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I would be happy to review your health or beauty product here.Please see CLICK HERE for details on submitting a product for review. I also provide a copy of my review to if the product is available there. Disclosure and legal information on reviews and Katherines Corner in general can be found HERE

ALLERGY! I am sorry but I can not review any products with aloe, dairy,citrus,avocado, msg, honey, blue cheese,sugar, caffeine or nitrates


Cortland Contigo’s Auto-seal water bottle review
Available at fine stores and at

cortland contigo water bottle review katherines cornerHubby and I pride ourselves on keeping our carbon footprint small. We recycle, reuse and repurpose whenever possible. We do our best to keep plastic water bottles out of the landfill. The fine people of Cortland ( Contigo) asked me to provide a review for their Autoseal 24 oz. refillable water bottle. Contigo auto seal water bottles claim to be leak proof. I wrote this review with high expectations.
I am happy to share that their claim is TRUE. Can you place your refillable water bottle (mine in the photo is about ¾ full) on a book and trust it won’t leak? I can. Thank you Contigo!

This water bottle uses their trademark Autoseal technology. The easy to clean lid is perfect for quick washing. It even has a handle that can easily be clipped to your belt, backpack , purse, etc. ( clip not included). One hand is all you need to flip up the lid and take a sip. It holds 24 ounces of water, which is perfect for me to take on a bike ride or road trip. Its slender design fits well in our auto cup holders too. Should I mention that this particular style is my favorite color, purple? It is available in other attractive colors as well. I like this product so much, Contigo products are prizes in my Go Contigo giveaway. For me there is no higher recommendation. this product is listed in the health section as drinking water aids in your good health . Replacing your disposable water bottles aids in the health of our planet.

five star review


Truist™ Product Line Review
Available on their
Prices vary by product

Truist  product reviewIn the interest of full disclosure-This is not your typical review– I am happy to say that I was among several women of a certain age (50 and over) asked to participate in a trial of a new healthy skin product line by Truist™. I was asked to try several products prior to their “full release” to the general public. With that in mind I have created this review prior to any product packaging changes or any formula changes that may have occurred since I participated in the trial in March 2014 (it is now Sept 2014). I was not able to test any of the products containing aloe (I’m allergic).
Below is a record of my product trial findings I did not include and suggestions with regard to packaging or formula improvements. They however were submitted directly to Truist™ representatives.
“Maintaining good skin health is as important as maintaining good health in general. Department store brands will have some stiff competition with this new line of healthy skin products from Truist™ “ Katherine Corrigan age 54 ( on Nov 1)
These are my  notes taken during the use of their fine products.

I love that every Truist™ product is: Dermatologist tested, Hypoallergenic, Safe for fragile and sensitive skin and that you will NOT find any Parabens, Artificial colorants or Dyes, Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Alcohol, Sulfates or Animal-derived ingredients and absolutely no Animal testing.
My daily skin care routine prior to writing this review –
I used the Olay Pro X advanced cleansing system and ProX Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser, followed by L’oreal revitalift skin care products in the morning.
In the evening I washed with Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming cleanser followed by Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin.
My daily body moisturizing product was Pharmaceutical Specialties Vanicream Skin Cream.
Truist Product Summary/Product Findings-
Skin Nourishing Body Milk Lotion; Used daily after shower while body was still damp. Absorbs quickly and is very light. Provides wonderful hydration for your skin.
Sunscreen Moisturizer; Goes on light, leaves no film and works well. I reapplied after about 3 hours in the sun.
Skin Calming Cleanser; Used frequently in the evening, applied to a damp face, goes on clean and washes off clean.
Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser; Used daily with my spin brush. This is my favorite of them all . LOVE this product. Skin feels clean and invigorated. The gentle exfoliation was just perfect and the micro beads are small enough to feel comfortable as they do their magic.
Skin Calming Serum; used only twice- I found the fragrance to be very unpleasant. But the texture of the serum was very nice.
Intensive Overnight Moisturizing Lotion; used once, I washed it off after a while as I found the fragrance to be unpleasant.
Moisturizing and Strengthening Serum; Used twice, I found the fragrance to be unpleasant.
I did not use the aloe infused gloves and socks (allergy to aloe)

