Put Some Clothes On

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Put Some Clothes on and other Pet Peeves- Before I get started with today’s tid bit Tuesday.  For those who aren’t aware, Katherines Corner crashed yesterday and it was a very stressful day. Apparently the code I am using for my theme is not compatible with the back up program I use. I am still [read more…]

New Years Eve at Katherines Corner

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I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Our Christmas was lots of fun and it was filled with laughter, happy memory making and way to much food. I have gained 7 pounds since Thanksgiving…………… I know I usually share a recipe on Monday,but because it’s New Years eve I thought I would share something else instead. You [read more…]

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 67

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It’s time for one of my Favorite Things! The Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Thank you to all who make this blog hop so much fun! I’m happy to have  Caludia  from Casa De Berry as my co-host this week Please share the hop with your readers and please let me know if you would [read more…]

Follow Your Bliss

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It’s Tid Bit Tuesday   Successful people all over the world say it, graduation speakers say, plaques and bumper stickers declare it, Oprah shouts it, “follow your bliss”.         There are a lot of inspirational stories about people who gave up there unsatisfying jobs and found happiness starting a vineyard, opening a [read more…]