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Aug 01 2014

Life Happens

Life Happens- As you and I know, sometimes things don’t work out quite as you planned. That’s life, and often times its unpredictability is what makes it worth living. I recently spent time wondering through our veggie garden with my hubby. I listen closely as he beamed with pride and he pulled back the leaves …

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Feb 04 2014

Lessons Learned on a Journey

Lessons Learned on a Journey With Pam! I am so happy to have the lovely Pam from Over50Feeling40 as my guest today. Many of you are already familiar with her blog either through the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ( she is one of my sweet co-hostesses) or by already discovering her blog. She is …

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Dec 03 2013

Shop Spotlights

Shop Spotlights The shop spotlight series is now at an end. It has been a pleasure sharing all of the wonderful talented artists and their shops with you. Please keep small businesses in mind when you do your shopping. Please join me in congratulating Erin P the winner of the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop …

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Oct 25 2013

Autumn Bundle

Autumn Bundle I am all bundled up as I write this. Curled up on the couch with Izzy by my side and a hot cup of tea close by. I am fall drunk my sweet bloggy friends! Not to be confused with fall down drunk.   I am fully wrapped in and almost hypnotized by, …

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Sep 24 2013

That Bloggy Feeling, Blogging Tips

That Bloggy Feeling, Blogging Tips That bloggy feeling has overwhelmed me since the middle of last night.I often get bloggy ideas in the middle of the night. I blindly scratch down my thoughts on a notebook I keep by the side of the bed . I thought of more bloggy information to share with you …

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Aug 21 2013

Life Lessons

Life Lessons For Teachers I’m continuing the Katherines Corner takeover today with the lovely and talented Sharon, from Mrs. Hines Class. The title of her blog says it all. Class is in session when you stop by for a visit and she teaches( shares) many things including recipes and diy. Sharon and I have been …

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Jul 26 2013

Get Unplugged

Get Unplugged- We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get things done. To finish the to do lists, to be a great parent, a great partner, a great spouse, great friend , great grandparent,  a great blogger, etc. We kick our own bums , figuratively ( but, if you can manage to …

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Jul 22 2013


I’m unplugged today, no computer, just sending you ♥ see you tomorrow! (source)  P.S. only 2 days left to enter the Baroni Beach Style Giveaway   Please DO NOT leave blog links in the comments, thank you ♥ I do my best to reply to all comments via email, please be patient with me ♥ …

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Jun 18 2013

Dont Panic

Don’t Panic Its tid bit Tuesday! That means it’s  time for over sharing- When I was in my early twenties I used to suffer from debilitating panic attacks. They were usually brought on by similar stress triggers- unpleasant events in my life, money worries, etc. They would also occur as a result of things in …

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Feb 10 2013


Sometimes a reminder like this is all that is needed have you entered the With Love Giveaway? Please DO NOT leave blog links in the comments, thank you ♥ I do my best to reply to all comments via email, please be patient with me ♥ I’m sharing and linking at theses parties and hops …

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Jan 30 2013


Happy Wordy wordless Wednesday ( oxymoron day) I love this quote and think it is worth sharing.  See you at the hop tomorrow! A warm welcome my newest sponsors! Happy to have you as part of Katherines Corner!   Would you like to advertise/sponsor here at Katherines Corner it’s very affordable. CLICK HERE to find …

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Oct 18 2012

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 58

It’s time for One Of My Favorite Things! The Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Linky party! Thank you to all who make this blog hop so much fun! I’m happy to have  Marla from Marla Martenson as my co-host this week. Please share the hop with your readers and please let me know if you …

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Oct 17 2012

Our Granddaughter, Stop Bullying Words Do Hurt

savannah anti bullying image 1

It’s Wordy, Wordless Wednesday….Today’s photos are more serious than usual and are not my photography.They are the work of the talented photographer Lisa Tucker. Those of you who visit regularly know that I have written about my experience with bullying and our granddaughters experience with bullying ( although I kept her experiences private). Lisa Tucker of Lisa …

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Aug 01 2012

Wordless Wednesday Reading

one thousand gifts

see you tomorrow at the hop! linking to- Sincerely Paula Wordless Wednesday   Please DO NOT leave blog links in the comments, thank you ♥ I do my best to reply to all comments via email, please be patient with me ♥ I’m sharing and linking at theses parties and hops CLICK HERE Stay connected …

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Jul 27 2012

Throwing In The Towel

pink towels

Sometimes you just have to know when it’s time to  throw in the towel and let something go. That time has come for me with my Avon website. I have been selling ( if you can call it that) Avon for 2 years now. No matter how hard I try to promote the wonderful products …

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