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  1. oh my gosh I love these pics- I have a terrier mix that has a similar pic with all her paws covered in snow and stuck to her fur. I have to find it and share!!!!

  2. How adorable! My dog Josie, who passed away 4 years ago used to love going out in the snow. It was so cold where we lived that her paws would freeze. So, I purchased her some doggie boots. You should have seen her try to maneuver walking in them. She hated them and I would have to chase her around my dining room table trying to catch her to put them on! HAH After a while, I just let her go because it was just to hard trying to catch her.

  3. Katie, when I lived in the northeast eons ago, we had 2 mini-Schnauzers who loved the snow. And they came inside looking just like Izzy, with the snow balls attached to their legs and belly fur. We would do the same thing: wrap them in a blanket until the snow melted.

    By the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you how utterly cute Izzy is… but then I guess you already knew that! 😉


  4. Thanks for sharuing your cute picture of Izzy with us.
    Very seldom do we get snow here Texas where I live but sure is pretty to see once in awhile but doesn’t last long so gotta enjoy it when we can.
    I have a friend who lives in Colorado and has a small dog who is scared to death of the snow. Afraid to put his little paws in the white stuff.

  5. That last picture is a real winner, Katie! It’s wonderful to see Izzy w/o that annoying cone collar around his neck enjoying the white stuff. Here in Central Florida we only see snow flurries once every 25 years. Therefore, my dog Toto never had the opportunity to play in snow. I know she’d enjoy it because she loves to be outside on the few cold days that we do get every winter. Have a wonderful wordless/wordy Wednesday, dear friend!

  6. Where are you Katherine that you have snow already?
    I’m in Montreal ( Canada ) and nothing yet!!!
    My baby ( Soda ) used to love the snow – jumped around in it like a bunny – but not so much anymore – she’s menopausing I think, like me lol )

  7. Awwwwww…how precious!! Just like our 3 pups…they all love to romp and play in the snow and end up coated in snowballs! Just gotta love ’em and laugh!


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