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  1. Katherine, what a beautiful pear tree, matched with a beautiful poem…you have really brightened my day by sharing these two gems!

  2. Hi Katherine! I am so glad you came by and that you left a comment so I could find your beautiful blog.
    Your pear blooms are lovely. I imagine the bees are in heaven at your house.

  3. Beautiful blossoms and poem.
    We have several Bradford Pear trees, meaning no fruit trees but they are gorgeous when they are blossoming in the Spring right before the bright green leaves appear. In the Fall, I love to watch the leaves turn into wonderful orange, reds and browns, such a beautiful sight.
    Hope you have a fabulous day!

  4. beautiful blooms and great poem. Such a lovely site seeing the trees in their full bloom.
    I love pears. So much a person can do with them;especially when it comes to baking.
    Ok, gotta ask. What kind of pear tree is it?
    Thanks for sharing

Love each other as God loves you xo

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