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  1. What a lovely corner arrangement, it’s encouraging me so much! I love this weather and sphere, such a beautifull feeling. Smelling the leaves, candles starting on the windows, colorfully ground..
    Enjoy the fall and have a great weekend! With warmest ~ Cindy

  2. Everything is so beautiful. Since I’m sick most of the time I don’t decorate at all. It’s just too much for me. We travel to see the seasons and enjoy other peoples decorations. When I was young I was like you and went all out for every occasion. It’s a lot of fun.

  3. I just stopped by from Mariliyn’s blog. Great decorations!
    I grew up in Ogden Utah so I do remember how fast it goes from Summer to Winter. I remember having to wear coats over costumes to trick or treat, and a few times snow before halloween.
    Stay warm and cozy, you live in a beautiful area.

  4. Your Fall pictures are so pretty! Yes indeed… your weather sounds wacky! Us too… raining one day and the next hot hot hot! Typical of L.A. to give us a little tease of Fall then switch back to summer. Hope you’re having a great week.
    Take care,

  5. You have inspired me to get my Autumn/Thanksgiving decorations out too Katie! Your home looks to be very warm & friendly – very inviting!

  6. Normally I decorate for fall, but because I’m traveling so much this year, I think I’m going to skip it. Yours looks so warm and welcoming. I just love it!

  7. I love what you have done with your decorating! I always want to decorate for the season but I’m so uncreative when it comes to things like that!

  8. I think the decorations are wonderful. That little teapot is very sweet.
    I didn’t know you are in Utah. That was my home for many years :). I lived in Murray and then West Jordan too.

  9. Oh, you missed lovely autumn!!! I am just enjoying short comfortable weather now, soon need a heating i think.
    I truly enjoyed marvelous decorations and pics, really seasonal♡♡♡
    Hugs to you, Orchid*

  10. Ohhhh, I love, love, love the tea set! Beautiful! Of course, it goes without saying that all of the photos are gorgeous, but that one really grabbed me! Hugs, GraceinAZ

  11. Beautiful decorating ideas Katherine. Living in Florida for over 20 years, I really miss the beautiful fall weather and the colors!

  12. Love your decorations. I think Spring went quickly into Summer and now Fall is becoming Winter! We had rain, cool weather and winds just like our Winter weather.

  13. Hang in there girl, we all have crazy weather but your Autumn should pop in any time. Here in NC we are at the time of year when you need your heat on in car first thing and then the A/C on when we head home. This weekend was about as perfect as we could ever ask for. We are expecting some rain to come in about tuesday. Have a great one.

  14. Ooooh your Bell Peppers are looking good!
    Yes it seems the world is having crazy weather right now… We too have had rain, hail, sun, wind. >_<
    I love that your decorate so much for Autumn… A lovely touch.

  15. It’s frustrating when winter weather holds on too long, leaving little time for spring, and suddenly it’s summer. It’s is equally frustrating when summer turns to winter too quickly and we miss autumn. Maybe it’s my imagination but this phenomenon seems to be taking place more often in recent years. Your fall decorations are beautiful, Katie. Surprises and delights are to be found throughout your home!

  16. Autumn is here in Manitoba, gorgeous autumn! But it looks like you’re making the most of this season anyway, Katherine, even if the weather is a bit colder than you’d like. And I’m sure you’re finding lots to be thankful for, too. It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.

  17. I absolutely love the colors (and weather) of autumn!

    Im stopping by from Say Hi Sunday and I am now a new Google Connect friend.

    Have a great Sunday!

  18. Oh I completely understand the “Where is Autumn” thing…. we have been in and out of Cold…and Hot… This is my VERY favorite time of year and I feel as though I am already missing out.. : ( I love all your decorations especially that Little Sprite Man… Too Adorable.. : ) his little shoes are so very cute….
    Hoping Autumn shows up SOON…

  19. Hi Katherine, I love all your fall items, and I like the new header. i am still “fluffing”, hope to take a few photos and post in a couple of days. xo

  20. The world of wacky weather is where I have lived for a very long time!! But, thank goodness, we had our first real storm last night in over a year. Lightening, thunder, and hard rain…today the same with cooler breezes….finally, autumn seems to have arrived!!

  21. Our weather is as fickle as yours, as long as the snow is months away, I’ll enjoy it! Once the snow starts here, the sunlight is gone until April.

    Love your tea set and floral arrangements!

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