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Nov 04 2013

Lactose Free Sour Cream Chive Potato Soup

Lactose Free Sour Cream Chive Potato Soup I use lactose free milk and sour cream for this and many of my recipes. Because among the many things I can’t eat/drink I can’t have dairy. This never stops me from cooking and baking though.    You can make this yummy potato soup recipe with “regular” milk …

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Apr 22 2013

Lemon Cups

Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist as I play around with things in the kitchen. I gave this one a few tries until I was happy. I originally tried this using filo dough….I didn’t like the results so I changed it to puff pastries. Easier to work with and tastes delicious too. These would be …

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Apr 01 2013

Quick Skillet Potatoes

Hello sweet bloggy friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We made happy memories that I will share with you later this week. I look forward to reading your posts too. With the busy-ness of the holiday weekend ( sweet hubby took Good Friday off) I didn’t make it around to everyone’s blog …

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Nov 26 2012

Turkey Leftover Recipes

Turkey Leftover Recipes I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving celebration and a great weekend. If you have any turkey left from the Thanksgiving holiday I have some delicious ways to use your leftovers. You will find that adding turkey to your original recipes can make an old favorite taste terrific. How about trying a …

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Nov 19 2012

Bakewell Tart

It’s Thanksgiving holiday week here in the US and I am sharing something from England, go figure, giggle. I have dual citizenship with the US and UK so it is fun to blend yummy foods! In addition to the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday foods I hope you will give this tart a try. It  is …

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Nov 12 2012

Veterans Day Recipe

We in the US are celebrating Veterans Day today. We are acknowledging and celebrating all of our soldiers and their selfless commitment to our country and its citizens.  Those that faced the unimaginable, those that lost their lives in the line of duty, those who continue to give their all for each us. Our heroes past and present, …

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Nov 05 2012

Chicken Ala King and Spaghetti Squash

 Chicken Ala King and Spaghetti Squash- Before I get started with today’s recipe. I want to mention the new look of Katherines Corner.  Many of you know that I create blog makeovers , blog art and that I also provide blog styling. But, I often overlook my own blog while I am working on others. Because …

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Sep 24 2012

Chicken Tacos For Our Grandchildren

Wow, Monday already! We (hubby and I) are making happy memories with our grandchildren this week. Yes, we have a houseful of energy. We have four of our five sweet grandchildren staying with us for a few days while their parents are out of town. Early mornings, homework and school schedules….Today’s recipe is one of …

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Sep 21 2012

Pumpkin Time

Pumpkin Time The change of seasons has most of us thinking of seasonal decor and seasonal foods. One of the most popular veggies in autumn is the pumpkin. We decorate with them, carve them, paint them, bling them and most of all we eat them. We eat them in pies(my recipe is Click HERE )and in cookies …

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Sep 10 2012

Peach Crumble Recipe

It’s time for Meals On Monday. We received some wonderful peaches fresh from our neighbors tree this weekend. We share our veggies, they share their fruit! What You Need 4 Cups peaches (sliced or bite size pieces) 1 Package yellow cake mix 1/2 Cup butter (softened) 1/4 Cup brown sugar (packed) 1 tsp. Ground cinnamon …

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Jun 11 2012

Meals On Monday Spinach Dip Two Ways

 Spinach Dip Two Ways Spinach is growing abundantly in our garden so today I am sharing two yummy spinach dip recipes, one cold and one hot. Perfect for entertaining . What You Need 1 Lb spinach 2 Cups sour cream 1 Cup Mayonnaise ( I use  Kraft olive oil mayo) 1 (1.4 oz) Package vegetable …

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Apr 30 2012

Meals On Monday Making It With Lemons

We have had a crazy busy weekend.One of our granddaughter’s had a birthday, we worked around the house and in the yard, and we had one other very special thing occupying a lot of our time this weekend ( I’ll be blogging about it on Friday). Although the weather wasn’t very warm ( fine by me) we enjoyed some refreshing lemonade.The  …

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Mar 19 2012

Meals On Monday Beef and Broccoli

beef and broccoli

                I think you may want to make this easy and delicious beef recipe for dinner tonight! What You Need Rice or pasta ( optional) 1 lb. Beef sirloin steak (cut into strips) 3 Cups broccoli florets 3 Carrots, (peeled and sliced julienne) 1 Green pepper ( chopped …

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Feb 20 2012

Meals On Monday Blueberry Bread

I love blueberry muffins or blueberry bread! This recipe is so delicious for breakfast. Or with tea and coffee. It even makes a nice dessert.  What You Need 3 Cups flour 2 Eggs 1 Cup sugar 1 Cup milk 3 Tbsp butter ( softened) 1/2 tsp Vanilla 1 tsp Salt 4 tsp Baking powder 1 …

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Feb 13 2012

Meals On Monday Royal Mac and Cheese

It’s time for meals on Monday, and today’s recipe is a fun Valentine’s dish ( Valentines Day is tomorrow)! If you are not a lobster fan this recipe is terrific with shrimp too. It’s easy to make and doesn’t take much time to prepare either. Enjoy. What You Need 3/4 to 1 Lb Lobster ( …

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Jan 23 2012

Meals On Monday BobsKatie Chili

Happy Monday, it’s time to share something yummy. This weekend we made BobsKatie chili ( Bob- husband+ Katie -me). It snowed this weekend and I am thrilled. It’s the perfect time to make some chili, snuggle up and watch a good movie. What You Need 1 Lb Top sirloin steak (cut into bite-size pieces) ¼ …

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Jan 09 2012

Meals On Monday, Ham and Sage Noodles

I’ve given it a lot of thought and I have  decided to morph Meatless Monday into Meals on Monday. You can always count on me to share veggie recipes and delish dessert recipes . But now I  will share  a variety of poultry, pork , seafood and occasionally beef recipes on Monday too. I hope you …

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Dec 12 2011

Seasons Eatings Peppermint Sundae

peppermint hot fudge sundae

Continuing my seasons eatings recipes this week I’m sharing a fun way to use candy canes!           What You Need 2 Pints vanilla ice cream (softened) 1/2 Cup candy canes (crushed) 1 Cup heavy cream 1/4 Cup light corn syrup* 12 oz. Semisweet chocolate ( finely chopped) Large Bowl Cling wrap …

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Dec 05 2011

Seasons Eatings Thumbprint Cookies

Continuing my seasons eatings recipes this week I’m sharing a long time favorite, thumbprint cookies. They remind me of my childhood, I used to make these with my Mother at the holidays.  Did you still make cookies you used to make as a child?            What You Need 1 1/4 cups …

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Oct 24 2011

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup Pumpkin soup seemed like the perfect Meatless Monday food this week. Welcome to Autumn, it’s time for soup. Do you have a  favorite autumn soup?       What You Need 1 Can (15 oz.) pumpkin puree ¾ Cup Onion (shredded) 1 Tbsp. olive oil 1 Tbsp. butter (unsalted) Large can (32 oz.) …

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