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  1. I am definitely like you…I can always find a song to reflect my feelings or emotions. This song is so beautiful. Thanks for reminding me to listen to it again as I haven’t heard it for so long!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  2. This is beautiful. And Amen to believing in good manners! Sometimes I feel like my kids are the only ones who say please and excuse me. Following you from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! I hope you’ll follow back. Stop by and say hi!


  3. That was such a good list my friend, and I agree with every single thing on it. I believe that you should be kind to everyone you meet, as you never know what they might be going through in their lives. Lovely post. Hugs to you.

  4. I believe children are angels come down from heaven who can lift your spirits with their smiles.

    Grandchildren are awesome and amazing and I am so glad that I have 5 soon to be six .

  5. What a beautiful list and song, thank you for sharing it:) I believe in hope, faith, God, restoration of health and all good things.


  6. This is a wonderful list, Katie, and my beliefs match yours. Any children lucky enough to come under your influence will surely become outstanding citizens of the world.

  7. I believe My Mother was right when she told me… “Your reputation isn’t who you are, it’s who people THINK you are.”

  8. I’m just commenting to say: “Welcome to the club!” I wake up ‘EVERY MORNING’ with a song or a jingle of some kind playing over and over in my head! Sometimes it’s a song I’d rather not have there and I have to work to get it out!! LOL I thought I was the only person this happens to!…I also dream in color! Just saying! ^_^

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