Valentines Day

valentines day

Valentines Day Tomorrow is Valentines Day in the US and around the world. People will be starting their days with beautiful celebrations of love ♥  Many will begin their day by opening handmade cards and eating a breakfast that may consist of burned toast and runny eggs. Their senses will be awakened by the aroma of glue and macaroni [read more…]

Valentine Banner Bunting

valentine banner bunting craft katherines corner

Valentine Banner Bunting a child friendly craft It’s been a while since I posted any kind of crafty-ness. I thought I would share this simple and child friendly valentine bunting ( banner) craft.   What you need Felt  ( 8×10 pieces) as many as you would like to make ( I cut two hearts per [read more…]

Making Happy Memories


We have had our beautiful grandchildren ( four of the five) staying with us for a few days while their parents have been out of town.I love being a Grandma! The toughest part is getting them all ready for school in the morning (except the youngest he gets to sleep in). Our oldest ( she’s 13) was [read more…]

Always and Forever

heart balloon

When someone bulldozes your white picket fence dreams and you find yourself chanting “lots of people go through life alone” and you secretly vow to never be the lonely “spinster” on the corner. When you are broken, and your heart is reluctant to open to any new possibilities, when you become a divorce statistic. It [read more…]

That book

bloom by kelle hampton

You know that book…. the one that grabs you by the heart strings. The one that draws you in so quickly  it’s almost like the world around you somehow blurs.Where the only sound you hear is the brushing of your hand against the pages as you turn each one.  You know that book? Bloom, is [read more…]

Colored Eggs

easter eggs katherines corner

Admit it… you knew it was coming, right?  I would lose serious Grandma points if I didn’t. I must blog about our wonderful Easter celebration, I must! I hope your holiday was as sweet as ours. I was thankful the weather held out because the weather here in Utah has been Crazy! We hid 70 [read more…]

Wordless Wednesday One of the Many Reasons I Love Him


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Happy Hearts Day

valentine my antique box

It’s Valentines Day! A day to celebrate love. I know we all celebrate love every day. But isn’t it fun to make this day extra special and really spread the love around to all. Hand made cards, and dinners made extra special ,all celebrating Love. No matter how you celebrate I wish you a very [read more…]

Sweetheart Giveaway

sweetheart giveaway

This months giveaway focuses on love. Perfect for the month of February……well for every month actually. What you will win- A sweet love tin embossed with words of love and a cheerful cherub, Pretty shabby chic dress form decoration ( similar to the one I made for my art room) and a Gorgeous silver hearts necklace! Take [read more…]

From My Heart To Yours

merry christmas for blog

Dear sweet bloggy friends, originally I had intended a different post for my Christmas message to you all. But, I heard this wonderful story and I want to share it with you instead. Because, to me, it is perfect.         A large church on the east coast was preparing for its annual [read more…]

A Visit To The Castle

leaf bw  2

We ( my sweet hubby and I) went for a drive the other day. As you know, it’s one of our favorite things to do. The weather was perfect, the sky was clear, and the company was exceptional. I wish I could have taken you with us too. It truly was a “blue bird day”.  We [read more…]