Oh Nuts

pistachios katherines corner

Its Tid Bts Tuesday- When I was young we used to get salted pistachios nuts and roasted and salted chickpeas from the street vendors. They would roll a piece of newspaper up like a cone and fill it to the brim. I used to get so excited waiting for those yummy snacks. I’d hold my [read more…]

Tid Bit Tuesday Bully

tid bit tuesday

 It’s  Tid Bit Tuesday time to share a more intimate look at my life. Like many of you I was bullied when I was a child. Most of the time I turned the other cheek (tear stained cheek). Sometimes I even fought back. I have a few scars on my knuckles to prove it. Picture [read more…]

Tid Bit Tuesday Swimming With Sharks

snorkle  and flippers

You probably thought today’s title was a metaphor. Nope….. it’s literal. When you are young, you are fearless. You tie a bed sheet around your neck making a super hero cape and jump from a tree branch knowing you can fly. You hop from couch to couch avoiding the pits of lava below.   You [read more…]

Tid Bit Tuesday My Happy Place

daisy chain

You’ve probably heard it many times ” go to your happy place”. I say it to our grandchildren when they are upset. It may sound simplistic, but that is the point really. It can be simple to set your mind to a happy thought or happy image. To go to your happy place mentally. It’s [read more…]