Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes

halloween chocolate cupcakes

Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes Happy Halloween! Tonight there will be a parade of sweet and scary little ones dressed in their favorite costumes, all asking for treats. For all of the  trick or treaters who stay home I have some Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes that will make you smile as wide as Jack o Lantern. Please some back to [read more…]

Mini Blueberry Cups

mini blueberry cups

Mini Blueberry Cups- Seriously how can it be Friday already? Where did the week go? Did this week fly by for you too? I thought it would be nice to welcome the upcoming weekend with a new blueberry dessert, mini blueberry cups. This is a migraine safe recipe, a sugar free recipe and a dairy free [read more…]

Fourth Of July Cherries

migraine safe foods

Fourth Of July Cherries It is a holiday weekend here in the US and it is time for some Fourth of July cherries! This time of year cherries are one of my favorite things. That reminds me, you can still link to yesterdays Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop too. Cherries are in all of the markets [read more…]

National Strawberry Day

national strawberry day

National Strawberry Day- Its National Strawberry Day! One of my favorite garden treats has its very own special day. Who knew? Our garden is abundant with beautiful berries. I have always loved strawberries. I eat fresh strawberries nearly every day, all year round. But the best ones come from our garden. Look at these beauties. [read more…]

Lemon Delight Dessert Recipe

lemon delight dessert recipe

Lemon Delight Dessert Recipe- Monday already! I  hope everyone had a lovely Easter celebration. It is such a joy having my Mother here with us. She was my taste tester on this lemon delight dessert recipe and it passed with flying colors    This time of year weather is still teasing us with spring/summer and [read more…]

Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake

dessert recipes

Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake I am starting your week off with a delicious, moist and borderline decadent Dark Chocolate Ganache covered cake recipe. It is sometimes hard to believe that a pod from a tree can result in such a delicious recipe. The cacao tree gifted us with its cacao pods and when processed they [read more…]

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

cupcake recipes

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes- I love the wonderful flavor of lemon. I make quite a few treats and desserts with lemon. You can find some of my lemon recipes HERE. I am welcoming the new week with a bit of lemon today too. Lemon Meringue Cupcakes! A swirl of lemon meringue creates the delicious airy topping [read more…]

Cookies for Santa

cookies for santa tradition

Cookies for Santa Leaving cookies for Santa is a tradition that started as a result of an old Scandinavian Mythology. A story about a hunter named Odin and his hunting buddies. they flew through the sky on their Yule hunting adventures. Children would leave hay and treats for the hunter’s eight legged horse. The children [read more…]

Raspberry Pie Fries

pie fries recipe

Raspberry Pie Fries It was a wonderful snowy weekend here perfect for baking.I was in the local shop the other day with our oldest granddaughter and we saw a pie mold for Pie Fries. I thought, “do I really need a mold for that?”  The answer is below! What You Need I Pre-made refrigerator pie [read more…]

Spooktacular Treats

caramel spider web apples

Spooktacular Treats Many of you will be participating in Halloween get togethers and parties this week. I thought today would be a great day to share some of the fun Halloween treats shared here at Katherines Corner. All of these goodies were linked at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hops recently. Important note-all photos belong [read more…]

Taste Of Home

taste of home blogger

Taste of Home I have taken a seat at the table with Taste Of Home. I am happy to share that I am a Taste Of Home Blogger*. You are most likely already familiar with the Taste of Home Magazine. It is filled to the brim with yummy recipes. When it comes to serving up [read more…]

Apple Strudel Rolls

apple strudel rolls

Apple Strudel Rolls This week I’m sharing a Apple Strudel Rolls recipe, lots of apples in the market these days I’m taking advantage of them A couple of weeks ago I shared  a yummy apple bites recipe in case you missed it   What You Need Half of a 17.3-oz. package puff pastry sheet (thawed) 1 Egg [read more…]

Apple Bites

apple desserts

Apple Bites Even though I spent the weekend with a heating pad on my back and I still managed  to create these yummy apple bites. I also left a trail of bengay fragrance everywhere I went. So the fragrance of apples cooking helped to cover that up a bit, giggle. I did keep the cooking [read more…]

Are You Ready For Some Foodball Recipes

chocolate covered pretzels

Are You Ready For Some Food Ball, football Are you ready for some football recipes! Or “foodball” in today’s case. I’m not much of a sports fan but hubby sure is ( college mostly). I love to watch the super bowl commercials though. Aren’t they great! I recently entered a contest to win money for [read more…]

Turtle Pie

turtle pie recipe

Turtle Pie Recipe It’s quiet here. I can almost hear my heart beating. Izzy ( our dog) sleeps at my side and the house is still. Our grandchildren are at their home now. Back to their routines and anxiously awaiting their first day back to school. I look forward to their first day of school [read more…]

Cherry Cake

cherry cake recipe

Cherry Cake Recipe Monday! Wow, am I ready for a new week…. I had a tough weekend. But, I am still here, still smiling and ready to share. I hope you all had a great weekend. I am preparing for our grandchildren to stay with us this week while our daughter and son in law [read more…]