My daily skin care routine after writing this review –
In the morning.I use the Truist™ Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, followed by L’oreal revitalift skin care products.
In the evening I wash with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser Or Truist™ Skin Calming Cleanser; followed by Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin.
My daily body moisturizing products are both the  Pharmaceutical Specialties Vanicream Skin Cream and Truist™Skin Nourishing Body Milk Lotion. I alternate between the two.
Overall I think the Truist™ line of products is perfect for maintaining healthy skin. Our skin changes over time and these products are intended to keep your skin healthy as you experience changes.
I am confident you will find the Truist™ product line soon replaces your other brands.

 four star review


Prosonic Cleansing and Exfoliation System Review
Available at
Price $204
prosonic cleansing and exfoliation system reviewI’m an over 50 woman and skin care has always been a priority. So I was happy to oblige when I recently received a review request for the Prosonic cleansing and exfoliating system. I believe strongly in moisturizing and exfoliating your skin, particularly your face. The Prosonic system has 3 speeds and comes with four brush heads, including two facial brushes, a body brush, and a pumice attachment. I used this product for several weeks (the sensitive brush). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use the botanical cleanser and microdermabrasion cream included ( it has aloe and I am allergic). But I used my own cleanser and exfoliating wash and my skin has a great healthy glow. So much more than you can do with a face cloth. The Prosonic comes with a universal charger and you can just leave it on your counter in the bathroom. Every night after removing your makeup, wash away the impurities and dead skin cells and all your skin has been through each day in just a few minutes.
The Prosonic cleansing and exfoliating system is an allover face and body system. The pumi stone head is perfect for your elbows. It comes with a full one year warranty too. Step into the next generation of skin care and you will be happy you did. I like this product so much I am giving one as a gift in the May Days Giveaway.
Only one thing I would change, I wish it was a little bit smaller. Other than that I give it five stars!

beauty ora product reviewfive star review



Perfectly Posh Healer Review

Available at

perfectly posh healer reviewDry skin is often a problem in the colder months with hot air from heaters and fireplaces sucking the moisture out of our skin. But some parts of our skin seem to suffer no matter what time of the year it is. I love my hubby very much. But his elbows look like elephant knees! I started applying the Perfectly Posh healer to his elbows every night before bed and now his elbows are soft as a baby’s.

I am happy to share that Perfectly Posh  products are petroleum free products, they use natural ingredients and no animal testing. They even pack their shipments in static free corn starch packing peanuts.

About-Pure shea butter with a touch of soothing orange and vanilla essential oil. The Healer will soothe scrapes. Use The Healer on mild burns. Love extremely dry skin with The Healer. Eczema care with The Healer. Loaded with nourishment and natural sun protection, The Healer. Soothe away what ails your skin with The Healer. The Healer: pure, gentle, shea butter. Loaded with one of Mother Nature’s best ingredients: shea butter. Gentle dry skin care: The Healer. The Healer aids in healing scars. Shea butter in The Healer helps skin retain natural moisture. Shea butter in The Healer is quick absorbing without a greasy feel. Shea butter in The Healer naturally contains vitamins A, E, & F. The Healer won’t clog pores.

Diane from Perfectly Posh requested a review of the Healer and I am happy to say it has a lovely citrus fragrance and worked wonders on my hubby’s elbow. I highly recommend you give their products a try. Nothing cost more than $25!

five star review

Ritual Beauty Daily Perfecting Treatment Serum review

Available at and Amazon

ritual beauty daily perfecting serum reviewTreating your skin well is crucial at all ages. I believe it is important to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Ritual Beauty’s philosophy is all about looking good equals feeling good. I  used this product for 30 days and I am happy to share that although I had no dramatic results, I did have good results. I used it mostly on the fine lines (laugh lines) around my mouth and the AHA ( alpha hydroxyl acid) provided exfoliating of the dry skin and the appearance of new healthier skin. It has an antioxidant blend which includes green tea, vitamin E and Vitamin C among other healthy ingredients. It went on smoothly and has no odor. My skin feels smooth and moisturized. I did not see any reduction in my wrinkles but my skin does look good. In addition there is a *natural sunscreen included as part of the combination of antioxidants which is always a plus. Overall I found the product to deliver on most of its promises. I would recommend it.* you still need to wear a regular sunscreen daily though

