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  1. Hi Katherine,
    Thank you for your visit to my Pink Saturday post. I love pillows too and I have oodles of them on my bed. Nothing makes a bed look more comfy or luxurious than pillows! Your tips are great. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Hello Katherine (I have always wanted to be a Katherine – when my parents named me they named me Kathy- once I mentioned to my dad that I wanted to change my name to Catherine – he became very angry – the subject was dropped)
    Anyhow – terrific post! Will try the tennis ball method!
    Thanks for sharing this,

    1. Kathy I can so relate to your comment. I am a Katherine yet people for 1/2 of my life insisted on calling me Kathy. I never liked it. Finally Kathy was replaced by Katie which I can tolerate but have always preferred my given name Katherine. Big Hugs!

  3. Thanks for the great info! Thank you also for featuring me on your cottages page! I’ve added your button to my featured page! I’m searching for some pretty burlap or linen pillows now for my living room, as well as some neat modern pillows for my grandmother! Crazy, I love antiques, and Grandma wants fresh and modern. . . .!

  4. Oh, I love pillows. When my daughter was a little girl she used to wear her boa and tiara while helping me clean around the house. It was hilarious!

  5. i’ve heard they need to be replaced… i feel badly knowing they will sit in the city dump… i wonder what we can do to reduce, reuse… anyone, anyone??? obviously, i am behind in replacing mine! lol

  6. hi there, your newest follower would be me. Great pillow tips, and I need them, pillow queen here, pillows everywhere. Always room for more. Glad to have found your blog.
    Stop by and pay me a visit………….

    The French Hutch

  7. Awesome tips for fluffing and when to change out your pillows! Love it. Guess I need to purchase some new pillows for the bed. THANKS!!!

  8. Success!! A couple of clicks and I was here so it does work. Sorry about all the other folks that used to be in your family. At least I know how to get here easily and will be back soon.

  9. I am off to try this tennis ball idea!! I love pillows and have many with my decor, but dealing with the dust and cat hair makes my allergies worse…so this just might work.
    Thanks, Katie!!

Love each other as God loves you xo

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