Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

Helping you to get your blog off to a good start

blogging tips Getting Started

Getting a blog off of the ground can be a slow process. It’s always a good first step to let your friends and family know about your new venture. Sharing yourself, or what you do, in a blog is a fun form of expression. You make wonderful friends and connections and you receive joy from expressing yourself. I am happy to share blogging tips with you. When I started blogging I read books and watched a few youtube videos. But, I didn’t have anyone to share information with me directly. I researched for 100’s of hours and learned a lot of blogging tips through trial and error.

I am happy to share blogging tips with you, I try and keep this section updated with new information so I invite you to stop by once in a while for new info.  :-)

Blog post topics run in all different directions. I try and maintain a theme when blogging. But there are no rules about what you can, or should ,blog about. At Katherine’s Corner I keep it personal, with lots of sharing, recipes, photographs, crafts and life stories, etc. Use 200-500 words per post.

Choosing a Blogging theme is a personal decision driven by your blog goals.

Make your blog inviting, it should be pleasant to visit and encourage your readers to stay a while. Your design is the first thing they see. Give them plenty to look at ( not over whelming) Never underestimate the power of a nice photograph and a nice layout. I can help you with this one :-) Visit my page Custom Blog Art Click HERE I am anxious to help you make your blog look just at you envision it ( sorry shameless plug here) Get a few Blog Design tips Click here

Photos, blogs are mostly visual first and content second. Have clear focused photos. Remember to mark ( watermark) your photos with your blog name or copyright information. If you are using a photo that does not belong to you be sure to credit your source and link back. Once you have drawn the reader in with a photo they will read on.

About Page, you must have an about page. It matters, I often visit the about page as soon as I land on a new blog. It lets you know the author. Be honest, be humble, be truthful. Your readers will appreciate it.

Be Yourself- no explanation needed here

Blog hops- are a great way to meet new bloggy friends and share your blog too. Hop on the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop every Thursday here at Katherines Corner and visit the hop page to find some others too. See topic below for how to have a blog hop. See below for how to set up a hop.

Be Social- social networking is a great help in the world of blogging, twitter, facebook and other social sites help you connect with like minded people and those interested in what you have to share. Make Sure your social icons are easy for your readers to find.

Don’t ask someone to follow you just because you will follow them back. You want them to follow you because you have something they want to read, learn, or experience through you. Never leave your blog url in a comment! Search engines including goole,will mark the blog as SPAM.

Be Patient your readers will grow as your blog grows.

Moderate- moderate your comments, or add a spam checker if it’s available( wordpress plug in.) Don’t use Capchas, they can be frustrating and discouraging for readers and may stop them from leaving comments.

Comments yes, they make us happy. But alas ( yes I used the word alas) there are some meanies out there. I strongly and I mean strongly, recommend moderating your comments. The delete button is your friend. :-) Also, do not judge your reach by how many comments you have. Many may read and few may comment.

Your Domain- It is such a good idea to have your own domain name. A blog address that states your name is wonderful. Try and stay away from blog names that include your blog host name.

Join-Join some online blogging groups or other social network groups.

Engage- Your readers, ask questions, make your bog post interactive, provide something for them to respond to within your content.

Respond to comments as often as possible. Respect your readers.

Policies- Create and post your policies, and disclaimers especially if you are writing reviews.

Check and Double Check- the importance of checking, and rechecking before you publish your post.
Check your spelling, Do your research,Credit your research, Use images with care ( copyright etc) add your image source information,

Post Title Use a relevant title to your post, grab the reader with your post title. Tag words and keywords are very important. remember to use them.

More tips!!!

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List Your Blog On Search Engines google, bing and yahoo

you can list your blog on google click HERE
on yahoo click HERE
and on Bing click HERE


Remember you are just getting started. Do not, and I mean do not, compare your blog to another. Especially a blog that has been around a while. Lastly, it’s a blog, not your life.  Move away from your computer, live your life. Then sit down and share it with us. We look forward to reading about it.

*disclaimer, I am still learning,  I am always learning. I am not an expert, I am just sharing what I have learned.
Still have questions> Drop me a note CLICK HERE
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  1. bj

    All good tips.
    A problem not addressed in the Blog Hop linky parties is one that I am not sure how should be handled.
    It is very frustrating for us to link a party in our post to find that that party, for one reason or another, is not there. The host either decides to quit the party….is out of town so the party isn’t going on and so forth.
    Then, we bloggers have to go back into our post and delete that said party. This has happened to me several times and its very frustrating. So, if one is planning to host a weekly or monthly link party,
    BEING LOYAL to the blog linky party is very important. Also, sending out an email notice to the people that regularly participate in their party when the party is going to be deleted or just postponed would be very nice. I know it’s a lot of hard work hosting these parties…’s also hard on those attempting to join the party only to find it’s not there.
    Thanks, bj

    1. Katherines Corner

      Hi Bj, thank you for your comment on blogging tips referencing the blog hops. It can be disappointing to discover a hop is no longer happening. I feel your frustration. I think it’s best to visit the blog before adding your link to your post ( that’s how I do it).
      Reminders are tough too. Because blog hop hosts can’t just send reminders out to everyone. The linker has to request a reminder. Originally I had ” participants will receive a hop notice unless I am notified otherwise” or something like that, giggle. But. the reminders were ending up in spam folders and shooting back to me declaring “I was spam” so my comments, emails etc were going into spam folders too. I do have a linky hop reminder list bloggers can sign up on ( its on my hop posts) then they get the reminders and they will always know if a hop isn’t going to be posted.
      Thank you for your bloggy friendship and participation, Biggest HUGS!!