four star review




Arcadian Designs Perfume Review

Available at

Prices vary starting at only $6.50

arcadian designs reviewPerfume is a very personal thing and buying on the internet can be intimidating. It’s hard to know if you will like them if you haven’t tried it in person. But Arcadian Designs helps by offering a wonderful perfume sampler. I was privileged to receive a sample of COTTON CANDY-Her interpretation of Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. Pure sweetness! FIT FOR A QUEEN- This scent evokes warmth and regality. A good balance of sugar, tonka bean, cocoa, amber, and light floral. and MINT MANGO TANGO-

An invigorating combination of mint, mango, sweet orange, black tea, and chili pepper.

I admit it is difficult to review the fragrances themselves as perfume scents are such a personal choice. But this shop is truly lovely. Kelly the shop owner and perfume creator offers such a wonderful variety of fragrances and her perfume lockets are lovely too. She makes each of the perfumes herself and the presentation and packaging are just as lovely as the fragrances themselves. I even gave a sample pack away as a gift in the Pretty Little Giveaway. There’s a little something for every taste. The perfume does not leave a residue on your skin and the fragrance lasts for several hours before needing to be reapplied. My favorite is Cotton Candy which surprised me because I usually select floral scents. I highly recommend Kelly’s shop. Follow her shop on facebook and watch for great discounts too.

five star review


Review- Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System

Available at and at most department stores and drug stores

Cost varies from $39.99-$49.99

olay pro x review katherines cornerI had seen the more expensive version of this product and it had sparked my interest. But being a fan of Olay for 30 years I knew going in that the chances were pretty darn good that this product would meet or exceed my expectations. The professionals at Olay teamed with dermatologists and designed a product that makes you “rethink your daily cleansing routine”. The Advanced Cleansing System cleans 6 times better than basic cleansing with a cloth or your hands.  My face feels terrific after I use it and the best part is I can keep it on the shelf in my shower so no fancy set up is needed. The rotating bristle brush is soft and the exfoliating wash is terrific too. Olay comes through with shining stars. My face feels great and I know it’s clean. The only thing I would change about this product is that I would like a stand to put it in so it can sit upright in the shower. This does not deter me however from giving it a five star rating. five star review


Review -Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel

Available at Official Website  prices $99.99-$79.99

dermagist eye revolution gel product review katherines cornerI must admit I was excited to try the Demagist eye revolution gel. I often have puffy eyes and dark circles. So in order to give it every opportunity to “prove itself” worthy of the cost and the claims I used it for 30 days and followed the directions. You can use it on top of makeup or underneath makeup. I do not wear makeup on my face so I always put it on a clean dry eye area. It feels cool and clean going on and does not leave a film, it is fragrance free and clear, so it is undetectable. I did notice a sight change in puffiness around my eyes. I think this is a direct result of getting more sleep and drinking plenty of water. But I will attribute it to the eye gel for the purpose of this review.  The packaging is unremarkable and the size is ½ oz. It has a convenient pump dispenser and the lid keeps the pump clean which is terrific.  Unfortunately I saw no change in the puffiness around my eyes or the wrinkles. In all fairness to the manufacturer, results may vary per person and some may experience better results than I did.

two star review




Review- Eco Natural Soap

Available at prices vary from $2.99

eco natural soaps

chefs friend katherines corner review





I love to cook (most of you know that by now) so I was thrilled when Alicia from contacted me regarding a review. What does this have to do with cooking you may ask? She sent me a soap called” Chef’s Friend” ,and it really is. It removed fish, onion and garlic scents from my hands leaving my hands smelling clean and feeling soft too! It is made with 100% Sumatran Coffee. This soap earns five stars on its own!


She also provided some divinely scented Jojoba, shea and flaxseed soap, the little flaxseed’s work like a natural exfoliate for my dry winter hands and the smell is lovely. Speaking of winter dryness, how are your lips? Because their organic lip balms are perfect for keeping your lips moisturized and you can wear it under your lipstick too. I used the spearmint and lavender lip balm. It worked well  and there was no taste, which was nice.

luxury dry skin balm review Lavender ahh the sweet smell of lavender, it’s present in their fragrant and soothing Exotic Butters Luxury Dry Skin Balm in “Spearmint Lavender”. I have been using it on my dry patches and its great ( a little dab is all you need). it goes on clean ( no greasy feeling) and smells great.

