Saturday Sharing

saturday sharing

Saturday Sharing Happy Weekend wishes everyone. I know I rarely post on Saturday but I’m trying something new this week. It’s important to try new things don’t you think?  It’s been a rough week here ( health wise). But,  I am blessed to be loved and have the care of, my beloved husband and our wonderful [read more…]

Decorating With Precious Mementos

decorating with precious mementos1

Decorating With Precious Mementos We all have several mementos and treasured heirlooms throughout our home’s décor and decorating with precious mementos, heirlooms, photos or souvenirs is probably not on your mind when you add them to your home. As a happy Brand Ambassador for Graham & Brown I am joining 49 other bloggers worldwide who [read more…]


wanderlust breakfast at Henrys Lake

Wanderlust Hubby and I experience a sense of wanderlust several times a year, ” ˈwändərˌləst/noun-a strong desire to travel”. Yesterday I shared my favorite thing, a beautiful horse prancing in a pasture. We spotted her on our … hold on to your hats people, camping trip! I am not one who enjoys “roughing it” . But hubby [read more…]

Peaches and Cream Dessert

peaches and cream cake recipe katherines corner

Peaches and Cream Dessert This recipe is a sweet and light dessert perfect for after a meal on a warm weather day. Hmmm… does it feel like you are leaning when you look at the photos? Not to worry it is not you, it is the glass plate stand which isn’t level. A factory flaw that I [read more…]

Create a Perfect Picnic

create a perfect picnic

Create a Perfect Picnic Is it just me, or does it seem as though Memorial Day weekend sneaked up on us? Memorial Day weekend is considered the “unofficial “ start of summer and one of my favorite summer activities is to have a picnic by the water. Preferably somewhere my sweet hubby can fish and [read more…]

7 Surprising Places to Hang a Chandelier

7 surprising places to hang a chandelier-katherines corner

7 Surprising Places to Hang a Chandelier I have often mentioned that blogging provides many wonderful opportunities for new friendships. It is truly one of the many joys I receive by sharing with you here at Katherines Corner. We all enjoy creating homes filled with things we love and things that make us smile, so [read more…]

Heart to Heart

heart to heart

Heart to Heart- Bloggers on occasion find themselves asking” does anybody read what I share.” I ask myself that sometimes too. It’s only human to want to know that you are sharing something people want to read/learn/do. I put my heart into everything I share at Katherines Corner so it only seems logical that I [read more…]

Five Dollar Jewelry

five dollar jewelry katherines corner

Five Dollar Jewelry Happy weekend wishes sweet bloggy friends! Thank you for stopping by Katherines Corner, I love it when you visit. Are you ready for a  wonderful way to start the weekend? You don’t even need to get out of your pajamas. Instead, I encourage you to stay in them and get cozy. Many of you [read more…]

Blog Update

blog update

Blog Update Happy weekend wishes everyone, today I am sharing  a blog update from Katherines Corner. Did you miss anything this week? The new Make It Monday was posted Crockpot pudding recipe was shared The Thursday Favorite Things blog hop is still open( until Midnight). We lost one of our co-hostesses this week. If you would [read more…]

How To Tame A Houseplant

how to tame a houseplant_katherines_corner

How To Tame a Houseplant- Sometimes a houseplant will go rogue! Ivy, philodendron and pathos are the top three that come to mind. One day you glance over, and almost overnight, it has  shoots/vines (runners) taking off on their own, no longer wanting to play with the others. I had such a houseplant, my Ivy. It [read more…]