labor day 2017

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  1. Katherine,
    Thanks so much for joining the linky party for a blog Tour of So Close to Amazing Stories and Reviews. I tried to reply to your comment, but you are a “no-reply” commenter. Then I clicked on your Contact menu on your blog, but once again was unable to send you a reply. The Comment form never came up. 🙁

    We would love for you to share the linky party on your site. Send me an email with an email address where I can contact you. Then I will send you the InLinkz URL to grab the linky party.


    1. oh my goodness I’m so sorry, I’m not sure why I would be a no commenter or why on earth my contact form isn’t working. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll send you an email. Hugs

  2. I have to work Labor Day. It sucks! The weather here in Notth Carolina has been pleasant. We have gone from the 90’s to the 70’s in the past couple days. I smell Fall in the air. We will be heading to SC coast in a couple weeks, and like you, we hope there are no threats. Happy Labor Day weekend!

  3. Enjoy that fish dinner, cause your hubby just has to catch some fish. Rey to relax and enjoy the last summer weekend. It’s still in 90’s here in western CO (we live few miles west of Grand Junction).Lucky people where it’s cooling off. Am ready for a nice cold snowy winter, last year was very mild and not much snow. Hardly got to wear my sweaters doggoned it.
    Izzy the blog dog is so adorable, enjoy him.
    Happy Sunday

  4. Hi, Katherine! I don’t know where you are but here in Indiana I had to pull out my cooler weather clothes. Now, we will be going to the Georgia coast in a few weeks, I’m hoping for nice weather and no sign of a hurricane like last year. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

  5. Wondering where you are that it is so hot. I’m in Albuquerque and it is cool this morning. It will get hot again part of September but this week has been in the 80’s. I too am staying close to home this weekend. Just relaxing and taking advantage of a few days of quiet.

  6. Aw, wishing you a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Here in NY is actually unseasonably cool. But no complaints as at least it is the weekend and time to relax a bit. Btw, I reached out to my contact about the issue we discussed and will keep you posted hopefully next week when I hear more. Hugs and hoping you are relaxing and enjoying the weekend now. xoxo <3

Love each other as God loves you xo

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