Wrapped and Ready

gift wrapped katherines corner

Wordy wordless Wednesday. A few of the packages are ready for  giving to my friends. I didn’t do anything to fancy. Do you recognize the gift tags ? They were the printables I shared last week I haven’t wrapped all of our family gifts yet though. Have you started wrapping? See you at the Thursday Favorite Things [read more…]

Put A Ribbon On It

ribbon 1

I love adding a bit of romance and femininity to things. I often add ribbon to make something simple seem a bit more special. Adding pretty ribbons to packages is common I know. But, what about adding ribbon to a plain jar, or can, or a candle, etc. I gathered a few things from around [read more…]

For The Birds A Craft For Our Feathered Friends

bird feeder craft katherines corner

For The Birds a Craft For Our Feathered Friends- Our Bird garden is looking a bit sad right now. A recent trip to the local nursery provided me with a wonderful way to feed our friends in the winter months ( anytime really) . So, I titled this post “For The Birds, A Craft For [read more…]

Shabby Chic Wreath Craft

shabby chic wreath diy

Shabby Chic Wreath Craft- My art room is in a constant state of almost done. It is the only room in the house that isn’t a mix of modem and traditional styles. It’s shabby chic, totally girlie, pinks and pastels and flowers.It’s  a pleasant on going project. I’m adding to it a little at a [read more…]

What To Do When You Lose A Button, Ribbon Flower Craft

ribbon flower brooch katherines corner

What To Do When You Lose A Button, Ribbon Flower Craft One of my favorite black sweaters is looking a bit worn, probably because I wear it…a lot! Instead of running out to buy enough buttons to replace them all I thought why not make something.   Today’s tutorial is how to make a silk [read more…]