Living In Scotland

loch lomond

Living In Scotland- The beautiful Kizzy is my guest today, she is such a doll. She has a lovely blog called the Dainty Dolls House where she shares her love of the wonderful and inspiring treasures in life. Art and quirky eclectic fashion & accessories as well as mystical unicorns can be found at her [read more…]

Can You Translate That

hello friend in many languages Katherines Corner

It’s Tid Bit Tuesday and that means its over sharing time. My Mother wanted me to be a linguist or a translator when I grew up. I had a talent for learning different languages. I spoke, a bit of French, Turkish ,Italian and Spanish when I was young. Sadly, I have lost most of it [read more…]

A Trip To Idaho

drive by idaho 1

A Trip To Idaho- We packed a lunch and grabbed our sweet Izzy and hopped in the car. It was a lovely day. Clear blue skies and the temperature was bearable, even for me! The kind of day people write poems about. The kind of day that begs my husband to say ” it’s a [read more…]

Tid Bit Tuesday Swimming With Sharks

snorkle  and flippers

You probably thought today’s title was a metaphor. Nope….. it’s literal. When you are young, you are fearless. You tie a bed sheet around your neck making a super hero cape and jump from a tree branch knowing you can fly. You hop from couch to couch avoiding the pits of lava below.   You [read more…]

On Top Of Mount Baldy

easy rider

Okay The title may be slightly deceiving as we didn’t actually go to the top of mount baldy. But..We did go up in our beautiful mountains. We went to one of our favorite getaways. Mirror Lake. It’s been scorching hot here so we made a quick trip to cool off. Are you thinking we rode [read more…]