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  1. Katherine, yes, I am a tea drinker! When I saw “tea drinker” in your “About,” I had to do a search and look for tea posts. Tea has been my beverage of choice since about age two (English on my mother’s side!), sometimes plain, sometimes with just a splash of 2% milk, no sugar. The caffeine in tea does not bother me at all, but a single small cup of coffee does terrible things to me!

  2. I adore tea … I especially like loose leaf teas, and have several different types of infusers. Because I also love the ‘gadgetry’ of tea time! Earl Grey is a long time favorite of mine, but I like to try new things, too. And new gadgets!! 🙂

  3. I haven’t been much of a tea or coffee drinker at all. When I do have tea I do like some cream in it. My favorite has always been Constant Comment. My father drinks several cups of Lipton each day.

  4. So, you must educate me. Is it in bad form to leave the bag in the cup and sip? I find I usually drink my tea before it gets too strong and I suppose it’s just laziness or impatience that I don’t pull it out after a couple of minutes. I’ve always wondered if it was bad form and should never do it if I were sipping with the…let’s say…the Queen.

  5. What is this, what is this?! You’re from England?? You kept that a secret! How long have you been living in America my friend? A long time I suspect. Yes, afternoon tea is a must over here!!!!

  6. Katherine,

    I love iced tea anytime of the year but I’m not much on hot tea. Although, I have a friend who is from South Africa who drinks copiously amounts of hot day throughout the day. When I would visit, I would drink hot tea with her as she did know how to make a proper cup of tea. I remember drinking a cup of rooibos tea and really liking it. One cup was enough though as it had a very distinct taste. It was different! I also like Earl Grey and have to drink decaf tea now too. 🙁

  7. I wish I liked tea-I’ve tried-but it’s never taken. I’m a coffee addict-and the weird thing is, I didn’t even start drinking it until my 30’s! (I have my hubby to blame for getting me hooked! 🙂

  8. Yup… I love me a cuppa tea! But I stopped drinking regular caffeinated tea years ago and now I drink Rooibos tea with honey which is delicious (it has no caffeine and no tannin). I also love herbal tea – green tea, mint tea etc.
    In fact, I haven’t had one today… I’m off to put the kettle on!

  9. Hiya! I, too was brought up on tea and having married a Brit as well as being from a Brit family…we drink gallons of tea! We must be brown inside like the insides of our teapots! LOL! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  10. I love iced tea! .. and sometimes I get different flavored teas when they are available at Restaurants or Convenience stores.
    And, I also enjoy the “single packs” of tea, that you can just carry with you for bottled water ( or add to a glass of water )

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  11. Such a cute little tea cup you have. Love the little butterfly handle.
    I’m more keen in drinking iced / sun tea when it’s so hot outside here in the summer time inTexas. Otherwise I’m more of a coffee drinker

  12. I like tea too, specially some “sweet tea” like some call it here on the south. But being from Colombia my first love is Colombian coffee. We also start to drink coffee with lots of milk when we are very young.

  13. I’m absolutely a tea drinker…only hot tea though! I started drinking hot tea as a young girl when my classical piano teacher would serve it to me on my weekly Saturday morning lesson day. And like you, I always have my tea in a tea cup! And no bags or tags hanging from it either.

Love each other as God loves you xo

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