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  1. Your picture reminded me of one time i was meditating about a forest and the smell of pine came to me .Always a pleasure to go to your corner, Hope you soon feel better love mum.

  2. I just want to climb into that photo. I think I can almost smell it… the moisture and earthiness of that mist around the trees. What a beautiful shot. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. This was beautiful Katherine and your description of the Misty Morning made me feel like I was there. It took me back to a day my husband and I spent at the beach during a storm. It was beautiful to watch the dark clouds perched on the ocean. The lightening danced about and the falling rain made me feel like we were totally sitting in the middle of the ocean. I am usually uncomfortable with lightening but not that day. It all seemed to sit directly on the massive ocean. Thank you for sharing your memory and for bringing mine to the forefront. Please feel better soon.

  4. I plan to get my closets organized, including my master bedroom closet, linen closet and the pantry. Thanks so much for the chance!

  5. HI Katherine! It’s me, laura! Rebranded from notatrophywife to Everyday Edits! Hope this comment get to you and I hope you feel better, friend! I love my tea towels and will share a post once I get thru this blog move! laura

Love each other as God loves you xo

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