Kitchen Product Reviews

Kitchen Product Reviews

I am happy to provide Kitchen Product Reviews,one thing everyone knows for certain is that I cook a lot. I love to cook! My recipe section can attest to that. But, a good cook needs to work with good tools.Please CLICK HERE for details on submitting a product for review.I also provide a copy of my review to if applicable. Disclosure and legal information on reviews and Katherines Corner in general can be found HERE

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Black Canyon Cutting Boards Review
Available at
Price varies depending on your selection

Black Canyon Woodworks Cutting Board Review Katherines Corner

I welcomed the opportunity to review a handmade wood cutting board from Black Canyon Cutting Boards. I am an independent artist and I  always support artists and crafters. The website purchasing process is very user friendly and allows for you to choose the type of wood you prefer, the style and even personalized engraving (on the front and/or the back). Your cutting board is then exquisitely crafted by the talented artisans in Bend Oregon. This beautiful cutting board is like a piece of fine art for the kitchen.♥
I selected the mahogany wood style with a maple stripe down the center and I had it cut in the classic shape. I chose to have our last name engraved on the front and a simple message engraved on the back. It arrived in about two weeks in a well packed box. The cutting board is well weighted so it won’t move around while you are using it. It has a fine smooth finish and deep side wells perfect for catching drips. I prefer to use my wood cutting board for breads so the wells come in handy for brushing the crumbs.
You can read my cutting board cleaning methods HERE. A high quality cutting board like the cutting boards created by talented artisans in Oregon are a worthwhile investment for cooks everywhere.  I believe this cutting board will last me a very long time. I give Black Canyon Cutting Boards my very highest rating and recommendation.

five star review


Frigidaire Professional® Convection Toaster Oven Review
Available where fine products are sold
Visit for more information about this and their other products

Frigidaire Professional Convection Toaster Oven Review

I have never owned a convection oven, so when the fine people at Frigidaire requested a review of their Frigidaire Professional® Convection Toaster Oven I was intrigued. Part of the review request included my creation of a recipe to be made specifically for the toaster oven. You can find my recipe HERE. The toaster oven is a lot smaller than I expected, so it takes up little valuable counter space. But, it is large enough inside to toast 6 pieces of toast (see my notes below regarding the toast). You can fit a frozen pizza in there too.

It is an attractive stainless steel appliance so it will fit in well with most other appliances in your kitchen. It has a very easy to follow user guide and has features that are also very appealing. The rapid cooking infrared technology offers quicker preheating and cooking and the convection function provides even cooking in less time. The power plus preheat function heats very quickly, so no waiting around for the oven to reach the proper temperature.

It has a an easy to read Pro-Select® LCD Display, eight preset cooking options like, Bake, Broil, Toast, Reheat etc. you just move the, The interior of the oven is easy to clean and it even has a crumb tray to catch toast bits, etc. All in all I found the Frigidaire Professional® Convection Toaster Oven to be a useful appliance and it will continue to be used for a variety of things over the years.  Christmas breakfast for 9 will be a lot easier too.
Regarding the toast, this was the only function I didn’t care for. It is a “toaster oven”. If you like your toast light or even medium it works fine. But for those who prefer their toast to be a bit darker you must watch the toast very closely. The time allotted for the toast exceeds the time needed and you will end up with burned toast. Not much of a complaint really. Because, I think you should keep an eye on anything you have cooking.
One other thing worth mentioning, the toaster oven surface gets hot, do not leave anything on the top of the oven (or leaning against it) while you are cooking.
I do not use half stars in my rating system so I will give the Frigidaire Professional® Convection Toaster Oven Review a four star rating.

four star review

Cutting Boards USA Maple Cutting Board Review
Available at
Price varies depending on your selection

usa maple cutting board reviewA cutting board is an essential tool in the kitchen. I have a few. I use different boards for different things and I always cut my meats, fish and poultry on their own boards. A recent request for a cutting board review gave me the opportunity to use a wood cutting board again. I don’t use them much anymore. I like to put my boards in the dishwasher to sanitize them.
You can find a variety of shapes and sizes available at Cutting Board USA. I love their cow shaped cutting board! I received the 9 x 12 inch rectangular maple cutting board for the purpose of this review. It is perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables. It has a nice size drip edge to catch the juices too. It’s made of a lovely piece of wood and would be a valuable tool in any kitchen. When you receive your cutting board it comes with an index card explaining the proper way to season and maintain your cutting board. It’s important you oil your new cutting board. I prefer to use food grade mineral oil to season the board.