  2. Rosey

    You have a plethora of great advice here, it’s wonderful that you’ve shared it.

    The only thing I thought of while reading that you hadn’t already addressed is the group giveaways. It’s fun to help others promote their giveaways, but know what you’re getting into. Don’t just copy/paste the html code w/o giving it a once over for content, spelling, and flavor. I got one full of curse words once that had me editing quite a bit. I was surprised! But also glad I hadn’t just cut/pasted as directed.

    Thanks for sharing, your advice is well received.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Wow Rosey! that’s awful. thank you for adding your comment xo

  3. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    Great tips, and thank you for reminding everyone to turn off those captcha’s! :-)

    1. Katherines Corner

      giggle, I hate those things, I think monitoring comments is so much better :-)

  4. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

    I am new to the blogging world but have a teachable heart. Thank you with being so generous with the information. Very appreciated.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Debbie, I am always happy to share what I have learned. xo

  5. Jessica

    Hi Katherine,

    Thank you so much for being generous with this information. We are new to the world of blogging and trying to learn all we can to be successful. It is very much appreciated that someone like yourself with so much success is willing to share that with others. Take care!

    1. Katherines Corner

      Jessica, I am happy to share what I can. Hugs!

  6. Pearl

    Thank you so much Katherine for sharing all this information……

    1. Katherines Corner

      my pleasure xo

  7. Antionette Blake

    Thanks – I will be doing a Blogging 101 class in the fall and these tips are definitely keepers!

    1. Katherines Corner

      happy to share

  8. Marlys @Thisand That

    Great information. Saw this link from Foodie Parties on facebook. I have saved it so that I can read it again and really wish that I read this before I started blogging but will use some of these tips when I get time to refurbish my blog.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Happy to share. I also share on blog posts when I have new things to share.

  9. Lisa Ehrman

    Great post with lots of information. As a newer blogger, I need to read this over and over :)

    1. Katherines Corner

      happy to share what I know I am always leaning too. :-)

  10. Doreen McGettigan

    Katherine this is amazing advice.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    1. Katherines Corner

      I am happy to share. I learned as I went along and now I can share with you ♥

  11. Adriana

    I just started a blog and this is amazing advice. I just want to eat up your entire blog haha! I joined from bloglovin :) can’t wait to join a link party! I was wondering how do you include a video in your post, mine would be from my YouTube channel?

    1. Katherines Corner

      Adriana,I’m happy to have you as a new bloggy friend and glad to learn my blogging tips are helping you.Because you are on blogger, log into your blog,then into your youtube channel, click share, then click the blogger symbol, this “should” put the video on your blog. But…. if it doesn’t, then click share, click embed, copy and paste the code to your blog post ( make sure your blog post is in html mode.) I am always happy to help, hugs

  12. JoAnn @ SweetPepperRose

    Thanks for the Great Tip Roundup, definitely good advise in here. I’ve wanted to switch to wordpress for a long time, but don’t have the time right now to learn a new system. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Katherines Corner

      I am so sorry I haven’t responded . I missed your comment, sooo sorry. Transferring to wordpress takes a bit of time but it is worth it. Hugs

  13. Missy @ Dot-to-Dot Connections

    This is such a helpful page! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful tips!

    1. Katherines Corner

      Please forgive my delay in responding somehow I missed your comment. I often update the blogging tips page.I hope you will check back now and then for updates. Hugs

  14. Sue Williams

    So much wonderful info here. Thanks for reaching out to fellow bloggers.

    1. Katherines Corner

      Sue, it is my pleasure. I didn’t have anyone to help when I started blogging so I am always happy to share what I have learned. Hugs!

  15. Yona Williams

    Oh wow…what a thorough post. Will have to Pin this so that I remember all of these tips. Good info on the Blog Hops…I am set to participate in my first one next month.

  16. Katherines Corner

    Thank you my friend, I am always happy to share. keep checking back I often add new updates. xo

  17. Becka

    Wonderful advice. Visiting from the Wake Up Wednesday Linky. Thanks for linking up!

  18. celebrationideas2013C

    Great advice! Thanks Katherine!! I love your Blog hops

  19. Maria Norcia Santillanes

    This is fabulous! I will be learning much from all these tip. It’s incredibly gracious of you to offer yourself in this manner …. thank you.

  20. Carrie Groneman

    Oh Katherine, this is a TERRIFIC post and just what I needed! I really appreciate the time you took in putting this really informative and incredibly useful list together. Pinned and I will be referring to it often.

  21. Sandra Garth

    Very helpful ideas for newbies and those who’ve been at it for a while. Thank you!

  22. All that's Jas

    You never stop learning. Thank you for the tips, very helpful! Hugs, Jas

  23. Beverly

    Thank you for the great ideas. Always find something I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing,

  24. AshleyMcElheny

    Thanks for all the tips!! I just started blogging a few weeks ago and I’m trying to soak up all the knowledge that I can. Keep them coming!!
    Ashley @ LeavingTheRut

  25. creativelysams

    Thank you for this section! I’ll be coming back to it frequently. I’m still so much in the dark when it comes to my page.

  26. Dee

    I love these tips — think I just read through the whole series! Not comparing yourself to another blogger is probably my favorite. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  27. channonsworldchannon

    Wow! There is so much great stuff here! Thank you for sharing. I am still working on the little stuff, which can turn into the big stuff quickly. :)

  28. normaleverydaylife

    These blog tips are great! There are so many things to learn and I appreciate your willingness to share your experiences with us!

  29. Bonnie Frank

    Thanks so much for the very comprehensive post! I pinned this and a few others to my “e learning” board on Pinterest.

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