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  1. What a beautiful site you have here. Likely I'm too late for the giveaway, but that apron is to die for. I'm your newest follower,

  2. Katherine,
    Thanks for stopping by and joining my followers. I love connecting with new people. I've been on a break and haven't had time to review all of your archives, but I love what I've seen so far. Rita

  3. I am your newest follower and I so want this cupcake apron! How adorable. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  4. Hi Katie,

    How beautiful!!! I hope you'll show one of your beautiful creations on the Creative Spirit Challenge so everyone can see them!!!

  5. I am happy to become a follower, Katherine…your blog is lovely! I enjoyed checking out your recommended reads, and though I seldom actually wear an apron, I would definitely prance about in this one!

    Great generous of you…


  6. I saw this apron on my blog reading list and was hooked. I started making decorative cupcakes this past year and ooh couldn't resist trying for the giveaway so I could wear a cupcake spron while making my cupcake creations!

    I follow your blog already!

  7. Kathie,
    Thanks for stopping by A Tale of Two Cities. I enjoyed strolling through your blog today after flying home 10 hours (yikes!) from London to Houston. Trying to stay awake and finding your blog very entertaining. Please count me in as a new follower and enter me in your contest please for the cute apron.

    Happy weekend,

  8. I love this apron and have just become a "follower" and now I'm off to check out your Etsy shop (which, by the way, I've only recently discovered Etsy and am having a fun shopping time there).


  9. Hey Katherine! Love the new look of your blog. I just got back from my very long trip to Canada, so I'm now catching up on all my reading!

    Great giveaway. I'm so into Aprons!! I'm already a follower.

    Have a happy weekend! xoxo

  10. Oh, I love your vintage jewelry…especially Vintage 1920 Art Deco Silver Geometric Earrings!
    I am a new follower! Hope you'll visit me soon, too! Thanks! ♥

  11. Cute shop but I have to admit, the cupcake apron is just too adorable not to be my favorite item.

  12. Hello dear Kathrıne,
    thanks for your @ mail.
    İt is a very nıce giveaways,ı lıke this colours and follower already your Blogseıte..

  13. What a great store you have. I saw several great items. I have a friend who would like those Dive Purse Soaps.

  14. Just became your newest follower and I even tweeted this contest to my 1300+ tweet friends and 800+ Face Book friends, too!

    My Twitter address is @SymGirl and I'd love it if you'd join me there as well as on Face Book if you are there.

    Connecting face to face is so much nicer than a faceless number, wouldn't you agree?

    Hoping your contest goes well, and oh yes, my favorite article on your site is believe it or not…the Bamboo Wash Cloth. I have bamboo socks and they are the softest socks in the world and they never smell either!


  15. I visited your online shop and I really like teh extra large Yoga Pilates Gym Cotton Canvas Tote Bag! It's perfect for going to yoga class!

  16. Oooh I have a thing for aprons and this is really adorable. I just became a follower to enter the giveaway!

  17. I'm so glad you sent me the email because this is truly sweet and I am glad I'm not missing it! This apron is 2die 4. Thanks to generous YOU!

    Blessings my friend~


  18. Hello; I am a new visitor and a new follower from Over 40 FF.
    I am enjoying looking around your blog..I hope when you get the chance you will stop by to say hello.. they say everyone has a story..

  19. Thanks for following my blog.. Sorry it has taken me so long to follow you back. My Mom was here visiting..

    I come on a day when you are having a fun giveaway..

    I am now a new follower.. I hope to win this.. Thanks..

  20. I love the white rose gratitude journal. I will remember this for a gift idea. Thank you! And thank you for the chance!

  21. My favorite things in your shop are the hobo bag and…the cupcake apron! And yes, I already follow you!

  22. Hi Katie! Im a follower and I visted your shop.I love the bath items so nice.This apron is really sweet, count me in !~~Becky

  23. theredheadriter(at)aol(dot)com

    For one entry-Visit my online shop and leave a comment about your favorite item on this giveaway blog post. ( one shop item comment per person please)

    Amber Stone and Crystal Necklace and Earring Set is GORGEOUS

  24. Thanks for letting me know about that lovely apron Katherine, it's gorgeous. My favourite colour too. If I won it, I'd have to give it to my granddaughter who loves "pinnies" and cupcakes!

