Get A Peek Inside Keepsakes By Katherine

keepsakes catalog cover

I did it! It is my first effort  into the art of catalog and magazine creation. I used my PDF formatted documents and photography and uploaded it to a site called ISSUU. This project is something I have been wanting to try for  while now. Now that it has been created I do look at it and see things [read more…]

Kitchen Change Up Part Two and Hydrangea Topiary Craft

hydrangea topiary craft

Hydrangea Topiary Craft You saw the craft pile ( inspiration from Wordless Wednesday below). Well I was inspired. I made a lovely hydrangea topiary for the kitchen change up. Before After Now Let’s Make that cute Hydrangea Topiary! Hydrangea Topiary What You Need Styrofoam Ball ( you decide what size, mine is 4 inches in [read more…]