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  1. I think of the infinity symbol as saving yourself for marriage and a commitment to your boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend etc

  2. I work in a school where the metis flag is an infinity symbol on either a red or blue background. To me that we are interwoven and that the line is continues without a beginning or an end. Your bracelet is indeed lovely-

  3. Hi!

    Two years ago, I participated in a raffle on a blog and I won a cord with pendant in the shape of infinity, both are silver.


  4. The word “infinity” like Janine said takes me back to maths and school.
    The concept of “infinity” has me lying on my back in a prairie camp site looking up at the stars and wondering just how many there are and where the edge of the cosmos is, but infinity would suggest that it has no edge because but just goes on and on.
    Avery nice bracelet, a chunky version for guys would be nice.

  5. When I stand oceanside (which unfortunately is not all that often), I feel a connection to the concept of infinity. It’s like I could extend my arms and wiggle my fingers inside the infinity cloud. I know that my movements, while small, in some way affect the whole

  6. Such a pretty item…love the idea of it too. Infinity is a great way of looking at things and I always remember Buzz Lightyear too 🙂 I hope you have a marvelous Tuesday x

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