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  1. What a wonderful read for me today! I needed the pick-me-up! My so-close-to-amazing story is this: In our early years of marriage, my husband and I would go home for nearly all of the “big” holidays except for one particular year. We decided to stay home for Thanksgiving and I was thrilled to be cooking MY own FIRST dinner – even if was just for Hubby and me. I had everything for the meal, prepped everything, and was ready to put the bird in the oven. Was so proud of myself for getting my stuffing to be “almost” like my dad’s! I placed the turkey in one of those cooking bags and put the bird in to roast. Never checked back (rookie mistake, I know) until it was time to start the sides. I freaked out – I never turned the oven ON! So close to…amazing. We had all of the sides and no turkey. Sigh.

  2. This is very inspiring. I always try to do things just right, meaning things go wrong often and I am so disappointed. I will think on some “so close” stories.

  3. The book looks and sounds wonderful! My story:
    April 29, 2013, I got online to “check-in” for our upcoming May 12 cruise. I was so excited. We were leaving on the 10th and driving to New Orleans to have a day and two nights to see a few sights there before boarding the ship. I logged on and was ready to fill in the information from our legal identifying documents. We already had passports from previous trips and I knew they were both still within the 10 year validity period. When I opened mine, I was admiring my lovely picture, a-hem, and then, there, staring me in the eye was my PRE- MARRIAGE NAME! Travel documents must match names. I had of course changed my drivers license immediately after the wedding. I had also changed it with the Social Security Office. So, therefore, none of my identification documents matched my passport. And I had ten days before our trip.
    I was so TICKED at myself!!! I was doing everything ahead of time, getting everything paid for up front, no loose ends…. was going to Carnival website to do online check-in, opened up my passport and saw the old name. I immediately searched online and found an expedited service that guaranteed to get it done within 2-3 days. So I paid the extra money and let them handle it. (Of course, I had to locate our marriage certificate first.)
    Almost Amazing.
    🙂 gwingal

  4. I think most of us can relate to that saying….”so close to amazing!” I loved the story about the new baby’s feet, by the way. I have never heard of that happening before. How special. I’m afraid my earliest memories of so close to amazing, goes back almost 60 years, when I was a twelve year old, participating in the School Sports Day. I should point out here that I was always useless at sport, and PE. Anyway, this particular race, there were 12 potatoes laid out across the grass, in bowls. So you had to run to the first bowl, pick up your potato, and take it back to the starting line, and so on and so on, until you had reached the last potato. Well, to my utter amazement, I won. My name was duly called out over the tannoy system, and my team mates crowded round to congratulate me. Oh, what a heady moment. One that I had never had before! Then about ten minutes later, another message came across the Tannoy. The member of the blue team had only picked up 11 potatoes! Horror of horrors, that little miscreant was ME! So, in fact, I was relegated from first to last. The shame of it! BUT….just for those ten heady moments, I had been that “close to amazing!”

  5. I bet this is a good book. I need to visit KariAnne’s blog! Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway. I am the poster child for “so close to amazing.” :/ My latest one: I asked my husband to mail a card to my daughter in Baton Rouge. It was such an adorable card: perfect to encourage her as she begins her PhD program at LSU. [It was mailed before I had a chance to write anything in it….so when she received the card it was blank inside.] That’s just my most recent example.

    1. I laugh because I would have likely done the same. I’m thinkin your daughter was very pleased and felt the silent hug. My kids chuckle @ same actions. thanx.

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