1. Hello again Lisa, although every one has different triggers I am not aware of eggs being on the list. There is a possibility of course for anything to be a trigger. If the eggs are in an omelet which has onions and peppers and your trigger is onions, you won’t know for certain if eggs are a trigger for you. I suggest you use a food diary for a while and basically eat something and if it isn’t a trigger after 48 hours. You can most likely rule that one out. Of course my information is in no way a substitute for you seeing your physician or neurologist. But I do hope it helps a little.
      sincerely, Katherine

    2. Good morning Lisa, thank you for being a Katherines Corner subscriber. Everyone’s triggers can be a little, or a lot, different. It’s important to know what your triggers are.
      Avocado’s, the tyramine in avocados has been linked to migraines
      Bananas and citrus fruits, the combination of tyramine and histamine are thought to be the reason citrus fruits can be migraine triggers
      Yogurt is on the list, but is not one of the most potent triggers. Modified food starches and other thickeners are the culprits here.
      Please discuss your triggers with your health care provider.
      Hugs! Katherine

  1. Some of the things on your list are triggers for me. Onions, any kind of red fruit or vegetable, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.Pork of any kind even cooked by me with no seasoning. I find that Gatorade, potatoes chips no salt, white milk and white potatoes all help my pain but have a detrimental effect on my body I have chronic daily headache for 11 years now I am always in pain esp. from May-October but when I am more diligent with my diet its not as bad. I have been told by at least 6 doctors there is nothing they can do for me because the meds they give me make me unable to work so I am left on my own. One cup of coffee a day with Motrin as needed.

    1. Kim I am truly sorry to learn that you suffer with migraines. Onions are one of my top 10 triggers (and it make it a bit challenging for creating recipes. Most of the recipes I share can be adapted to a migraine free recipe. I look forward to your visits. Hugs

  2. I never knew that the foods that you eat had anything to do with the migraines, but it all make so much sense now. Thanks for the enlightenment on this important subject.

    1. Hello Jerry, It was a real eye opener for me too. So happy to know you found this information useful. I hope you will enjoy making some of my migraine safe recipes. I look forward to your comments and participation . Hugs

  3. Interesting list. Wheat and sugar are triggers for me. When I gave those up my migraines disappeared. In some ways it’s very hard because wheat and sugar are in everything but in some ways it’s easier because I know it’s those 2 things and I don’t have to read every label for a lot of things because it’s obvious from what the product is that it would have wheat or sugar.

    1. Hello Garm, please accept my apologies for the delay in responding I just now found your comment. I am so happy to know that you have identified your trigger foods. I hope you will enjoy some of the migraine safe recipes I share. Hugs

  4. It’s funny that pretzels are on here. Right when I know a migraine is coming, I always crave pretzel sticks. I guess the crunching alleviates the oncoming ache? Not sure. Thank you for the list though!

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