Fresh Green Beans Recipe

fresh green beans and mushrooms recipe

Fresh Green Beans Recipe- We have been harvesting green beans at a frantic pace these days. Beautiful dark green fresh veggies from the garden are so wonderful and filled with flavor. We have so many we have been sharing with family and friends. I plan to freeze a bunch this year too (fingers crossed they [read more…]

Herb Zucchini Tomatoes and Leeks

herb- zucchini- tomatoes- and- leeks-recipe-katherines-corner

Herb Zucchini Tomatoes and Leeks On those days when you look into your refrigerator and you need to create a recipe with what is staring back at you. Or maybe the fridge is looking a bit bare between paydays or you just haven’t been to the market. This recipe is what happened when I  looked into our [read more…]

Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts

pan roasted brussel sprouts

Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Traditionally people think of corned beef and cabbage for today’s meal. But, I also want to remind you of this delicious Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts recipe.  These mini cabbages are flavorful and easy to make too. A nice side dish for any meal. What You Need 2 [read more…]

Italian Squash Casserole

Italian Squash Casserole

Italian Squash Casserole- Oh how I miss harvesting fresh squash from our garden. The little zucchini at the market are so itty bitty and expensive too ( insert sad face here). But we love zucchini and I love creating new recipes, especially recipes that I can use with fresh veggies in the summer. Here is the [read more…]

Herb With Bacon Mushrooms

herb with bacon mushrooms

Herb with Bacon Mushrooms- We love mushrooms and I make them often and in a variety of ways. Sauteed mushrooms are terrific spooned over meat and chicken recipes. I also like to serve a butter herb mushroom with a nice piece of fish and a bit of rice. They are also a yummy side dish for any [read more…]

Stuffed Mini Bells Appetizer

stuffed mini bells appetizer

Stuffed Mini Bells Appetizer- The holidays are on their way and some of you may already be planning your holiday dinners and parties. We are still picking bell peppers from our garden.  I thought I would make some yummy stuffed mini bell appetizers. These are easy and delish and a great starter for holiday parties too! [read more…]

Garlic Ginger Mushroom Chicken Noodle Bowl

Garlic Ginger Mushroom Chicken Noodle Bowl

Garlic Ginger Mushroom Chicken Noodle Bowl- We actually had a little dip in the temperature recently and I have been making soups and other yummy tummy warming things too. I made this Garlic Ginger Mushroom Chicken Noodle Bowl using leftover chicken. Boy that is quite the name I’ve given this recipe. Hmm I wonder whats in it, [read more…]

Hybrid Salsa

hybrid salsa recipe

Hybrid Salsa- I know you are thinking this is an odd name for salsa. Hybrid salsa? It’s salsa with a twist combining two different elements. My hubby named this recipe. Since it is football season, there are plenty of snacking goodies to be shared and I am kicking off football season a little late this [read more…]

Zucchini Latkes

Zucchini Latkes

Zucchini  Latkes Our veggie garden is nearly done for the year ( put pouty sad face here). All of the spaghetti squash and potatoes have been picked and are ready for winter storage. There are a few tomatoes and tomatillos left and the zucchini is dwindling too. That is right, this may be, dare I say [read more…]

Black Bean and Corn Salad

black bean and corn salad katherines corner

Black Bean and Corn Salad It is a three day weekend in the US,  no work on Labor day (Monday) for most. This will be a weekend filled with picnics and barbecues as so many try to hang onto the last bit of summer.Temperatures are still quite hot here, with the occasional thunder shower ( picture me pointing [read more…]

Spicy Eggplant Farfalle

spicy eggplant farfalle

 Spicy Eggplant Farfalle- A lot of my recipes are being inspired by all of the wonderful vegetables we are picking from our garden. I use what we grow and its fun to create new recipes with fresh vegetables. Unfortunately when I created this recipe our tomatoes had not turned red yet. I used canned Hunts tomatoes. This is [read more…]

Tomatillos Salsa

tomatillos salsa

Tomatillos Salsa- This year we are growing tomatillos in our veggie garden. Hubby and I both enjoy tomatillos salsa (salsa verde.) But, when I received my diagnosis we thought I wouldn’t be able to enjoy salsa anymore.  I just saw that as a challenge and I created this migraine safe salsa recipe the other day. [read more…]