Get A Peek Inside Keepsakes By Katherine

keepsakes catalog cover

I did it! It is my first effort  into the art of catalog and magazine creation. I used my PDF formatted documents and photography and uploaded it to a site called ISSUU. This project is something I have been wanting to try for  while now. Now that it has been created I do look at it and see things [read more…]

Always and Forever

heart balloon

When someone bulldozes your white picket fence dreams and you find yourself chanting “lots of people go through life alone” and you secretly vow to never be the lonely “spinster” on the corner. When you are broken, and your heart is reluctant to open to any new possibilities, when you become a divorce statistic. It [read more…]

Sharing Shop Polka Dots

shabby chic bottles

Hello sweet bloggy friends. Today I’m sharing some of the things you’ll find in one of my shops. shop Polka Dots.  I earn a living through my shops, online avon and my custom blog and web art site. I hope you have seen the ads on my sidebar and that you will think of me [read more…]

How To Make A Bib Necklace

bib necklace craft

How To Make A Bib Necklace Creating things gives me joy. Painting, crafting, photography, gardening, and well…….you know, I love to cook ! These are all wonderful forms of art , expression and creativity But, sometimes finding inspiration can be a little tough. I was at the hair salon recently and looked through a bridal [read more…]

The Royal Wedding

will and kate_edited-1

Today is the day the Royal wedding takes place. Being a British citizen  I felt it only fitting to write a brief congratulatory post to the debonair Prince William and the beautiful Catherine Middleton. Two lovely souls who become one. I married my prince charming and Catherine will too. They are  marrying today at the [read more…]

Rainy Day Wedding

odd shoes

An invitation to a wedding reception this past weekend came as a nice break from our regular weekend routine. Sparky ( my husband Bob) and I dressed up in our  “Sunday Go To Meet’n” clothes and drove a couple of miles down the road to the celebration. It was raining, which is good luck for [read more…]