Chit Chat

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Chit Chat It’s tid but Tuesday -time for over sharing and well, general TMI Sometimes I am challenged for a topic to share. Today is one of those days. It’s not really writers block, more like do they really care to read that , block.         We had our beautiful grandchildren sleepover [read more…]

Hot Bliggity Blog, Blogging Tips and More

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Blogging Tips It’s tid bit Tuesday and today and it’s all about blogging baby! I love leaning something new and I’m always happy to share with you. I recently learned that blog posts should have no less than 300 words in them for better SEO. I know that may seem like a lot of words [read more…]

Dont Panic

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Don’t Panic Its tid bit Tuesday! That means it’s  time for over sharing- When I was in my early twenties I used to suffer from debilitating panic attacks. They were usually brought on by similar stress triggers- unpleasant events in my life, money worries, etc. They would also occur as a result of things in [read more…]

Jumping In The Way Back Machine

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It’s Tid Bit Tuesday My Friends. Time for some over sharing Mr. Peabody was a fictional dog who appeared in a  television cartoon series called “Rocky and His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show. ” Mr Peabody ( a dog) and his boy Sherman would jump into the “Way Back Machine” and experience history.       When I saw [read more…]

On My Mind

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On My Mind I just checked the calender. It’s Tid Bit Tuesday! time for some over sharing. I am sharing a few things on my mind today. But, first I wish to express my gratitude to my new bloggy friend Kristen from Dine and Dish for gifting me with this lovely be happy photo. Bloggy [read more…]

Life Decisions

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It’s tid bit Tuesday..that’s right sweet bloggy friends, it;s time for a little over sharing. When my AARP membership came a few years ago I never thought I’d use it for much. Truth is I get a lot of discounts when I flash that little red card When you reach a certain age you start thinking about the future a [read more…]

A Little Pick Me Up

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I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  It is Tid Bit Tuesday …time for over sharing…Many of you know that my beautiful Mother went back home yesterday, after a lovely two week visit. Time flew and it was a pure joy having her here. Especially for Mothers day. I was feeling a bit down in [read more…]

On The Cover Of The

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Katherine Corrigan photography on the cover of It’s tid bit Tuesday and over sharing is the theme I have the song on the cover of the rolling stone in my head this morning ( by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show). Why you may ask….well maybe you didn’t ask but I’ll tell you anyway . [read more…]

Just Ten Things

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Wow another Tid Bit Tuesday already. I’ll be over sharing a few random things you most likely don’t know about me, and hoping you will share a few things with me too                                                                                           image source 1- My husband and I found each other through a mutual friend and met [read more…]

April Ruby

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Here it is Tid Bit Tuesday already and time for some over sharing. Now I realize for those of you who have been bloggy friends for a while, or those of you who have read the About page this may not be new information. But, I’m sharing with you anyway.:-) I am honored to be a [read more…]

Dance Dance Baby

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Its tid bit Tuesday and that means over sharing here at Katherines corner. Are you familiar with the song lyrics, “I won’t dance don’t ask me” by Frank Sinatra. Well, that’s me. I know… it’s a head scratcher, a craw sticker ( this is a silly term I use in reference to having something stuck [read more…]

Breakfast Time

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Its tid bit Tuesday! Over sharing day…many of you know from previous posts that I am a morning person. There are a lot of things I love about morning and one of them is breakfast. To me the best breakfast is on the weekends when my sweet hubby cooks in the mornings ( most things [read more…]

Yes I Read That

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That’s right my darling bloggy friends. It’s Tid Bit Tuesday today and I stand before you and say “I am a subscriber”.  Can be sung to the tune of ” I am A Survivor by Destiny’s Child”. Chances are I’ve said “yes I read that in, insert any magazine title here” . I subscribe to far [read more…]

Flutter By

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It’s Tid Bit Tuesday, time for a little over sharing…I have a real fondness for butterflies. I know that most people think butterflies are beautiful. I say most people. Because, I understand there is a “common” phobia of butterflies called Lepidopterophobia (it also includes moths ). I associate butterflies with something good. I can recall [read more…]

I Wanted To Be Cher

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Do you remember the Sonny and Cher comedy hour? Oh how I loved watching that show. With it being tid bit Tuesday it’s the perfect time to say….. I wanted to be Cher! I was tall and very thin and I had  long hair. But…. I couldn’t and still can’t, carry a tune in a bucket. [read more…]

Totally Unleaded


It’s Tid bit Tuesday . By the title of this post surely you think I must be headed to the soap box to go on about gasoline prices. But, I’m not sharing gasoline prices today             I am sugar free , dairy free and caffeine free. I have been sugar [read more…]