I liked these wonderful natural products so much that they are part of a giveaway prize right here at Katherines Corner.

Eco Natural Soap started their business as an on line business. But, they also have over 100 retail locations in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area that sell their products as well. They have mineral makeup, luxury skin balms, shampoo bars, shave bars, facial moisturizers and specialty bars and balms. They also have products for acne, psoriasis and so much more. I encourage you to “go natural” and soon you will be hooked on Eco Natural Soap too.

five star review






Review-Turbie Twist Hair Towel
Available at

turbie twistAvailable at Amazon and most discount stores prices vary depending on package size from $4.99-$7.99

This is a terrific idea. Made with micro fiber it’s the perfect absorbent fabric. It is a nice alternative to wrapping a giant bath towel around your head. It’s light weight and has a little loop in the back to slip the tail of the turbie twist into. If I could influence the manufacturers I would ask for it to be a bit bigger and definitely double the thickness. Over all I felt it worked well. But my hair was just as dry as if I had used a towel.(I don’t give half star ratings or it might be a 2/12).






Review- Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

Available at Jackies Site

prices vary depending on style

I wear my hair in a French twist a lot and I always put my hair up when I cook. So I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the flexi hair clip by Lilla I liked wearing the lovely silver flexi hair clip and I received a compliment from a complete stranger when I wore it. It was such a nice change from my “go to” plastic hair clip! I wore my hair in a twist for several hours and I did not need to redo my twist once. It stayed in place and looked terrific.

Some of the best features of the Flexi are:
-fits snug against your head – doesn’t pinch like the Claw hair clips
-many, many styles to choose from, and a new style each month
-sized just for you – no ‘one size fits all’  Watch the video to get the perfect size for your hair
-one year guarantee

I highly recommend Lilla Rose for its assortment of unique, affordable and attractive hair jewelry. You will also find Headbands, Bobbi Pins, and regular jewelry too!  Check out their newly extended line, with necklaces, earrings, badge holders and much more!


Review- Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream
Available at and most fine retail stores Cost $-12.00-23.00

I have always admired Frederic Fekkai and his desire to make women feel beautiful. He is a master stylist. So, I was of course excited to try his new line of hair products.  The glossing cream has olive oil it! You know that makes me happy ( I use olive oil for everything). The glossing cream promised to  hydrated my hair while restoring shine.  I used it for about two weeks and loved the results. I’m currently growing out a perm and my hair is sometimes “fuzzy” or “frizzy”. It works like magic. A small, and I mean small, dollops will do. Just put it into the palm of your hands and rub. Then gently run your hands over your hair. It smells nice, works well and I had several compliments from my husband about my hair. Without letting out the secret I just smiled and quietly thanked Frederic.

four star review



Review – TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges
Available at, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid Cost $13.00 box of 100

This product was pleasantly surprising. I must say I wasn’t sure what I’d be tasting. But the pleasant minty and citrus taste is refreshing. It lasts for quite a while too so your breath stays fresh. But, the big test was whether or not it would keep my mouth from being dry. Medication causes me to  often experience dry mouth and no matter how many bottles of water I drink I get little relief at times. TheraBreath “wetting” lozenges did the trick. They worked exactly as promised. I give a big thumbs up to this product with one small exception. They use sorbitol as a sweeter. I would much rather they used a sweetener such as splenda instead. Sorbitol often times has ill effects on the stomach. Overall the product stands up to its name, it is both breath freshening and mouth wetting.






Review – Skin MD Natural Lotion Available at Cost $18.00

My sweet husband was the tester for this product review. Unfortunately I’m allergic to aloe ( see  disclaimer ) . I was happy to read that the Skin MD Natural lotion was never tested on animals and contained no animal ingredients. That means its both vegan and cruelty free. It is also also dermatologist recommended and hypo-allergenic, so it’s safe to use for the whole family.

According to my sweet test subject, it went  on easily, absorbed quickly and did not leave a greasy feel behind. He used it for about three weeks.

