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  1. I used to be able to multi-task pretty efficiently in my younger days. As I have gotten older though, I’ve gotten out of that. Estrogen may have played a hand in it too! I find I just don’t have the same level of energy that I used to have and that some things can just wait! HAH I’d rather spend time doing things I like to do instead of things I need to do. Chalk it up to “old age”. HAH

  2. As an author, I was going nuts trying to write for a bunch of blogs, and scatter myself trying to promote while also running my matchmaking biz, taking care of the house, husband and dog.. and also churn out a book a year.. I was not so effective because I was too scattered. I had to pare down to what is really important and what I really enjoy… I am feeling more centered now.

  3. I love to multi task! But what happens is I forget what I am doing as i move from one thing to the next, only to rediscover something i didn’t finish! Ha ha! This is a bad thing when you are cooking by the way. So my inner voice tells me, i better concentrate when I am cooking and not go fold a load of laundry! LOL!

  4. It’s great that your inner voice is wise! hehe. Sometimes we do need to take time to reflect and make sure we are not overextending ourselves. I try to tap into my inner voice and intuition as much as possible so I will learn to trust myself when I feel that something isn’t quite right or needs to change.

  5. Rght now my inner voice wants me to share this with you: There’s a giveaway happeing at my blog and I would love you to come. Fits well with Tib Bit Tuesday as well. (-:

  6. Oh boy, my inner voice has been working overtime these days and I am definitely listening to it. I’m a multi-tasker too. I think it’s a woman thing…we have so much going on that we simply have to multi task in order to get everything done. I’m not ready to hang up my crown just yet. Love and hugs, xoxo

  7. Katie, I lost my multitasking crown many years ago when chronic pain illnesses forced me to do only one thing at a time. As my hubby is fond of saying, “I do only one thing at a time and I do it well.” I think that is a line from an old MASH episode but it definitely fits my current life and needs. Now if I could only keep my *mind* from thinking of too many things at once….

    Blessings to you Katie! I am really enjoying your Tidbit Tuesdays!

  8. So true. It’s hard enough to even hear your inner voice….let alone obey it! Every time I think ” now I’ll sit down and try to listen my husband contradicts me and there I am again trying to do everything. I think it’s inbred in women and we have to unlearn it! Joan

  9. My inner voice has told me to slow down lately. I do SO much- yes, multi-tasking. I’m too scattered trying to do everything. My inner voice wants to be an author. I continue to duct tape her mouth so that I can run around like crazy dealing with life’s minutia. This month I signed up for NaNoWriMo- a national novel writing project where you try to complete 50, 000 words before the last day of November. I’m over halfway there after updating my total last night. Lots of things are getting ignored around here, and that results in stress for me. Balance, where are you? I keep telling myself I’ll figure this out. We should start a sorority for inner voices, then they’d have someone reasonable to talk to! 🙂

  10. You owe it to yourself to listen to your inner voice. You already know what life is like when you multitask. Try narrowing your focus and concentrating on one single project and see it through to completion. Then and only then can you determine which method is most rewarding. Have a wonderful Tuesday, dear Katie (and Izzy)!

  11. My inner voice is my best friend. I listen to it all the time and I often find that it is generally right.
    I love this post Katherine x

  12. I could have given you a run for your multi-tasking money, years ago. Now I do good to focus on one thing at a time.

    PS: I DO enjoy Tid Bit Tuesday!

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