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book reviews Book Reviews- I am always happy to review a book. Readers of Katherines Corner know by now that I am a dedicated reader and all of my book recommendations are a pleasure to provide. I would be happy to review your book here. I do not currently have an e reader and I do not download books to my computer. Please submit a hard back, paperback, or book on cd  for review. Please see  CLICK HERE for details on submitting a book for review. I may also provide a copy of my review to  and Goodreads at my discretion.

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The Adventures of Mophie and Picholas Book Review
Authors Joseph and Anthony Pandolfi
Available at Official website, Amazon and where fine books are sold

the adventures of Mophie and Picholas book review katherines cornerThe Adventures of Mophie and Picholas is a sweet story of adventure and imagination. I read this book with our two youngest grandchildren ages 8 and 5. Our eight year old grandson had no trouble at all reading the story along with me. We took turns reading about Mophie and Picholas adventure, which includes a helpful dragon. The story line is easy for them to follow and the illustrations are very sweet. Our grandchildren loved learning that a “school student” illustrated the story. The story is entertaining and written in a style that is friendly to young readers. This is book one and our grandsons are looking forward to book two.
Four stars out of five -One of the children in the story is very young and has trouble pronouncing words. Our youngest grandson has a speech impediment and rather than identifying with this, he didn’t like it. I read the story without the mispronunciations and he preferred it that way. Copyright©

four star review


The Hero Of Blind Pig Island Book Review

Author Jimmy Olsen

Available where all fine books are sold

The Hero of Blind Pig Island book review

Being asked to write a book review is always a pleasure and a privilege. But, it can also be challenge. You want desperately to love every page and to scream out loud “well done” and tell everyone to “read it now”. In this case I am happy to say that is exactly what I recommend. After reading three of Mr. Olsen’s books; The Poison Makers, Things in Ditches and The Hero of Blind Pig Island, and other island stories, I found all of his works of fiction to be skillfully written, descriptive and often pushing me to the edge of my seat. He does not tell the tale of a murder as you would expect and that is what makes his books stand out. The unexpected is welcome and can even be educational. It is the Island book that became my favorite though. The stories of a scuba diver / instructor and the adventures on land and sea soon had me hooked. We are quickly reminded that the sea can be both “friend and enemy”. This collection of stories could only be written by a true adventurer and lover of the sea. Mr. Olsen is a scuba diver, instructor and adventurer himself and that is the key that opens the door to these well written stories. Love, hate, life lessons, loss and island life are depicted in a way that transports you through words. Soon you can almost hear the waves crashing as group of students make their way into the frigid waters. Or the palpable sensation you get in your chest when a boy cries out for his grandfather in rough waters. Or the sadness you feel at the loss of someone’s life and dream. Each story different from the next but written with a pen surely dipped in salt water. Copyright©

four star review

Gracier Book Review

Author Milissa R Bailey

Available wherever books are sold

gracierI am always excited to read books my new authors. I welcome you to Gracier a sleepy little town filled with secrets. The main character, Jessica, finds herself back in her home town as she attends the funeral of her Grandfather. Soon she discovers the one man who held the key to Jessica’s past is dead and her life has been a series of lies.  Mystery and romance collide and like pulling a thread on sweater, things soon unravel in Jessica’s world. This book is the first in what is soon to be a series by new author Milissa R Bailey. It is an easy read and filled with spirit and wonderful characters. Milissa’s style of writing is familiar and comfortable and deserves your attention.  I look forward to my next visit to Gracier. Copyright© Watch the book trailer HERE


four star review




Escape by Perihan Magden Book Review

Available at

I was excited to review this book as I lived in Turkey for five years when I was young and it is written by a Turkish author, Perihan Magden. The author has an almost poetic way of writing, broken sentences filled with emotions. This may be a result of the translation. But I believe it is the deliberate intent of the author to give the reader a true sense of childlike recollection. The story of Mother and Daughter joined as a “moon unit” as they make their way from hotel to hotel across countries never staying for long. They avoid people and are often pushed to move forward by the Mothers protection and often delusional fears of the “Horrid Hordes,” I found this story to be a study in psychology. As the Mother is like no other and that becomes clear from the very beginning although her horrific acts are slowly revealed. The story becomes more of a story of love then flight. The perfect story for those who enjoy a voyage into the mind. This product was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. Copyright©


