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  1. The best surprise was a rescue puppy that my husband brought home to me and I still have him! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  2. My best surprise was a Christmas string-lead, to many random items (Fake snow, a roll of quarters, mittens,) which led to my late husband proposing in front of my family! I will never forget that day!

  3. Best surprise was last December, my now fiance asked me to marry him while we were at a New England Patriots game. Best surprise of my life!

  4. The best surprise I ever got was a surprise visit from my boys from out of town. Gift wise I received a beautiful ring from my boyfriend.

  5. Crystal and Pearl Chandelier Earrings would suit me fine. They would fit between my ear and shoulder closely. White and silver are pleasing colours.
    May all your days be GREAT ones, world without end. Live long and prosper.

  6. The best gift I ever received were my four children and my granddaughter. I can’t say anything else but them. They are my life and such a precious blessing in my life.

  7. Katherine, I love your blog, your shop and your FB feed! It’s hard to pick only one thing to comment with a ‘like!’ I love everything I’ve ever ordered from you. My very favorite is the locket I gave to my daughter on her wedding day. It is the bride’s bouquet locket. It is so beautiful and extra special! She can pass it along to her daughter (or daugher-in-love) some day, I’m hoping.

  8. I love the Extra Long Pearl Necklace from your shop!! So glamorous and there’s so many ways to wear it!! Super fun piece!!

  9. In life? Being pregnant with my son!! We were trying and trying and after a miscarriage I was so defeated. I kept thinking it would never happened…then one day 🙂

  10. Any chance you can send me the link for the twitter follows…. I made a mistake… and need to do the list again. Thanks.

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