Spring Ahead

spring clocks ahead katherines corner

Spring Ahead- Good morning, did you remember to spring your clock forward? What are your thoughts on daylight savings times yay or nay? I just thought I’d pop in to say enjoy your day and to remind you that daylight savings time started for most of us today. ♥       Please DO NOT [read more…]

Acorn Filler

acorn filler

Acorn Filler A quick post today my sweet bloggy friends. Just a little reminder to set your clocks back an hour ( in most areas of North America and Europe) . Did you remember to set your clocks back  for daylight savings time? I think I’ll do a little Thanksgiving decorating this afternoon. I love [read more…]

Fall Back

fall clock

Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour? I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep. I know I did. Wishing you a peaceful Sunday Do you have daylight savings time where you are? Did you enter the Gobble Gobble Giveaway?   Please DO NOT leave blog links in the comments, thank [read more…]