Meals On Monday Beef and Broccoli



 Beef and Broccoli






I think you may want to make this easy and delicious Beef and Broccoli recipe for dinner tonight!

What You Need

Rice or pasta ( optional)

1 lb. Beef sirloin steak (cut into strips)

3 Cups broccoli florets

3 Carrots, (peeled and sliced julienne)

1 Green pepper ( chopped or sliced  julienne)

1/4 Cup green onions tops and bottoms ( chopped)

1/2 Lb mushrooms ( cleaned and sliced)

2 tsp. Olive oil

1/4 Cup Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing (I use Kraft style)

1 Tbsp. Teriyaki sauce

Large saucepan

Non stick skillet or wok


Before You Start : prepare rice or pasta ( optional)

Let’s make it! Fill large saucepan 3/4  full with cold water and bring it to a boil, add broccoli and carrots, cook until tender (not soft), drain and set aside . Heat oil in skillet over medium high heat, add onion and green pepper saute until tender, add beef  and mushrooms and cook until beef is browned on all sides, stirring occasionally. Add broccoli and carrots. Stir in dressing and teriyaki sauce stir well to coat evenly, cook about 2 min. or until sauce is thickened, stirring occasionally. Serve over rice or add pasta and mix it all together  well.

**Katie’s Tid Bits** add a little crunch and try sprinkling  1/4  cup sliced almonds on top before serving

Serves 4

Will you use a wok or a non stick skillet for your Beef and Broccoli?


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  1. wow fantastic post
    love your style

    have a look at my new post

  2. I love beef & broccoli but I would have to leave out the “fungus’. Never have acquired a taste for that stuff. Have a happy Monday my sweet friend.

  3. This actually made my mouth water a little bit! Thanks for sharing, I printed it for later. :)

  4. Hiya Kathryn….
    Ohhh you have just decided my dinner tonight for me — we were just contemplating what to eat. Hahaaaa… Thx sweetie. Been out all weekend and celebrating mothers day, will be nice to sit home and eat home cooked, tasty, healthy food.
    Jennie. Xx

  5. Beef and Broccoli is one of my fave dishes to eat when we go out. That and Chicken and broccoli so I’m thinking the “base” of this recipe would be great as that too. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Wonder if it works as well with chicken?

  7. That is my kind of meal for sure. I love broccoli, and I love stir fry!

  8. That looks absolutely delish! My family would love it!

  9. I’m starving and this looks great… except for the mushrooms!

  10. This looks wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m now a follower here!

  11. Hi Katherin,,, was so nice of you to visit
    my blog and the sweet comments you
    left… I love your recipe but being one
    who does not eat meat,, I’ll have to omit
    the beef… will be a great stir-fry….
    Following you also…
    Happy Spring

  12. This sounds wonderful!

  13. Oh this looks scrumptious. I will have to try it. Thanks for stopping by to my blog and yours is so pretty. I’m going to follow!

  14. I love this dish too :)

  15. MMM love beef and broccoli, your recipe sounds great.

  16. YUM! Thanks so much for linking up to the blog hop, Katherine! I trust you’re well… I’m keeping myself a little too busy these days. Hugs to you :)

  17. yummy looks great .Thanks for joining us at Creative Mondays :)

  18. Hi Katherine, I make a beef pepper steak that looks alot like this. Hubs and I love it. I’ll have to try this one for a change. Sounds easy and good!

  19. Deborah says:

    This looks delicious. Your making me hungry!

  20. The linky is not my friend this week! :) BUT, I am featuring this Beef and Broccoli this weekend! I love the colors!!! Perfect for Spring! Come take a look! xo, Becky

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