crushing blue

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  1. I have always loved blue and pairing it with white is always pretty. I’ve expanded my preference to include some of the different hues of blue, like turquoise, blue-green, etc. Right now I am enjoying sampling things from the turquoise trend. Blues are just so soothing and easy on the eye to me. I love using them in every room of my house.

  2. I have always loved serving ware in blue and white! I used to have a blue and white vase my stepmom gave me right after I was married, but it got broke the last time we moved.

  3. Oh Katherine! Blues are so beautiful! I used to feel that they were cold and I wasn’t really a fan….but as I age and mature I have grown to be very fond of blue … strange how we grow and change in our tastes over time ;). In fact I have Phyllis’s plates (the one on the right in the photo)…I have 9 place settings of this gorgeous plate! It is Wedgewood and it is stunning! I found it at an antique store for a song! Thank you for sharing and sorry it has been so long since I have visited! Always love your posts!

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