Cleaning Product Reviews

Cleaning Product Reviews

I would be happy to review your cleaning product or household product here. I am allergic to aloe so unfortunately I can’t review anything with that ingredient. I love green cleaning so any earth friendly products would certainly be welcome. Please CLICK HERE for details on submitting a product for review.I also provide a copy of my review to when applicable. Disclosure and legal information on reviews and Katherines Corner in general can be found HERE

ALLERGY! I am sorry but I can not review any products with aloe, dairy,citrus,avocado, msg, honey, blue cheese,sugar, caffeine or nitrates

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O Cedar Pro Mist Mop Review
Available at most stores/amazon and official website
Price- 27.99

o cedar promist mop review With wood floors, marble floors and linoleum floors in our house I usually use a variety of mops, scrub brushes and polishing cloths for cleaning. I use hot soapy water on the marble floors and a sponge mop on the linoleum and a microfiber polishing mop for the wood floors.
O Cedar, you know their jingle, “- O Cedar makes your life easier” has a New & Improved ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop that features something I really like, a removable machine washable microfiber mop head cover! It can be washed in the washing machine up to 100 times. The mop head cover even has little scrubby bristles on it to get the tough dirt.

A long comfort grip handle allows you to stand upright ( easier on your back) and a large refillable bottle allows you to choose your own cleaning solution, I used soap and water to clean my floors. It worked well on our hardwood floors. I needed a little extra elbow grease on the marble floors (because of the marble tiles uneven surface) and it worked well on my linoleum floors too.
I recommend you do not over fill the bottle or you will have some leaking. The push button bottle release button must be “clicked” in place before you begin using the mop. Overall it performs as expected and as advertised. I recommend it. It replaced two cleaning tools and now I spend less time on my hands and knees scrubbing. five star review


E Cloth Classic Check Tea Towel Review

Available at E Cloth

e cloth reviewI love getting new tea towels so when the lovely people at E cloth asked me to try their E cloth tea towel I was anxious to put it through the tests. We don’t use a lot of paper towels and very rarely use paper napkins in our home. We use cloth for everything. The e cloth classic check tea towel is attractive, washes well in the machine and tumbles dry and comes out just like new. Works well for cleaning and soaking up spills easily. The tea towel’s absorbent fibers leave glass and dishware streak free and everything dries very quickly. This towel is perfect for drying large amounts of dishes for big events and family gatherings too. I am very happy to recommend the e cloth tea towel as it meets and exceeds expectations.  E cloth has several types of cloths available for water only cleaning too.

five star review





 Earth Kind- Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent Review

Available at Earth Kind

Fresh Cab rodent repellentEek there’s a mouse! This is not something you want to hear yourself saying. But I did. We had mice living in our garage. What! Yes you could probably hear my squeal from miles away. The fine folks at Earth Kind provided me with their Fresh Cab rodent repellent. It is toxic free and made of botanical fibers and oils. It is safe to use around children and pets as it is poison and toxin free. Here’s something rare these days, they have a 100% money back guarantee too!

It’s easy to use; you simply place one of the pouches where you want to keep the rodents out.  It repels mice and rats from pet food, bird seed and livestock feed too, so it’s perfect for your outbuildings and sheds. It lasts up to 90 days.

I am happy to report there are no signs of rodents in our garage. Keeping the pouches in the garage will help assure they will not return.

This product appears to meet expectations and I am happy to give it  my recommendation.

four star review


 Teracycle Cleaners Review

Available exclusively at

terracycle products reviewI love using natural cleaners and I am happy to say that these from Terracycle products are both affordable and effective Terracycles products are made from all natural, non-toxic ingredients created to work well and be family friendly. I am particularly fond of the bathroom cleaner which can be used on everything from counters to tubs to mirrors. The only thing I would change is the fragrance. I would like one.

The all-purpose cleaner, although effective, took a lot more elbow grease to use. But if keeping the environment and our families healthy means a little extra scrubbing I am willing to do it.

An added bonus is that the product packaging of these natural products is now accomplished by using pre-consumer waste bottles that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

All in all I can honestly say these products performed better than expected.

three star review



Zep Commercial Citrus Garbage Disposal Cleaner Review

Price varies

Available at Home Depot

zep garbage disposal cleaner Katherines CornerAn odor in the garbage disposal can be a big problem. I often use lemon peels and baking soda and get a satisfactory result. Zep Commercial Citrus Garbage Disposal Cleaner  is an organic solvent that cleans, deodorizes and de-greases the garbage disposal.  Zep asked me to try their garbage disposal odor eliminator product. I followed the directions and had a good result. But after using it again a second time the odor was completely eliminated and the disposal seemed to run more efficiently. Nobody wants a stinky sink. I can recommend this product confidently; it delivers on its promise.

three star review






Shaklee Basic H2 Review

available at Erin’s Official Website 64 oz ( makes 192 gallons)

I’m always happy to review cleaning products, especially those that are environmentally friendly.  When Erin, a Shaklee representative, sent me a teeny tiny little vial of the Basic H2 I thought it was a little odd. But, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that you only need two drops per 16 ounces of water in a spray bottle to make a whole bottle of CLEAN! I love this stuff.

It’s terrific, no smell ,earth friendly and works on everything-from general cleaning items like; sinks, mirrors, tubs, appliances, etc. to carpets, furniture,leather, car tires and more.. It’s phosphate free ( happy earth) is non toxic and non irritating. I used it on the kitchen sink. I didn’t clean the sink for a few days days ( that was hard to do) and then cleaned it with the basic H2. Worked great and no scrubbing!













 Robby Wash Eco Friendly Laundry Ball Review

Available at Oransi .com Cost $32.95

I was excited to try this product. I love anything environmentally friendly. It is also hypoallergenic, and safe for use on baby clothes. The laundry ball is unique in appearance. It is a white ball with a blue rubber bumper, it arrived already filled with washing granules and has an additional 3 packets inside the box and a stain stick remover too. Each box contains  enough granules to do  a whole year of laundry. So that is very economical. It’s extremely easy to use. just drop it into your washing machine among your clothes and wash your clothes according to recommended temperatures, etc.

I have a large capacity washing machine and I did several loads of laundry with the Robby Wash laundry ball. To be fair it does say on the website that if you have a large washer you may need two laundry balls. I only had one so I had to work with what was provided. I washed darks, lights and colors all in water varying in different degrees of temperature. I did not use a dryer sheet either ( per the instructions enclosed in the package.)

I’m disappointed to say I was not pleased with the results. My clothes did not smell clean, or feel clean and they were wrinkled and rough without the added fabric softener.
So I tried again and used a dryer sheet. I still was not happy. I tried again using a liquid fabric softener and the results were better. But still not great.
I love the idea of this product but I did not like the final results.However, I will give this product two stars. One for the eco friendly and economically friendly ball, itself and for it’s hypoallergenic properties. The other because it may have provided better results if I would have had two of the laundry balls .



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