down a country lane

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  1. I love the country chic look that has become so popular!! It reminds me of simplicity, humility and comfort!! Really great way to make your home feel so much like home and warm to everyone who enters!

  2. Kathrine, I couldn’t get to the once-a-day Instagram site so I just left my Instagram name. Don’t know if that will fly or not.

    I love the “country lane” stroll. Wish I lived near one!

  3. Thanks for the virtual walk! I’d love to take one in reality too. I am a farmer’s daughter and I miss the country. The sounds of chickens and cows, the putt putt of tractors…
    🙂 gwingal

    1. It would be a pleasure to walk down a country lane with you my friend. Our daughter and her family live on a farm with their five children,horse,two goats,two cats,two rabbits, a dog and a lizard! They had chickens for quite a while but no longer. Theirs isn’t a working farm.But, they love their farm life. xo

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