Bacon Quiche recipe

bacon quiche

Bacon Quiche Recipe- Monday already? Hoping you all had a lovely weekend. Weather here has been crazy.. snow then rain then, a bit of sun. Does it feel like spring where you are? Lets get your week started with this wonderful Bacon Quiche recipe. Being the bacon lover that I am you can usually hook [read more…]

Baked Eggs Asparagus With Sun Dried Tomatoes

egg recipes

 Baked Eggs Asparagus With Sun Dried Tomatoes Hello bright lights, welcome to the new week! I hope your weekend was filled with rest, laughter and good things. If you haven’t made breakfast yet I have something yummy for you to try.  I wrote this baked eggs and asparagus recipe as if you were making only [read more…]

Veggie Tart Recipe

vegetable tart vegetable recipes

Veggie Tart Recipe Happy Monday wishes! I’m starting your week off with a little breakfast for dinner. Every once in a while we have breakfast for dinner at our house, pancakes, eggs and grits, breakfast burritos or something extra special like this veggie tart. I made it using many of the vegetables from our wonderful [read more…]

Egg Drop Soup

egg drop soup recipe

Egg Drop Soup- Sparky ( my husband) and I love egg drop soup ( also known as egg flower soup). Our favorite Chinese restaurant makes some good stuff, but it is expensive. He asked why we ( meaning I ) couldn’t just make a “big pot” of egg drop soup. Challenge accepted ! For those [read more…]

Zucchini Souffle

zucchini souffle katherines corner

I’ve shared several egg recipes with you in the past- Basil and Corn Tart, Mini Frittatas,  Eggs to Go and a yummy Spinach Omelet Roll (you can find them all in my Eat It- recipe section). Today I have another to add to the list, this time using zucchini (yes we still have zucchini in [read more…]

Meatless Monday Tomato Pie

tomato pie katherines corner

Tomato Pie- This is a delish and yummy  pie. Perfect for meatless Monday What You need 1 Lb. Large ripe tomatoes (thinly sliced) 15 oz. ricotta cheese (you can use cottage but it is not as rich) 4 Large eggs 1/4 Cup Parmigiano-reggiano cheese 1/2 tsp Salt 1 / 4 tsp black pepper 1/4 Cup [read more…]

Meatless Monday Mini Frittatas

mini frittatas katherines corner

Wondering if tiny food has tiny calories…giggle. Enjoy these yummy mini frittatas. What You Need 6 eggs 1/2 cup milk 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper 1 Cup cheddar cheese (shredded) 3/4 Cup zucchini (chopped) 1/4 Cup red bell pepper (chopped) 2 Tbsp Bermuda onion (chopped) 2- 12 Count mini muffin tins (or one 12 [read more…]

Meatless Monday Recipe Spinach Omelet Roll

spinach omelet roll katherines corner

Breakfast can be fun with some creative eggs. This is a very old photo…sorry What You’ll Need 12 Eggs separated (yolks in one bowl whites in another) 1 Cup milk 2 10 oz packages frozen spinach (chopped) 1 Cup swiss cheese (shredded) 2 Tbsp butter 2 Tbsp all purpose white flour ½ tsp Salt ½ [read more…]