One Thousand Gifts Book Review

Author Ann Voskamp

Available at Amazon and Fine Booksellers Everywhere

Ann has a beautiful and poetic form of writing. I found it at times appealing but became a bit overwhelmed by it and some may find it challenging. But no matter how you feel about her form of writing the spirit of this book is one easily felt. This book is truly a biography of Ms. Voskamp journey of faith. She begins the book with her personal suffering and ingratitude a result of her great sorrow. She reminds us of things we should already hold true, that “the gifts” are around us always, in everyday things, places, people and thoughts. It is through God’s love that we are reminded that gratefulness comes from faith and observances. Although the level of Ms. Voskamp’s Christianity is truly enlightened, I do believe every one of us has to embrace our faith in different ways and I encourage you to embrace the gifts, but in your own way.This book was a summer book club selection at the Katherines Corner book club.Copyright©

four star review




The Leftovers Book Review

Author Tom Perrotta

Available at Amazon and Fine Booksellers everywhere

I must admit I wasn’t entirely certain what I was getting into when I read this book. I had not read any of Tom Perrotta’s work. But I was intrigued with the premise; “ What if a lot of the Earth’s population suddenly disappeared?” Was it the rapture, was it sci fi? I was excited to find out. But, I never became fully invested in the story. The narrating seemed a bit one dimensional. The characters were interesting, there are moments in the story that were touching but those stories are never fully realized. The subject of the disappearances seems to fall away too. I found myself asking why isn’t anyone trying to figure this out?  I did like the references to current events and recognizable television shows, movies and celebrities.It made me giggle a bit. This story had so much potential. Bottom line-I read it, I kept reading it, I finished reading it then I said what did I just read? This book was a book club selection at the Katherines Corner book club.Copyright©



The Best Of Me Book Review

Author Nicholas Sparks

Available on Amazon and at Fine Book Sellers Everywhere

Let me begin by saying-I liked the book. But, even though I am already a fan of Nicholas Sparks, I do wish he would not always kill off the characters in so many of his stories.  The tragic dysfunctional family and flashbacks were insightful. I was surprised when he introduced a paranormal aspect to the story. This was a book club selection for the Katherines Corner Book Club that was well liked. I see a television movie possibility here too.Copyright©



Set Free To Live Free,Book Review-

Author Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD

Available at Amazon and fine booksellers everywhere

Dr Smith shares ways to break free from the seven lies women tell themselves. She does it through short stories and bible references and she does it well. She keeps the reader focused with challenges to accept ourselves. She uses encouragement and inspiration and pushes you to be spontaneous. This book comes complete with an eight week study guide. Recommend it for those seeking to improve their lives in a positive manner. A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Copyright©


On Lavender Lane Book Review

Author JoAnn Ross

Available on Amazon and at fine booksellers everywhere

On lavender lane gets your attention in the very beginning with a very embarrassing moment for celebrity chef Madeline Durand. We journey with her to a safe place on lavender lane where sadness begins to mend steadily, as we share the rekindling of a lost love.  Good food and conversation especially from the comfort of your grandmother’s kitchen can heal many things. I see a Lifetime Movie in the future. This was a book club selection for the Katherines Corner book club. It is an uplifting novel. Predictable but a fun read.Copyright©




Bloom-Finding Beauty In The Unexpected  Book Review

Author Kelle Hampton

Hardcover Available on Amazon and at Fine Booksellers Everywhere

You know that book…. the one that grabs you by the heart strings. The one that draws you in so quickly it’s almost like the world around you somehow blurs. Where the only sound you hear is the brushing of your hand against the pages as you turn each one. You know that book? Bloom, is that book. Written beautifully. Each word is like a precious letter written by a friend, complete with photographs. Kelle shares, yes she shares and after you read this book you will be happy she shared with you. This was a book club selection for the Katherines Corner book club.Copyright©







