every time- YES-Use plenty of water, [read more…]

Lemon Delight Dessert Recipe

lemon delight dessert recipe

Lemon Delight Dessert Recipe- Monday already! I  hope everyone had a lovely Easter celebration. It is such a joy having my Mother here with us. She was my taste tester on this lemon delight dessert recipe and it passed with flying colors    This time of year weather is still teasing us with spring/summer and [read more…]

Coddling Eggs

how to coddle eggs

Coddling Eggs- Coddling eggs reminds me of my childhood. Rainy days and coddled eggs and little toast soldiers (strips of lightly toasted bread) ready for dipping. My sweet Mother always had pretty porcelain egg coddling cups lined up in a row in our cupboard. I admired their pretty painted patterns and bright silver lids, they [read more…]

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

green tulips

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets- Every cook needs a well-stocked pantry and the essentials for cooking and baking. In addition to the basics, I never let our kitchen be without my favorite kitchen gadgets.They may not be found on everyone’s cooking essentials list but they are always on mine. Before I share my favorite kitchen gadgets [read more…]

A Fluffy Flavorful Pancake Tale

heart pancakes

A Fluffy Flavorful Pancake Tale- What a fun title for a blog post , right? “A Tale of Fluffy and Flavorful Pancakes and a Tovolo.”Is the whole post title.  We can thank my sweet bloggy friend Suzanne from Simply Suzannes for the title and the post today. Have you been to Suzanne’s blog? She shares [read more…]