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  1. We always had a little fast food stash of napkins on hand. Now, I just bum a few rolls from my ex. He buys in bulk, so I get a free stash of tp, paper towels and kleenex.

  2. I am loving this getting to know you better. Such fun facts bring oh so many questions:) Lol I also have this issue of over stuffing the pantry because of hard times when I was a kid.

  3. I love your blog!! You always make me smile! Wow, those 25 things about you are impressive I must say. LOL Who wasn’t in love with Rick Springfield back in the day?? Ok, did I just give my age a way? hehe 🙂

  4. I love the 25 things list! And I like the word groovy, but it seems I have been using honkin’ for years. I heard it more now, but I used to get made fun of for it. I get hives when I’m down to three rolls of tp or less! And did I miss the story of how you dated the soap opera star and got asked out by two other famous people??

  5. Glad to have found your site and become a follower. I use the word digs to night as in place where you live and my son 21 laughed at me. He should be so cool as his mom.

  6. I still say cool and we have a thing about toilet paper, too. When we get down to a couple of rolls, I actually get a little panicky.

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