This is a fine product proudly made in the USA. four star review


 Red Envelope Floral Measuring Cups Review

Available at Red Envelope

floral measuring cups katherines cornerThese lovely measuring cups arrived packaged well and exactly as they appear on the Red Envelope site.This charming set is made exclusively from RedEnvelope.  Made of ceramic the set includes 1 cup (light yellow), 1/2 cup (lavender), 1/3 cup (coral), 1/4 cup (light blue)   Each flower is a different design. The interior of each cup is painted with a dotted line marking the measurement. Extra bonus they are stackable for easy storage

Each pretty floral cup is clearly marked with the measuring cup size. Each cups measures accurately and looks so pretty on the counter while I’m cooking. This is the perfect gift to give the cook in your life and is also a wonderful prop for food photographers too. five star review

floral measuring cups 2 katherines corner




 The Oil + Vinegar Twofer Review

Available at

Price $19.99

oil + vinegar twofer review Katherines CornerI always use vinegar and oil on my salads and I used to have two bottles or two dispensers on the table. I think this product is brilliant! Did I say brilliant? Well I meant it. You get the best of both in one container. It’s attractive, easy to fill and easy to use. Just press the button marked oil or vinegar and taa daa. This may be one of the easiest reviews I’ve ever written. It is so practical. Only drawback to this beauty is it is difficult to clean the inside the top and spout.

four star review








Oransi Ionic Fridge Air Purifier Review

Available at and Amazon

The Oransi fridge air purifier works using a built in micro CPU that controls the purification cycle in the fridge. That sound impressive right! Especially since  I have always used baking soda to help eliminate odors in the fridge.  I was enthusiastic about trying this system. It uses two AA batteries that lasts for about 60 days. But I changed them to rechargeables. There is no filter to change and it’s small enough to fit on the back of the shelf and not get in the way. I put an onion on a plate and placed it in the refrigerator. It took about 5 hours and then the odor was diminished quite a bit. It did not eliminate the odor. Whether this was a result of time or the air purifier is debatable

one star rating




American MetalCraft 3 Tier Platter Stand Review

Available at 

I was happy to review this product I knew it would be perfect for parties, barbecues and get togethers. I was right.Place your serving dishes on it and it is perfect for barbecues, family gatherings, and parties. It’s made of sturdy construction and has attractive scrolled feet. It is big , it stands 22 1/ inches high and 11 1/2 inches wide. It is big enough for large platters and dishes.It will hold a 17 inch  dish, a 12 inch dish and a 8 1/2 inch dish ( also available at Instawares). I liked this product so much I gave one away in the July Summer Time Giveaway.   Instawares carries a variety of products perfect for tablescaping, parties, receptions, large and small gatherings. I would have given this product five stars but you do have to buy the dishes separately.






Duncans Kitchen Grips Pan Handle Covers ( set of 2) Review
Available at  Leslie’s through Amazon

Available in red, green or black

These are just what I’ve been needing and they sure are a welcome replacement for the old oven mitt I’ve been using on the handles of my stainless steel pots and pans.
The rubber grips help to keep the handle cover in place. The set of 2 Kitchen Grips handle covers includes 1 small(6 inches) and 1 large (7 inches) cover. Made by Duncan Industries ( Dishwasher Safe) The only thing that kept this product from receiving five stars is it does not hold it’s shape, you have to manipulate it a bit to use it. It’s worth the trouble though.
 * Never leave this product on the handle while you are cooking, especially if you are using an open flame.




 Wolfgang Puck 20 Piece Cookware Set Review

Available at fine stores everywhere Cost varies $199.99-$249.99

This collection is well used in our kitchen. Made of heavy gauge stainless steel construction this set comes with a 1 quart and 3 quart saucepan, an 8 quart stock pot, a 10 inch omelet ( frying) pan, an 11 inch sauté ( frying) pan and the best of all a 12 inch chefs pan ( deep frying pan). I use every piece of this collection regularly. It cooks evenly and there are even holes in the handles if you want to hang them from your chef’s rack. All of these must have items come with  glass lids.

In addition to the must have items you also receive 2 small bowls, a whisk, serving fork, spoon, slotted spoon, spatula and a slotted spatula. You can use this forever as it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Use them on your stove top or in your oven up to 400 ° F.  Now, with all of this praise you would think I would give this cookware a five star rating. But, the handles do get hot! I have to use grips (see my other review), this is a minimal inconvenience though. Also, I did have a glass lid incident. Fortunately the lids were all replaced with stainless steel lids by the manufacturer. This set would be perfect if they’d change the lids from glass to stainless steel and cover the handles.







Procter Silex Coffee Grinder Review

Available at and other fine retailers Cost

Cost varies 12.99-19.99

This is an essential tool for any coffee drinker. My husband likes his coffee beans ground fresh for each pot. This little grinder did a fine job. It’s light weight and has a retractable cord. So I can keep it right on the shelf with the coffee. No need to have it out on the counter. It has three grind settings and a simple on off switch. The only thing I would change is the way the lid fits. I think it would be less messy if the top fit more securely on the inside rather than on the outside. Grounds can get in and when you take the lid off some grounds will fall out. But, this is a minor thing really. Some of the parts are dishwasher safe. But I prefer to hand wash.


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