This is the before and after photo of my husband’s hand

There was a change. His skin went from dry and flaky ( even a little chalky in appearance) to much smoother and softer.

Skin MD Natural works well and I think it would be a big benefit for those who wash there hands frequently.

three star review



Review- PURE by DKNY
Available at and fine retail Stores Cost 3.4 oz spray $80.00, 1.7 oz. Spray $60.00 and 6.7 oz. Body butter $38.00

I am thrilled to present you with my review of Donna Karan’s PURE . I think she is an amazing designer and I’ve been a fan of her cashmere mist perfume for years. But, like most women I usually don’t change fragrance very often. I find one and make it my own.

This fragrance was introduced to me as a clean fresh hint of vanilla scent. Clean and fresh grabbed me right away. The first spritz however was slightly over whelming. But the fragrance fades to a nice light clean scent after a little while (about half an hour) and that fresh scent stays with you all day. Yes, I really like the light fresh fragrance.

The vanilla bean used in this fresh fragrance comes from Uganda where DKNY is empowering female farmers. The packaging is recyclable, and the outer box uses low-VOC inks on certified forest paper. All of that and a lovely scent as well, what more can I say?

A woman can have more than one fragrance, now I do!

* when this review was written you received a 100% unbleached recyclable cotton tote bag with a $60 purchase at Macy’s.



Review- Faith Hill Perfume for Women
Available at and other fine retailers Cost 1.7 oz spray $28.99 1.0 oz. $21.99


This perfume comes in a pretty bottle. It is created by a lovely singer, and well, simply smells light and floral and I think with a touch of gardenia or magnolia. However, it has zero staying power. Less than an hour went by and I could not smell it on my wrist any longer. I can reapply. But, I prefer a fragrance that I apply once (maybe twice if I go out in the evening) . It is an inexpensive fragrance so reapplying is not out of the question. Packaging is recyclable. Sorry Faith.
two star review


Review- Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette Spray
Available at Sephora and other fine retail stores Cost: Eau De Cologne spray 1.5 fl oz.  $62.00 Eau de Toilette Spray 3.5 fl oz. $85.00

This musky fragrance has a hint of citrus, cedar and flowers. Its fragrance reminds me of day at the sea shore. It truly embodies the Dolce & Gabbana Italian style of sexuality and spirit. It comes in a simple bottle with a light blue cap. Who knew hiding inside was such luxury. This fine fragrance stays with you all day without being overwhelming. I usually lean towards floral scents but this is a welcome change. Packaging is recyclable.







Review – Revlon 1875 Ionic Ceramic Pro Stylist Blow Dryer with Attachments
Available at and most retail stores Cost $22.99- 32.99

When I received this product I wondered just what an ionic blow dryer was. I found out right away as it dried my long hair (four inches past my shoulders) quickly. It uses negatively charged ions to keep hair moisturized by using a process that reduces the size of water droplets. In addition it has internal ceramic technology allowing for even heating and distribution. I used the diffuser attachment too; it evenly disperses the heat well. But the attachment does not fit tightly and did come off several times during use.  The Concentrated heat attachment seemed to fit a bit better and allows you to direct heat to one particular spot; it would be great for hairstyles with bangs or areas that need a bit more lift.

This Revlon blow dryer has three heat settings; cool, warm and hot and two speed settings high or low. It is light weight and rests comfortably in my hand. I also liked the color a burgundy and silver combination. It also has a removable filter allowing for easy cleaning.

I would have liked a retractable cord. But, it does not detract from the blow dryers ability to perform its task. The cord is quiet long though and I easily moved about while drying my hair. Overall a great product at a fair price. 





Review- Calvin Klein  Beauty EauDe Parfum Spray
Available and other at fine retail stores everywhere  Cost 3.4 oz spray $85.00, 1.7 oz. Spray $65.00

Calvin Klein hits another home run with this lovely fruity cologne. This scent is perfect for the mature woman. I say this not only because I’m 50, but because I believe this fragrance is marketed for women of a certain age.

It’s not musky like you would find for a seductive fragrance, or overly strong smelling. It’s light and clean and perfect for wearing all day long. I’m surprised really that I would like a fruity, almost woodsy scent. But I do. I wore it for several hours with out reapplication.


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