 My Private Sessions: Intimate Secrets To Unlock Your Potential Book Review

Author Marty L. Ward paperback

Through this diary of self-learning the author provides insights and awareness in  embracing your own authenticity and developing acceptance of self. The author encourages you to embrace your own uniqueness through an intimate and detailed journey of her letting go of self-doubt and realizing the belief that the universe is a generous place which allows us to learn lessons over and over again. It is a sincere and open book journaling the author’s acceptance and openness through her personal process of transformation and healing.
It is important to note that this book, although a “self-help” book , is a unique personal journey and is not meant as a quick how to fix your life book. Every book of this nature should be read with an open mind. Even if you only take away a bit of self-discovery.The author’s intent is to help you reach your goals too.
*Note*The print size in this book is very small.Copyright ©

one star rating



How Can I Run A Tight Ship When I’m Surrounded By Loose Cannons Book Review

Author Kathi Macias

I loved reading this book. Kathi shares her quest to live the life of a Proverbs 31 woman. Documenting with humor all of life’s foibles and blessings along the way. It is a lovely book for women who are tirelessly trying to steer their ships in the right direction. The lessons she learns from unlikely sources only prove to show that God is the master of all ships.  Additional note: I also really enjoyed the Make it Personal section at the end of the chapters, it is a wonderful way to do just that.Copyright ©

four star review

 Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker Book Review

Author Marla Martenson

Available on Amazon and at fine booksellers everywhere
This candid story of the business of love in the silicone infused city of Beverly Hills kept me reading with delight. Marla successfully takes us with her as she guides the wealthy and often unrealistic expectations of the Beverly Hills elite in search of soul mates. This book is dipped in funny and sprinkled with love and optimism. Like a great dessert, it is sweet and memorable and difficult to get enough of. I hope to see this book on the big screen soon.
  Copyright © 
The Shack Book Revuew
Author William P. Young
Available at fine book sellers everywhere
William Paul Young makes it easy to lose any sign of “fiction” in his telling of this story and instead allows you to participate in an enriching experience of forgiveness. It provides both spiritual and emotional impact. I do not personally agree with his description of the trinity and with some of his other religious references (this is a work of fiction and does not follow the bible accurately). But, the shack is an enlightening story that opens your heart and your mind to many things most already know to be true. It was a pure joy to read and left me fulfilled.Copyright ©
The Late Bloomer’s Revolution Book Review
Author Amy Cohen
Available at fine booksellers everywhere
Amy manages to grab your attention from the first few pages as she takes you with her on her journey of self discovery. Her delightful, insightful and witty memoir is impossible to resist. Follow her through her travels, and through love, and life lessons. You won’t put this book down until you’ve consumed every page. Witty charming and entertaining!Copyright ©
 Send Yourself Roses: Thoughts on My Life, Love, and Leading Roles  Book Review
Author Kathleen Turner Available at fine booksellers everywhere
I am a longtime fan of Ms. Turners work on screen and was anxious to read her autobiography; I’m not sure this was it. Her overly confident way of writing provides a lot of interesting details about her life as “she remembers” them. I found her behind the scenes stories about working with Hollywood legends particularly bold. Her battle with rheumatoid arthritis and alcoholism provide unexpected insight into her life as well. This book must have been very cathartic for Ms. Turner to write. Although entertaining, it did not read like an autobiography. But, it did provide some very “juicy” details about her Hollywood life.Copyright ©
Eat Pray Love Book Review 
Author Elizabeth Gilbert
Available at  Fine Booksellers everywhere
Eat Pray Love draws you in like a magnet to a refrigerator door, holding you securely like a grade A report card. Each step of Elizabeth’s journey of discovery and adventure is like our own fantasy brought to life. Her fabulous descriptive way of sharing love lost and love found will make you smile, weep, and rejoice. With every delicious morsel she consumes throughout her journey you will find yourself hungering for more.Every prayer uttered will be shared by you. Each page in this book seems to turn itself as you go along for the ride of her life. All I can say to every woman over the age of 35 who hasn’t already read this book is; “read this book you’ll be glad that you did!”Copyright ©
 five star review
 Laugh Lifes: The Naked Truth about Motherhood, Marriage and Moving On Book Review 
Author Jenny McCarthy Available at Amazon and Other Fine Booksellers

A wonderful “in your face” Laugh out loud, snort and giggle book. Well written and full of wit and wisdom this follow up to Ms. McCarthy`s Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth Continues to provide her readers with a realistic and hilarious look at many of the fun, funny, challenging, and sometimes embarrassing moments of Motherhood, marriage and moving on.Copyright ©

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