    I'm already a follower and enjoy seeing your goodies.

  25. For one entry-Become a follower of Katherine's blog (already a follower, just mention it in your comment)

    Current follower

  26. Great idea. Such a charming site. I uploaded one of your buttons and will be putting it on my InnNotes site.
    BTW, those Chocolate Wednesday cupcakes look awesome.

  27. LOVE the apron! Just became a follower!
    Hoosier Hugs to you,
    p.s. if I win this apron, it goes to my daughter who loves cupcakes!

  28. love your blog header.. please do visit my blog too and follow if you like it. thanks and have a nice day

  29. I am your newest follower! I am so happy you came to my page so that I could come here and find you. What a great blog! I will now be spending WAY too much time going through some older posts. And what a delightful giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win!

  30. Also, I don't know if this counts, but my favorite item in your shop is… this apron. It's like I"m a magnet, drawn to anything girly or covered in cupcakes. 😛

  31. my favorite product other than the lovely apron is… the Gothic and Victorian Style Choker Necklace. I dress in the Gothic lolita style, so of course this would be one of my favorites.

  32. Cupcakes! Ah, I'm hungry for them now… perhaps tomorrow.

    anyway, I'm a follower~

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  33. You have many darling things in your online shop. Since I'm a jewelry freak I really like the Vintage Pink Rhinestone Waterfall necklace…so pretty and feminine.

  34. Looks beautiful. I'm a follower too. I really like the garden tote.

  35. I am a new follower! And I tweeted about the contest @kelsiecakes

    Blog post coming soon!

    This is one of the cutest aprons ever (I think I have a cute apron addiction too)


  36. I love the Black and White Floral Clutch! I'm completely obsessed with handbags. Very Cute!

  37. Hi! I'm a follower of your blog and I have been wanting a cupcake apron for a really long time. c

  38. Hi Katie – how fun is this! I'm going to post about this on the Ruby community website and blog, as well as on my personal blog. I'm already a follower ;o) and I LOVE the white rose gratitude journal! I"m off to tweet right now at Twitter@ruby4women and @mamastreasures! Nina

  39. As a cupcake "afficionada", I am in love with this apron! I am now a follower & look forward to keeping up with your blog! I especially love "the save our trees" mocha beach tote purse. It reminds me of a painting my brother made for me for one of my birthdays. It reminded me that I need to dig it out & put it up! Love it!

  40. Hi I am a new follower! Well I was torn on this necklace at your website, but since I am in love with cupcakes!! I HADDDD to choose the apron. The apron is for sure my favorite item at your site! So cute and pretty.

  41. I'm a follower now via Yahoo. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you for offering this!

  42. HI!!!
    YES, I follow you!!!If I can figure out how to post it on my blog and talk about it I shall, I am not very good at this computer thing!!!I can go check out your shop though and I will and come back and tell you what I love, I will probably LOVE it all!!!I collect APRONS!!This one you are giving away looks like the one my daughter bought at Anthropologie for 32.00 dollars!!!Can you believe that!!!!

  43. Oh i ♥ ♥ ♥ cupcakes! That are so charming 🙂 I am already a follower and I like the diary.

  44. i am already a follower! :]

    and i love the black adn white floral clutch. i have an obsession over black and white!

    oh this apron is too too cute. its perfect!


  45. Hey Katherine,

    I'm a follower already, and I'd love to win the apron… not for myself but to give away at my Women's Bible study.

    Thanks for sharing your blog and your gifts!


  46. I absolutely LOVE the apron and I totally want to win it because my mom is a HUGE fan of aprons and I bet she would absolutely FLIP if I gave this to her………So, consider yourself followed!

  47. Back to say that I'm a follower, and you know? I just really like the apron! It's so sweet and feminine!

  48. Oh. My. Gosh. As soon as I saw this apron I gasped! My mother in-law LOVES cupcakes (I call her "Cupcake Grandma"). I am sooooo entering!

    Thanks for following my blog too! 😉

  49. how fun! I am a follower and I really like the Red Polish Journal or Diary

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