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In an effort to continually provide you with valuable information.

I am providing and sharing product reviews at Katherines Corner and  Amazon too.

Katherines Corner has over 20,000 readers and is growing every day. I invite you to visit my advertising page for product current statistics, product review requests and other opportunities to share your product.

I am willing to review any product or item that fits the audience of Katherines Corner. I WILL NOT review any item that is illegal, illicit or prohibited by law.ALLERGY! I am sorry but I can not review any products with aloe, dairy, citrus,avocado, msg, honey, sugar, caffeine, nuts, or nitrates. I also have extreme sensitivities to migraine triggers listed HERE. I am sorry this also includes vitamin supplements, health drinks and weight loss pills as well.

Size– I am 5’9″ tall, kindly take this into consideration so I can provide a review for a well fitting item.

*please note-some reviews make take longer depending on how many reviews are pending or if the product needs to be used for a certain length of time in order to provide a fair review.

Interested in having your product reviewed? Please click the image below. I will be in contact upon receipt of your request with details.

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Kitchen Product Reviews

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Cleaning Product Reviews

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Food and Beverage Reviews


Health and Beauty Product Reviews

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 Electronic and Tech Reviews


 Jewelry Reviews


 Tall Fashion Clothing and Style Reviews

Book Reviews May be submitted . Note- Authors and Author Representatives, Please submit, hard back, paper back and books on cd for reviews whenever possible. Book reviews may take longer to post.

Submit Your Request For Product Reviews

I will always post an unbiased review using a brief review and one star to five star rating with product image/images and a link to your site, product or book. Every product received for review is appreciated and is provided to Katherine’s Corner free of all costs. Katherine’s Corner takes no responsibility for any damaged or lost products submitted for review. I do not currently charge for reviews. However this is subject to change. Any fees received for a review will in NO WAY reflect the results of my review. No product will be returned, under any circumstance. However products may be occasionally used as a prize in a random drawing giveaway posted on Katherine’s Corner. * I always appreciate receiving two identical products. One for review and one to give as a prize in a giveaway to my readers. However this is only a suggestion and is by no means mandatory.

Product Review Requests can be  submitted in the form below for consideration.  *Most reviews will be posted within 4-8 weeks of receipt.**Please read the disclaimer regarding product reviews/giveaways in the Legal section for complete details. I post your review in the appropriate section here at Katherines Corner and mention to my readers that a new review is available. Products submitted for review with a value exceeding $200 will receive an additional blog post feature of their product, you can see an example HERE , HERE and HERE. Reviews may be posted on when requested and or at my discreation. Note-cleaning product reviews are not posted on Amazon.

* Product Review Disclaimer: Katherines Corner will not review any item that is illegal, illicit or prohibited by law. Katherines Corner reserves the right to deny acceptance of any product for review, products for review will be based on the audience of the Katherines Corner blog/website . Katherines Corner will accept items from companies for review upon contact through this blog/website only. Katherines Corner will not pay for any items received . Katherines Corner, Bobskatie Enterprises is not responsible for any items received damaged or lost through the shipping process. All shipping and product costs are the responsibility of the shipper. Once received products become the property of Katherines Corner and it’s affiliate Bobskatie Enterprises.No product will be returned, under any circumstance. Katherines Corner may receive compensation for reviews provided. However, no compensation will influence the outcome of any review. Katherines Corner provides reviews to readers in order to provide an informed decision before purchase. Katherines Corner and its affiliate Bobskatie Enterprises reserves the right to not publish a review of a product or products that do not meet the specified instructions provided to product submission companies or individuals. Reviews are posted in the appropriate section at Katherines Corner and also at  subject to products availability) This in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

*Giveaway Sponsors– Giveaway sponsors agree to provide products as described and pictured at initial giveaway agreement. In most cases sponsor is expected to provide product to winner upon notification within 14 days of winner notification. However, exceptions may be discussed prior to giveaway. With the exception of duplicate items shipped as part of review. Duplicate items will be shipped via BobsKatie Entreprises-and its affiliate Katherines Corner . Link backs to sponsors for giveaways will be included in the giveaway information along with any social site links. *Sponsor Giveaway Rules– Giveaway sponsors may NOT request “mandatory” social network visits as a mode of entry. In most cases entrants will be encouraged to visit sponsors website/online shop, etc. as an optional entry.

If You Click On An Ad or Review Link- at Katherines Corner and are taken to a third party website, please check that site’s privacy policy if you want to learn how your personal information is used by that site, including whether that site is tracking your behavior or clicks and whether that site is using cookies or other persistent identifiers.

* It is always appreciated when two identical products are submitted. One for review and one to give as a prize in a giveaway to the blog/website readers. However, this is only a suggestion and is by no means mandatory.   Further legal information on reviews and Katherines Corner in general can be found HERE

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