Cottage Living

cottage by the water

On my vision board I have always had images of a little house ( cottage) by a lake. For those of you who read my blog regularly you know that I do live in a lovely home in an area where I have a mountain view out of the kitchen window and a lake view [read more…]

Dear Katie What is This Stuff


Dear Katie, I was reading the labels on some things at home the other day and I thought I’d ask you. What is Retsyn and why is it in my mints! Why do I have to refrigerate after opening? What the heck is msg and why is it in my soup? Thank you from your [read more…]

I’m in the Spotlight At The Elephant’s Trunk

katherines corner cake ad

What a fabulous way to start the week! Lauren at The Elephant’s Trunk has posted a lovely blog featuring yours truly. I invite you to  stop by for a visit. Being recognized is always a wonderful way to make you feel valued. I value each of you. Your participation  and comments help to make my [read more…]

A Sister For Katie

a sister for katie

A Sister For Katie Growing up is tough, we’ll all agree to that. For some it’s tougher than others. Without getting to heavy, or calling out the little violins to soon. I will just say growing up for me was in deed tough.  I grew up far too fast and skipped over the “being a [read more…]

Answer to What Was In The Box

If you read my previous post ” What’s In The Box”  you might be curious to know the answer.First a little background. My wonderful husband is an avid fisherman. He’s what I affectionately call a” blade of grass fisherman” ( I should probably trademark that term). He will get himself into all kinds of positions, [read more…]

The Sweet Smell Of Crayons

It’s back to school time! Today I watched as young Mothers with their children in tow filled their carts with colorful notebooks and various school supplies. I stood there just watching and reminiscing about days gone by. Visions of “Happy Face” stickers, “Keep on Truckin” and “Peace Sign “patches were swirling through my head. Thoughts [read more…]