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  1. This was a fun read! It’s nice to get to know the lady behind the blog.

    10 Random things about me:

    1. I currently have a box turtle (it was given to my brother and I by my grandpa when we were kids. This turtle is over 20 years old.)
    2. I also prefer v neck to crew neck (they are more comfy and look slimming)
    3. I love all things English. BBC shows (like Keeping up Appearances), any movies set in England (esp. old timey ones) like Jane Austen movies, English tea parties, and more
    4. I also like romantic things that are vintage , cottage, shabby chic, or Victorian
    5. I don’t sleep well at night (a bit of an insomniac)
    6. I love poetry- both reading and writing it.
    7. I take care of a feral cat colony in my neighborhood
    8. I taught myself how to play guitar-which shocked me because I never thought I’d be able to play
    9. I love campfires
    10. Lilacs are my favorite flower (the smell is to die for!)

  2. me…

    1. love to read
    2. lazy doing housework
    3. hates ironing
    4.never trimmed my hair shorter than shoulder lenght
    5. likes to wake up in the middle of the night for midnight feast
    6. I like the idea of travelling but when comes down to it…..seldom left my country
    7. am weird but i prefer the city than the country side
    8. doesnt like pasta and cheese
    9. have to have rice at least 5 days out of 7
    10. rather fork out money buy books that buy a dress

  3. Okay – here goes…….
    1) I met my husband when we hired me as a teacher (we didn’t start dating until after I went to a different school though)
    2) I’m a fifth generation Floridian (my youngest daughter is sixth generation, and my grandbaby is seventh generation)
    3) I didn’t leave the state of Florida until I was ten years old and then only for a vacation
    4) In the last 40 years I have lived in seven different states
    5) My husband and I were full time RVer’s for two years and traveled all over the US and Canada
    6) I also have a “collection” of scarves that have not seen the light of day in about 20 years
    7) I don’t eat oysters or scallops but love shrimp, lobster, and crabs
    8) A family member still owns and lives in the house my dad and grandfather built fifty-five years ago
    9) I have ALWAYS owned a dog
    10) Although I was born and raised in the south I detest sweet tea
    11) and to add to the list – I prefer v-necks to crew necks also

  4. What a fun post! I enjoyed learning more about you. =)

    Here are my 10!

    I grew up on a Dairy Farm
    I do not like heights or small places
    I like to make my bed first thing in the morning.
    I used to put pepper on everything ( including applesauce and jello )
    I read many books at the same time ( usually 4 or 5 )
    I love Mexican food
    I love to country dance ( especially 2-step )
    I love peanut butter on bananas
    I prefer Vneck tees to Crew Neck tees
    I love cooking for family and friends

  5. Such a fun post! Let’s see….can I think of 10 things??!!!LOL
    1. I’m obsessed with weather and the weather channel!
    2. I love the beach and dream to live in a cottage on the ocean some day.
    3. I don’t like brussel sprouts.
    4. My husband is my best friend.
    5. I have 12 lamps in my living room (honest!).
    6. I hate to iron.
    7. I have two dogs and one cat.
    8. I’m obsessed with clocks and lamps (see #5)!
    9. I talk to my hubby everyday at 12:30.
    10. Definitely v-neck tees over crew!!
    That was fun!!~~Angela

  6. What a great idea for a blog discussion, like the snippets, here are 10 from me….
    1. I love maps and sit and read them like a book, especially old ones of places I know.
    2. I collect stamps and coins.
    3. I have a collection of pure silk ties that rarely see the light of day.
    4. I love trifle.
    5. I am an ornithologist.
    6. I have worked on computers for 39 years.
    7. I get very excited when a fish bites my hook.
    8. I used to keep guinea pigs but developed an allergy to them.
    9. I love (and now miss it a lot) the sea.
    10. I think baby boomers have lived through some of the most fascinating years in history.
    11. I prefer crew neck tee shirts.
    I know that is one too many but put the tee shirt in for statistical comparisons by future historians lol.

  7. Nice to know more about you Katherine! The Hubs and I met when we were college roommates. I collect costume jewelry especially necklaces. I love to travel, have visited 13 countries so far and hope to visit more countries with The Hubs when he retires, that is, if we have any money left when the kids go to college!

  8. What a great way to get to know you a little more! Mine: My sons are getting married within 3 weeks of each other, I love Starbucks but don’t drink coffee at home, I have authored 2 books, I have 1 superhero grandson, My youngest son is a Pastor, I sing out loud a lot, I think I am addicted to spray painting objects, I love Disney and go every 6 weeks or so, I love to shop, and I have a shoe room!

    Have an awesome day!

  9. Mine and mine husbands first date was at Olive Garden also. I also own several scarves I hardly wear, LOL, but they are so pretty to look at! My favorite sneakers are also keds because I can wear them with my casual dresses. But, I have to disagree on the t-shirts, I prefer crew neck.

  10. Loved learning some more random things about you. One random thing about me is that I met my husband through and we only lived 5 minutes away from each other, also having gone to many of the same places, but just never ran into each before that.

  11. Okay here goes:

    1 I also prefer V-neck tees to crew neck.
    2. I hate white bread.
    3. I have to wear glasses for reading and anything up close.
    4. I love taking pictures of nature, my family, our pets, and whatever else makes me happy.
    5. I spend way to much time on the computer.
    6. I love watching the wild bird cam on the internet.
    7. My favorite time of the day is morning, especially in the Spring and Summer.
    8. My house is usually very messy.
    9. I work three part-time jobs.
    10. My husband and I enjoy taking rides on country roads together.

    There you go. That was kind of fun.
    Have a great day.

Love each other as God loves you xo

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