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  1. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your treasures you did great on this one sweet lady. Would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape. I am putting a new one on today some time. I hope you have a Great Day.
    XXOO Diane

  2. I’m not a “thrill of the hunt” kinda gal, but I do appreciate what you bought!! You got some great things for very little money. Good hunting!

  3. WOW what great treasures you found!!

    Stopping by to follow you back from so followed saturday!!

  4. $3.50 for the lot? Imagine how much you saved on their full price!
    Great job – sadly I haven’t been to a garage sale for years but you’ve inspired me to check out the next one I see 🙂

  5. SCORE!!! Awesome finds! I love that white pitcher! I am a yard sale fan and if I did not have to care for 3 young children I would be at every yard sale on every Saturday morning… alas, my 3 can only handle so many stops before they complain. I am always on the look out for a great bargain. My BEST purchase was while I was pregnant with #3, I happen to stop at a yard sale and bought an Ergo Baby Carrier for $2!!!! They are worth like $60 new! I couldn’t believe I was so lucky!!!! Have a great rest of the weekend. Been away from blogging for so long… looking forward to blogging again and catching up.

  6. Katherine – you did great! Someone was really just wanting to get rid of that stuff – awesome prices! Your pitcher is my personal favorite. So sleek and fine! Sunflowers in it for a centerpiece, I think!

  7. Hey Katherine, This brought an immediate smile to my face. I adore “garaging” as we call it. One of my mom’s the last Saturdays was spent going from sale to sale. It’s funny how we don’t really need the stuff just like the excitement of the hunt and bargains!

  8. What a steal! You did great! This was perfect for my Crowning Moments!

    You are always so positive and I look forward to your comments. They are little treasures in my email every time I read them. Thank you so much for always supporting me and bringing some extra sunshine to my world.

  9. As a matter of fact my lovely friend, Linda and I got up early and went to a sale in the town where she works, Roanoke Rapids about 5 miles down the road. It was in a parking lot so it was easily accessible. The only thing that caught Linda’s eye was this flowing artificial plant in a gold container sitting on a green stand about 3 ft tall. One of the men in charge thought it was worth $10 but when Linda asked the boss (lady) it was $5. She did pick up a cute figurine of a couple of frogs sitting in a boat fishing for 50 cents. We have done better before but that was today’s adventure. You can be so proud of yourself because you did an amazing job of shopping. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Warm Hugs,

  10. 3 dollars 50 – wow, you lucky thing, you!! That’s amazing. I love that little white pitcher . That was worth more than the 3 dollare 50 on its own! Enjoy your finds my friend!

  11. I hate you.

    That is incredible! I went to our Goodwill store yesterday, hoping to find some treasures other bloggers have found in their goodwill stores. I could not find anything worth buying. Yard sales are great though – I need to start trying that again.

  12. $3.50? That’s incredible, Katie! My aunt and uncle went to yard sales for many years. They bought low, fixed, polished and painted, then resold the items for profit in their own little shop. My parents combed the countryside for milk cans which they painted and displayed in our home, along with a large wagon wheel found along a mountain trail.

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